Best WordPress Translation Plugins for Multi-Language Websites

If you own an eCommerce website, and you want to make it available to customers from different countries, then getting a WordPress translation plugin is pretty important. Most of the people from different countries are not so good with English, so they prefer to deal with those websites that are having the translation features available on the web.

There are various plugins available for translation, but getting the best among them is quite a hectic task. Therefore, we have compiled a list of plugins, which can help you a lot in selecting the best.

Google Language Translator


This wonderful plugin allows the insertion of the Google language translation tool anywhere on your website with the help of the given shortcodes. It allows you to add a number of shortcodes on page, widgets and posts.

This plugin is compatible with all the themes and versions of WordPress. With it, you can get the option to select any languages in which you want your website to be translated.


Loco Translate


This WordPress translation plugin provides you the opportunity to perform the in-browser editing of the PO files that can be utilized for localizing the WordPress themes and plugins. This plugin is absolutely feature loaded. It is capable of creating and updating the language files directly in your theme or plugin.

Also, it helps in extraction of the translatable strings that from the source code itself. Supporting all the PO features such as the references, plurals and comments, it also provides you with the PO backups that are configurable.


Easy Translator


If you are interested in translating your blog posts and your other plugins, then this is the best choice for the purpose. This plugin is basically for plugin authors who would like to internationalize their plugins for more exposure.

Technically, it has been developed as a plugin translator, but later the capability to translate blog posts and pages has also been added. This plugin is definitely going to help your website with translations easily.


Translate this Blog Translator


It allows you to translate the content in 40 different languages using the free translation button provided by the translation cloud. One small and easy to operate button is provided that offers you a combination of translation functionality. You just need to install it once, and after that, you can see it at the top of every individual post.


Google Translate


This WordPress translation plugin adds certain new and dynamic Google translate widget to the upper right side of your screen. This plugin allows the visitors to translate any post or page from your website.

It provides various functions that allow you to define a default language for your website, and you can also change the positioning of your widgets. It also gives you the option to track the translation usage in accordance with Google analytics.


BuddyPress Translations

This one can be a very wise choice if you are searching out for a dependable and reliable translational plugin for your multi-lingual WordPress website. It’s very easy and simple to contribute a translation function to the BuddyPress.

Not every single language is available on this plugin but they are providing most of the important languages, which is definitely going to help you a lot.




This plugin comes in the category of the best option, providing you an extremely unique approach towards blog translation. You can surely add this plugin to your multi-lingual website to achieve the best support for the breed translation.

It allows you the automatic translation of 82 languages along with an easy manual correction. Also, you are allowed to get your blog site combined with the automatic translation as well as the human translation to utilize the in-context interface aided by the users.




This plugin gives you the opportunity to post your blogs and pages in different languages. You have to define the language of the post and pages before publishing it. It provides you with the feature of translating categories and widgets.

The translation job done by this plugin can only be implemented by the site editor because it doesn’t provide the automatic translation service. You can also translate by placing the code in the post URL.


Bing Translator


This plugin is especially useful for the visitors of your website. They can get the option to translate any post or page on your site with this plugin. So, if you want to increase the popularity of your website among international users, then this plugin is definitely going to help you a lot.

Besides, this plugin also allows the visitors to propose any other translation for the given pages or posts. You can also change the color of this plugin, so it matches your current theme and design perfectly.


Mealingua Post and Pages Translations


One of the most important things about this plugin is the simplicity. You can simply install this plugin and use it to translate your pages and posts. It does not give you the option to convert the entire page, but you can use this plugin for translating some particular text on your website.

Some other translation plugins are very heavy to use and may slow down your website, but this plugin is not like that with the light-weight feature.




GTranslate is a multilingual WordPress solution with a combination of Google Translate automatic translation and human translations. There are a free version and a paid one available for you. Under normal circumstances, the free version is great for you to make WordPress site multilingual. Certainly, the paid one comes with more powerful features, being as SEO-friendly as possible.

GTanslate brings your readers a good user experience by allowing them to open a new window and switch between languages. Featured with Google Analytics integration, Plugin GTranslate helps you improve your website and better target your readers.


qTranslate X


qTranslate X provides a convenient way to create a dynamic multilingual website. With this plugin, you have the freedom to decide which fields are to be multilingual on a page or post. During the process, the language will be switched locally without the need to send an additional request.

Multilingual Fields (MLF) are marked with a color bar on the left. The language change happens once one of the Language Switching Buttons (LSB) is pressed on the admin editing pages. Another set of LSB is placed right after the main editor for the sake of convenience. And there is a possibility that you can add, modify, and delete the languages through the Configuration Page.

Plugin qTranslate X also gives the options to decide where to place the LSB meta box. In other words, the movable LSB meta box can be placed anywhere as desired. It is a fact that this plugin has not been updated for 2 years, but it can suit the need for most webmasters.

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