Best Twitter Plugins for WordPress Sites

Best Twitter Plugins for WordPress Sites

Social media have already become a paramount part of the daily life of people. If you want to deliver a message quickly and to numerous people, the use of social media is just the right way. The use of social media is even being extended for business purposes. Twitter provides a perfect platform for this. The number of people who use Twitter can form the twelfth largest country in the world. Its rising popularity has raised the demands to find ways to utilize its potential, especially among users of WordPress that has led to a profusion of Twitter centric plugins. Therefore, here we have laid our main focus to some useful plugins to help WordPress users get the most out of Twitter in their blogs.

AddToAny Share Buttons


With more than 400,000 followers, this plugin is undoubtedly one of the most popular share plugins. In addition to the integration of Twitter, this plugin also works with other social media. Thus it brings you the convenience to make your website social media ready without the need to install many plugins. You are able to get more website traffic and increase the engagement when audience shares the content with others through these platforms.

AddToAny features a custom widget and dedicated shortcodes with which you have the freedom to put share buttons in the desired place. Also, the sharing stats will automatically roll into your Good Analytics, helping you better learn the benefit from the social platforms.


Twitter Widget


This plugin is also a perfect solution for the close connection between Twitter and WordPress website. With the Hashtag button, you can better share the specific keyword-oriented webpage in Twitter. And the Mention button is designed for the user-oriented webpage sharing. In addition, you can get Twitter followers directly from your website through the follow button.

Due to the powerful features, Twitter Widget also comes with many followers and has 4 out of 5 stars. Thus it is a good option if you want to establish a closer relationship with Twitter.

Twitter Widget



You can easily integrate the follow and the like button using this plugin. Through this plugin, you can also choose the position of the button – top or the bottom. You can use a standard button with the count of followers or change it with some other custom images.

Install this plugin by simply uploading the folder of twitter- plugin to the directory /wp- content/plugins. Activate the plugin via “plugins” tab, adjust the essential settings through your WordPress admin panel in “BWS Plugins” and you are ready to use it.

twitter plugin

WordPress Twitter Bootsrap CSS


WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS includes the latest Twitter Bootstrap CSS and Javascript libraries in WordPress site. This helps in boosting the site design and functionality rapidly. Using this plugin, you can work on any WordPress theme without editing theme files. You can add your own custom CSS reset file. With options to add Javascript and many more, all you need to do is just to install the plugin, and you are ready to go without any programming.

wordpress bootstrap css

WP to Twitter


This is a fantastic plugin that allows you to auto post a Twitter update when you update your WordPress blogs with your chosen URL shortening service. You can use tags as Twitter hashtags or use alternate URLs in place of post permalinks. In addition, WP to Twitter provides support for Google Analytics and support for XMLRPC remote clients. The plugin also supports a customizable Tweet template for editing or updating pages and posts and custom post types.

wp to twitter

Simple Twitter Tweets


With Twitter Oath and API v1.1, you can easily display your tweets on your WordPress site. It has a simple setup, and no password is required. The best part is that this plugin works well when Twitter is down. All your tweets are stored in the database with each call, so if your call on the Twitter API is unsuccessful, there won’t be a blank space or Oops message. All you can see is the last set of tweets.

simple twitter tweets

WP Twitter Feeds


It is a simple widget that enables you to add all your latest tweets in just some clicks on your website using 1.1 API. WP Twitter Feeds is extremely easy to install and to configure. You can choose to show Tweets border, profile image, Tweets theme and many more. The theme even provides you with different color options and a slider for tweets. This lightweight plugin has many more features to meet all your needs.

wp twitter feeds

Twitter Tools


This plugin forms a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. In fact, it can connect multiple Twitter accounts. You can even archive your tweets from your Twitter account and make a blog post for each tweet, or form a tweet on Twitter whenever you post in your blog with a link to the article. With so many tools associated with this plugin, you can browse your tweets locally.

twitter tools

Twitter Widget Pro


It is a plugin that efficiently handles all the Twitter feeds including parsing @username, #hashtags and URLs into links. Using this plugin, you can easily display profile images. You can even control whether to display time and date of a tweet, or how long ago it has happened. You can conveniently install it by using an automatic installer to install and activate the plugin. With this easy-to-use plugin, you can get all you need to create a fabulous Twitter site.

twitter widget pro

Widget Twitter


Its features allow complete integration of your WordPress site with your Twitter account. You can have a Tweet button for sharing pages and posts on Twitter, a Follow button to permit visitors to follow your Twitter page directly from your website, a Hashtag button to share content of the website, a Mention button to share the content of your website with specific users. You can also enjoy the features to display favorites, lists, users and search timeline.

widget twitter

JM Twitter Cards


With the easy integration of Twitter cards in WordPress, JM Twitter Cards provides all card types. Once activated, this plugin adds a suitable meta on your WordPress website permitting you to get Twitter cards for your posts as per your settings. You can fine crop your images and customize Twitter cards experience, thanks to the meta box. The plugin is available in English, French and Spanish making it an ideal one for your use.

jm twitter cards

Kebo Twitter Feed


Using Kebo Twitter Feed, you can exhibit your Twitter feed beautifully in just 60 seconds. It provides you with a user-friendly and hassle-free way to add a twitter feed to your website. This plugin is user-friendly, fitting seamlessly with your present site design. It is compatible with every WordPress theme and refreshes tweets in the background without impacting the page loading speed. It is translation ready comprising translators for German, Russian, Italian, Dutch and many more.

kebo twitter feed