Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

At present, membership plugins are widely supposed to be an energy-saving way to get paid with websites for WordPress masters by adding lots of indispensable features. Overall, there are more than 200 plugins of this kind that are free of charge available at In the following, we selectively look into a part of them and then pick 8 representatives shining with satisfactory ease of use, customizability, flexibility and so forth.

Since you are searching plugins for membership, presumably, you mean to run websites for online businesses. If we have hit the point, then this post is just right for the purpose by introducing some WordPress eCommerce plugins boosting sales for online stores.

Membee Login

This plugin integrates member access role management to your WordPress websites that are backed by powerful member single sign-on web service. Besides, it also features member authentication with which you are capable of acquiring ability to administrate almost all aspects of the relationship with your members. More than that, Membee Login extends possibility for login by permitting members to gain access to restricted content and features of websites using social network identities of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and Linkedln.

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Paid Memberships Pro

By default, this one is included with some of the most prevalent payment gateways consisting of PayPal, Stripe,, and Braintree Payments. Working greatly with your existing themes, it also comes with a good deal of possibilities to use free themes according to your favor or premium themes adding more flexibility and customizability. Besides, Paid Membership Pro is designed with user-friendly Admin pages and settings including membership access by page/post/category, membership discounts with customizable price rules, and members list with CSV export.

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Paid Memberships Pro Addon for WP Courseware

This plugin successfully builds a bridge between paid membership pro and WordPress courseware, which enables you to assign courses to a membership level. Allotting your courses to a membership level, you are capable of making your students enrolled into the correlative courses automatically. Furthermore, using this plugin, you are capable of crafting a fully automated LMS system that makes it possible to sell ecourses or other kinds of products online in a walk.

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Simple Membership

This one is acknowledged as a well-supported, user-friendly and flexible plugin that safeguards your pages and posts so only members have the privilege to view the protected content. This means when you are editing a page or post in your WordPress editor, you are capable of enjoying the ability to protect them for all of your members, which prompts non-members to login or become a member. In addition, Simple Membership also works well with any WordPress themes while protect photo galleries.

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MailPoet Paid Membership Pro Add-on

This plugin enables you to get favorable features by adding a checkbox that is displayed in your checkout page with which your customers are able to subscribe to your MailPoet newsletters. Furthermore, it is characterized by the possibility to realize localization by translating the language into the one meeting your requirements. By default, it is available in English. If needing translation, the provider will attach the target languages in the next verison released, which demands Transifex only.

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Membership becomes vogue among professional groups and other membership groups because it serves as an all-in-one solution by being packed with subscription management, event ticketing, member directory, and event calendar. The highlight makes this plugin shines is its dashboard allowing you to gain a full picture of member signups, membership metrics, member renewals, expired memberships and event sales. Meanwhile, with its labels, you are able to find out members in line with categories and committees.

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s2Member Framework

With s2Member Framework applied, you are enabled to get support for unlimited membership levels that include PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.NET, ClickBank, as well as the capability to use coupon codes and advanced User Import/Export tools. Also, this plugin entitles you the power to protect your Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, and URLs for BuddyPress. Most importantly, it allows you to impose restrictions on the number of downloads within a specific amount of time.

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MailChimp Add on for Paid Memberships Pro

This one is highlighted for its membership levels and lists. Backed by this feature, you are able to appoint the subscription lists for both users and members of your WordPress website. This means you are enabled to move members from lists to lists according to their membership levels.

Download MailChimp Add on for Paid Memberships Pro