Best WordPress Survey Plugins for Creating Surveys Easily

Best WordPress Survey Plugins for Creating Surveys Easily

Surveys can become a powerful source for collecting necessary data for any marketing campaign. Because they give you direct insight into customer needs and demands. A business cannot survive if the market demands are not fulfilled in the right way. Surveys are introduced for this reason. But how do you conduct one on the web?

In fact, if you have a WordPress website for your business, then WordPress survey plugins can help you gather data from thousands of site visitors in just a few hours. These plugins offer a user-friendly experience for both the site masters and the end users. Here is a list of 8 best WordPress survey plugins.

WP Survey and Quiz Tool


It is a survey plugin that comes with a quiz tool for WordPress sites. Compatible with all WordPress versions higher than 3.1, it is a versatile plugin with some remarkable features.

You can make an unlimited number of quizzes, polls and surveys in its sections. The limit for participation can be restricted to only one submission per IP address or computer.

WP Survey and Quiz Tool

MFS Survey


If you are looking forward to adding a survey page on your website quickly, MFS survey is a perfect plugin for you. This plugin for WordPress sites allows you to create surveys, add it to the website and check its results in a few simple clicks.

The survey plugin can be installed in a website in three simple steps, offering questionnaire that has three answer patterns i.e. Textbox, Checkbox and Radiobutton. Whatever the questionnaire format is, the presence of published surveys can be customized from the admin panel easily.

MFS Survey

Webengage WP Survey Plugin


Webengage helps you get feedback from your customers, allowing them to report issues, to reply to a question or to ask questions about your products. You can conduct short-surveys via this plugin. Analytics and powerful reporting sources are presented in this plugin, which can help you record data and customer insights.

Also, you can make notifications for a certain audience on your website. You can even get geographical analytics, click-through rates and page views for each notification. Besides, you are allowed to receive unlimited feedbacks and email-notifications via this plugin.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - Webengage WP Survey Plugin

POWr Survey


Installing this plugin, you can create beautiful surveys in seconds and place them anywhere in your webpage. You can either choose a pre-designed survey template or you can customize it to change color, fonts and background. This plugin offers a unique mobile-friendly interface. You can conduct surveys in any language.

Also, you can receive email notifications and send customized “thanks” message when a survey is completed successfully. This plugin offers two versions i.e. a free one and a pro one. POWr survey can automatically give you analytics and it can record customer behavior.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - POWr Survey

WP AutoLead


The greatest feature about this plugin is the lead capturing system. You can ask your visitors to answer a few questions and in the end, the users can be prompted to enter their email address. You can easily create unlimited surveys, and the analytic system can track the results for you.

This plugin can be integrated with any e-mail auto-responder. It provides a fully responsive theme that works with all WordPress templates. All designs and templates can be customized according to your requirements.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - WP AutoLead

WP Quiz Master Next


Quiz Master Next plugin can help you build surveys, polls, questions and tests for your WordPress site. You can create unlimited questions and unlimited surveys. This plugin offers complete analytics, so you can track user behavior and see the results of the survey. You can also give certifications to your visitors.

The designing and content can be easily customized. You can also add multiple landing pages for each quiz or survey. The plugin gives you analytics about your surveys. You can see all statistics including views, click-through rates and completion rate of each survey.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - WP Quiz Master Next

YOP Poll


It is one of the best poll plugins for the WordPress website. You can easily use this customizable and responsive plugin to get all the required answers. Polls can be created for single and multiple answers. You can easily schedule and manage all of your polls in WordPress admin area.

Results can be displayed in many ways, such as the number of votes, percentage of votes, or you can issue a specific date for the results. You can also show more than one poles at a time, and you can manage unlimited poles in your dashboard.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - YOP Poll

WordPress Simple Survey


You can create online surveys, polls, and quizzes by using this plugin. You can evaluate grades and make scorecards for your readers. It has a fully responsive design, so this plugin can work amazingly on every device.

WordPress Simple Survey plugin offers two versions i.e. free and paid one. With both of them, you can create quizzes, store results, mail the results, send auto-responsive emails to site visitors, and create single-answer questions with a fully responsive web design. Also, you can customize email contents. Surveys and quizzes can be easily created by using built-in themes.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - WordPress Simple Survey

Awesome Surveys


You can easily create amazing surveys with the help of this plugin. You can have full control over your content and survey customization. You can create as many surveys as you want. You can also add login options for the survey takers.

Surveys can be created by using built-in forms. You can publish your survey in any post or page by just adding the code snippet. You can also add advanced fields in your form, and the results can be viewed in the WordPress admin area/dashboard.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - WordPress Awesome Surveys

Pinnion Plugin


This plugin is an all-in-one solution for all your quiz, survey, poll and feedback requirements. You can customize each survey. Customized code can also be added in non-WordPress sites.

Pinnion offers survey templates to create amazingly user-friendly surveys. You can add the code in any section of your website. You can also add fun questions and polls to your websites or blogs. You are able to create different Pinnions for different site locations.
This plugin is ideal for you if you want to create simple polls or questions on your site. It is the only plugin that can fulfill all these requirements.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - Pinnion Plugin



Plugin WP-Polls makes it simple for you to conduct a survey. And the integration of many options gives you the freedom to decide how this plugin works. At present, it is in support for multiple selection of answers.

The management of polls can be done through the admin panel. Due to the simplicity, this plugin also has a great number of followers.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - WP-Polls

Polls by OpinionStage


Polls by OpinionStage is a great survey solution for running contests, elections, and more. It can be accessible in WordPress Plugin Directory for free.

What sets apart Opinion Stage is the unique functionality other online polling solutions lack. Since it allows you to work with images and videos, you can make polls appealing and informative. It will bring traffic to your website when your polls are shared in the social media. At the same time, you are able to gather user information from their social account. Alternatively, it is possible for you to enable anonymous voting. Furthermore, your polling service can be a part of your revenue with the integration of advertisements.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - Polls by OpinionStage

Social Polls by


This plugin also allows voters the possibility to share polls and survey on social network, which helps grow your website traffic. And voters can either vote through their social account or vote anonymously, which is up to your settings.

It works great but the process is relatively more complicated. Before the integration to your WordPress website, you are required to register for an account and create a new poll on

Best WordPress Survey Plugins - Social Polls by