Best WordPress Search Plugins with a Pile of Useful Features

Best WordPress Search Plugins with a Pile of Useful Features

WordPress is one of the most used CMSs in the world. In almost every website, there is a search tab and anyone who builds a website knows how important it is to have a search tab in the website. For this reason, WordPress has devoted its resources to try and develop the best search plugins for the websites.

However, the search plugins being produced are many. This thing makes it hard for the WordPress users to determine which the best to use is. It may take long to try out all the plugins and choose the best. To narrow down the choices, we have listed the top best WordPress search plugins in the following.

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WP E-Commerce Predictive Search

This search engine is very sensitive. As the user types the words, it queries through the entire database to deliver 100% accurate result. The results are then displayed in the drop-down widget with the title and description text. This plugin has a mobile responsive and user-friendly administration interface to be used by mobile devices. This plugin can also be configured to provide effective results. It also has a Pro version that the website owner can upgrade to.

Download WP E-Commerce Predictive Search

Best WordPress Search Plugins - WP E-commerce Predictive Search


It replaces the common WordPress search with better the search engine. It presents the results faster and with a higher accuracy. This combines with the better presentation of the results wows the website users. Relevanssi is offered in two versions, the regular and premium versions. The regular is available for free to download and use. The premium version comes with an additional cost and more features such as spelling correction and many more.

Download Relevanssi

Best WordPress Search Plugins - Relevanssi

WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

This WordPress search plugin uses the Sphinx Search Server in order to provide ultra-fast and feature-rich results for all WordPress websites. With the help of flexible search syntax, the user can search in pages, posts and comments. This plugin is very useful for large WordPress sites to produce more relevant results. It is also able to sort the results based on the newest and more relevant. This plugin is great for SEO and allows customization from the source, Ivinco.

Download WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

Best WordPress Search Plugins - WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

Search & Filter

It is a user-friendly search plugin that offers simple searches and filtering options. Users can search based on category, tag, post type and date, customs taxonomy, or a combination of any of these options. This thing helps in providing much-refined results with the use of a filtering system. The search results are displayed in a dropdown manner or using checkboxes. A Pro version is also available at a cheap cost and more features.

Download Search & Filter

Best WordPress Search Plugins - Search & Filter

Dave’s WordPress Live Search

This search plugin adds the “live search” functionality to a WordPress site. It is fast since it automatically starts to query WordPress as the visitors type the words in the website’s search box. It looks for any matches to the words typed at the moment. The benefit of the live search is that it offers suggestions in a dropdown. This helps at times the visitors find what they require even before finishing typing. It requires JavaScript for its functionality. It can integrate with Relevanssi.

Download Dave’s WordPress Live Search

Best WordPress Search Plugins - Dave's WordPress Live Search

WP Ultimate Search

Based on Ajax framework, this plugin is highly customizable. With the help of the site taxonomies and post metadata, the visitors to the site can quickly browse for results. It is very accurate on its results. The Premium version of the plugin is also available. It is powerful because it allows searching an unlimited number of specified taxonomies and meta fields by the user. It can also perform radius searches.

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Best WordPress Search Plugins - WP Ultimate Search

Better Search

This plugin substitutes the original WordPress search with a search engine that is more powerful. It produces search results that are relevant to both the title and the content. This implicates that the search can be quicker, and the visitors do not waste much time. The plugin also allows the web owner to customize the output. By assigning a greater weight to the title or content, the results can be more precise.

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Best WordPress Search Plugins - Better Search

bbPress Search Widget

This is a small and lightweight search plugin that offers thirteen search options to the user. It can change the search with ease, and also set visibility. It also allows for customization and can localization with up to four languages.

Download bbPress Search Widget

Best WordPress Search Plugins - bbPress Search Widget

Search Everything

This plugin improves the default search functionality of WordPress without the need to modify the theme pages. It is user-friendly and very fast when typing. The inclusion of Research Everything allows the plugin to search and anticipate the user’s search word and provides it in the drop down. The plugin cannot look up password protected content. With the help of Power Search, the plugin can search for content from the wider web. It is only available for WP 3.7 and above.

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Best WordPress Search Plugins - Search Everything

Search in Place

This plugin improves the blog search as it displays search results queries in real time. It groups the results as either a post, page or post type, and highlights it in the SERPs. It also provides an easy and seamless search process and allows for correction in the search criteria without the need to reload.

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Best WordPress Search Plugins - Search in Place

Advanced Woo Search

Just like the name indicates, this search plugin is used for WooCommerce supported WordPress e-commerce sites. With its installation, your customers can see the products they want just by typing the keywords.

There are some highlighted features included in this plugin. For instance, you can showcase the product image and price in the search result pages, use the smart ordering that is based on the priority of the sources, allow the searching for product tags and categories, use the default shortcode to locate the search box at anywhere you want and many more.

In addition, this plugin is a lightweight and fast-working one, coming with the Plurals support and the Google Analytics support.

Download Advanced Woo Search

Advanced Woo Search

Add Search to Menu

Generally, the search box is located at the sidebar of a website. However, this plugin allows you to display the searching form in the navigation menu. This allows your readers to search on your site easily and effectively.

There are plenty of plugin settings you can make on your WordPress admin panel. Thus, you have the enough freedom to customize the search box and the search results. For instance, you can add the form to the top menu or the social link menu. In addition, you can choose among 4 default search form styles, including Default, Dropdown, Sliding and Full Width.

Download Add Search to Menu

Add Search to Menu

Search by Algolia

This plugin aims at providing the relevant searching results just in milliseconds. This makes sure that your readers can find out their wanted content at the speed of thoughts. As this plugin is language agnostic and comes with the typo tolerance, you can benefit from the searching function of your site a lot.

Here, we need to mention that this plugin relies on the Algolia platform, so you need to create an account for it. Algolia can enhance the searching function of your website with the completely customization experience. This way, you can create the find-as-what-you-type searching or the auto-complete searching dropdown with much ease.

In addition, Algolia makes sure to return the searching results in less than 35 ms on average. And also, it gives you the ability to make all the data searchable from a single form only.

Download Search by Algolia

Search by Algolia