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Bisend Review – Linux and Windows Hosting Service

Bisend Review – Linux and Windows Hosting ServiceThis Bisend review is aimed to increase your knowledge of Bisend on the hosting fees, feature offerings, hosting reliability, hosting performance, technical support, and more. Established in 2011, Bisend Inc has been targeting at the customers from the United States and China. Linux and Windows hosting service are two options that Bisend gives to its customers for hosting their website.

From the beginning when you purchase a Linux or Windows hosting solution from this web host, you have the freedom to decide where to locate their servers: the United States or Hong Kong. This can shorten the long distance between the visitors and your website’s server.

Certainly, there are more factors that need to be further explored with the goal to reveal the secret of the Bisend hosting services. Following our guidance towards the hosting services can save you much time and energy to get a conclusion.



Are There Hidden Hosting Fees?

Advertised prices are used to attract more interest in the hosting services. But what you may ignore is the hidden fees behind the affordable hosting solutions. With the passage of time, there are some instances when you will be shocked by the expensive hosting fees. To avoid that situation, you should figure out whether the hidden fees are an issue with Bisend.

Standard, Pro, and Business are the common three solutions you can choose from Bisend on Linux and Windows hosting. That is to say, your website can be created on either Linux or Windows platform with any of the plans. Considerable discounts make them as affordable as $2.95/mo for the 3-year subscription. The most popular choice for website owners is the Pro plan which starts at $5.45/mo with a 51% discount off. A clearer understanding of the plans will be possible through the below table.

Plan in ComparisonStandardPro
Hosted Domains15
Disk Space10 GBUnlimited
Data Transfer50 GBUnlimited
Databases5 GB10 GB
Email Accounts50100
ServerStandard2x Faster
Plesk Control PanelYesYes
1-Click InstallerYesYes
Free SSL CertificateYesYes
Solid State DrivesYesYes
SSH AccessYesYes
Refund Policy30 Days30 Days
Billed Annually$4.95/mo$7.95/mo
Billed Biennially$3.95/mo$6.95/mo
Billed Triennially$2.95/mo$5.45/mo

The server resources are allotted for the purpose of ensuring service quality. Those who have more needs should take a more advanced plan into consideration. But the good news is that many free extras are available for each Bisend user, such as Plesk control panel, SSD drives, SSH, SSL certificate, backup service, and more. What you should know that some of them are not available for free with the purchase from many other competitors.

The first thing that should have your special attention is the provision of the Plesk control panel. Bisend has established a solid partnership with Plesk, one of the most widely used control panels in the market. With WordPress Toolkits integrated, Bisend gives you the convenience to start a WordPress website. During the process, the free SSL certificates can earn the trust of your potential customers and protect your online transactions on your WordPress websites. Also, here is an advice for you to choose a data center that is closet to your main audience.

Does Bisend Use the Latest Technology?

The answer is “Yes” because both Linux and Windows hosting are built on that to avoid the troubles brought by the old versions. At present, Linux users can have access to PHP 5.4+, MySQL 5.5+, etc. On the other hand, Windows users can work with SQL Server 2016, Classic ASP, PHP 7.x, ASP.NET 4.5, ASP Core 1.0/1.1, ASP.NET MVC 6, etc. Apart from that, Bisend remains sensitive to the latest technology for users to secure their website and improve their website speed. The evidence can be found from the feature list, such as, SSL certificates, SSD, and etc.

How About the Hosting Environment?

In the long run, each website owner should pay attention to whether the hosting provider has the ability to provide a good hosting environment. From what we have monitored, Bisend has an average of more than 99.9% hosting uptime and less than 400ms server response time in March 2018.

Bisend Uptime

The records are recognized to be competitive when compared to those of many other web hosts. Under the care of dedicated technicians, all the Bisend data centers feature Dell web servers, advanced facilities, and more. In addition, each Dell server has been reconfigured with SSD storage, 24+ cores, 64GB memory, and more. As a result, Bisend can bring users the best possible hosting uptime and hosting performance in March 2018.

Can Bisend Provide Quality Technical Support?

Technical support should also be one of the important measurements for a web host. Things will be much easier to smooth your hosting journey under the guidance of professional workers. From this point of view, you should understand the importance of a high support quality.

To reveal the fact, we put aside the Bisend announcement to provide 24/7 technical support and make our personal tests for the real support quality. Through the chat system, the support teams are responsive and knowledgeable to address the issues which occur in the process to run a Linux/Windows website. Email is also provided for users to describe their situation in detail. Requests sent through emails and tickets need a relatively long time to answer. But we are still satisfied with the quickness through email and tickets.

At the same time, there is also an online help center which continues to be as extensive as possible. The articles are relevant to account, domain, email, website, SSL certificate, and more. The aim is to make Bisend users find solutions to their problems without the need to contact the support team in some cases.

Bisend Review – Wrap Up



The 30-day money back guarantee works as an encouragement to have a try on the Bisend hosting services. Being proud of the high service quality, Bisend has much faith in the ability to keep users since their purchases.

So here is the conclusion that Bisend can be a good choice for Linux and Windows hosting. In our experience, however, we must point out that a Linux-based hosting service will bring you more benefits.

If you don’t have special requirements, Bisend Linux hosting service should be your choice.


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