Best WordPress Theming Books For Creating Quality and Responsive Themes

Best WordPress Theming Books For Creating Quality and Responsive Themes

Many people are preferred to create creative WordPress themes with the help of some useful books to make their website unique and rich-featured. Good WordPress theming books lead you to create a wonderful theme effectively and efficiently. However, unsuitable ones make your way to design themes difficult and complicated.

Since there are too many books about theming in the market, you possibly feel that it is so confusing to pick up a proper one to meet your need. After we review dozens of books from price, content and comments, we list some best ones with high practicability and availability. Now, move on to explore the details of them as follows.

Building WordPress Themes from Scratch

building wordpress themes from scratchsPrice: $19.21
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This book walks you through every necessary step to establish your own WordPress site. You are able to be quite familiar with the entire creation process, especially WordPress plugins and themes. It is focused on teaching you the way to use WordPress and leverage the API to create your own custom themes and contents.

Particularly, you are able to find some necessary files, including a set of PSD files for the homepage, blog, a single business page, and a set of HTML files created from PSDs for designing the WordPress theme.

WordPress Theme Design

wordpress theme designPrice: $35.99
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Whether you are working with a pre-existing theme or creating a new one, this book offers you a step-by-step instruction, design tips and suggestions. WordPress Theme Design covers 9 chapters and 224 pages.

Furthermore, this book enables you to learn a lot, including how to set up a basic workflow for designing WordPress theme, enhance your site by selecting the right color schemes and graphics, set up dynamic drop-down menus and improve post and page content using jQuery and ThickBox.

Pro WordPress Theme Development

pro wordpress theme developmentPrice: $28.56
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This professional guide, a comprehensive guide for creating an advanced WordPress theme, uses a real-world theme as an example to teach you every perspective of theme enhancement. It writes particularly for a experienced web designer and developer who are in demand of creating their own themes.

In detailed, this reference particularly demonstrates how to create a WordPress theme and take the advantage of WordPress system to create advanced functionality. Besides, with this guide you are able to make profits by selling custom themes to consumers and master the key to keep your theme secure.

WordPress Theme Development

wordpress theme developmenttPrice: $35.99
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This guide is useful and beneficial for you to learn how to design and build WordPress themes. And this book is exactly your choice if you want to create or sell appealing WordPress themes with responsive design using HTML5 and CSSS3.

Besides, do not be worried if you’ve never done it before because this book offers you considerate guide with clear and easy to follow examples. It elaborates you process of building your first WordPress theme. Additionally, after reading this book, you are able to add extra features for your theme like menus, widgets and multiple images.

Smashing WordPress Themes

smashing wordpress themesPrice: $32.21
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Whichever sites you are focused on, a business site, a service site, or others, this book has the ability to lead you for making your WordPress beautiful and attractive. The book giving you the professional tutorial is written by a famous WordPress expert named Thord Daniel Hedengren.

The book covering with the introduction of twenty then WordPress default themes enables you to apply with various templates and design option pages for catering to your own theme. With it you are able to integrate a variety of options of theme and add a media theme. In addition, it particularly gives tips for building a newspaper theme, a magazine theme and a corporate theme.

WordPress Theme Development in 24 Hours

wordpress theme development in 24 hoursPrice: $21.77
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This WordPress theming guide is suitable for both beginners and experienced web designers to customize a site with ease. In all the 24 lessons, WordPress experts Tris Hussey and Catherine Winters, the authors, elaborate the processes of how to use HTML, PHP, and CSS for theme development.

This book also shows you how to enhance themes with plugins and widgets, update unfashionable existing themes, leverage advanced CSS techniques and more. Meanwhile, it is integrated with three complete theming case studies with details including magazines, portfolios, and mobile environments.

A Practical Handbook for WordPress Theme

a practical handbook for wordpress theme developmentPrice: $28.56
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This book, covering themes’ definition to installation to enhancement, aims to familiarize you the entire creating process and help to avoid some common errors when choosing, purchasing and working with WordPress themes.

Moreover, it lays much emphasis on showing you what may happen when you install, activate and delete themes, what to plan for switching themes and how to protect your site with theme maintenance and backups. There are also some troubleshooting tips and answers to the most common issues.