Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Creating an Attractive Forum

Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Creating an Attractive Forum

Forum is a very efficient platform that is used in increasing traffic to a website effectively, for it can gather gathers a large number of people to visit the site and encourages the discussion to come up between members.

Among the best forum software, WordPress is a common-used tool allowing webmasters to set up a forum with the help of powerful and user-friendly WordPress plugins. Due to the huge emergence of many forum plugins, below is a collection of the best WordPress forum plugins to use when building a website. Installing WordPress plugins is not a problem once you follow the simple tutorial.



bbPress plugin aims at making it easy to integrate a forum with the website. It is lightweight achieving the high speed. bbPress provides a solution to the slow speed and reduces the chances for a website to be hacked. It is elegant, simple and easy to handle. It also supports customizing of the forums. The user can easily create a forum with the best themes and increases the functionality of the plugin by using premium features.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - bbPress



BuddyPress is recommended to those who are looking for social network software. The powerful functionality makes the plugin welcome by a great number of users. So far, it has been trusted by more than 200,000 users. The rating is as high as 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This plugin gives you an easy way to build a forum where registered members can create profiles, make private communications, and more.

Focusing on the ease of integration, BuddyPress has no compatibility issues with any theme. And an increasing array of add-on features are available for you through where are home to many BuddyPress-compatible plugins.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - BuddyPress

DW Question & Answer


If you want to build a Q &A system like Quora, DW Question & Answer is a good solution for your WordPress website. Users can express their opinions by making comments or simply voting for the answers. There is also an email notification system which enables you to better engage with users.

For the convenience, questions can be classified into different categories and tags. To avoid spam, this plugin is in support for reCAPTCHA which helps you tell real users. With this plugin, you can easily build a support forum.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - DW Question & Answer

Bublaa Forum and Comments


Bublaa Forum has a fully responsive layout. It has a unique function as it adds the discussion in real time to the website. It allows the forums and comments to be combined. Bublaa helps in building a discussion community on one platform. The Bublaa plugin works seamlessly hand in hand with Bublaa Forum, Bublaa Comments and Bublaa Activity. This plugin supports mobile devices.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - Bublaa Forum and Comments

Talki Embeddable Forums


It is the simplest way that a webmaster can use to insert a forum, message or discussion board to the blog. It can insert a forums’ page and allows the members of the blog to start individual conversations and topics to the site. This plugin is very essential and has partnered with some social media sites and search engines among others. Members are automatically alerted of their responses.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - Talki Embeddable Forums

bbPress Admin Bar


Admin Bar is small and light. It adds a lot of resources from bbPress version 2. This plugin is built with forum administrators and webmaster in mind to make their work easier. The new admin panel can be displayed if the user has a “moderate” WordPress capability.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - bbPress Admin Bar



WP-United incorporates the WordPress sites and phpBB forums. It has modular and individual feature that can be switched on and off. It is fully controllable and can be customized through setting up permissions as to who can incorporate the discussion and what level is allowed. WP-United also has ten widgets that are configurable and can be dropped into the owners WordPress page.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - WP-United

CM Answers


CM Answers is a WordPress plugin that helps the users of the site to post questions and answers (Q&A) in the Stackoverflow style. This plugin also allows the integration with many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google+ and Microsoft Live authentication. CM Answers is a discussion forum plugin that has plenty of other features that allow the webmasters to customize the way they want.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - CM Answers

bbPress WP Tweaks


The regular sidebar is replaced with the forum specific sidebar. After the forum page loaded, the forum specific sidebar appears. If it does not appear, then the regular sidebar can appear instead. If none of these sidebars appear, then it is advised to change back to the default template through the plugin settings. Also, the bbPress login links widget presents the login and register links in place of the login form.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - bbPress WP Tweaks

GD bbPress Tools


It inserts some extensions and tools to the implemented forums of bbPress v2.0 plugin. GD bbPress can also work well with BuddyPress if BuddyPress support is enabled in the bbPress plugin. There is a Pro version of GD bbPress Toolbox that has more tools. It supports three different international languages: English, which is the default language, Serbian and German. Also, this plugin has 30Codes while its Pro version has ten more.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - GD bbPress Tools

Vanilla Forums


Vanilla forums are unique, engaging and intuitive. Vanilla lets to build a customized community that appreciates positive participation and lets the members drive moderation. It provides hosting and open source software for the community forum that helps power the discussion forums to over 500,000 websites, making it the most-powerful community solution. It is easily integrated to WordPress and is the sole mobile forum solution.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - Vanilla Forums

Website Toolbox Forums


Website Toolbox plugin offers a perfect way to add a forum into a website with no need to code or software. It is the easiest way to allow the combination between a forum and WordPress. Also, it is fully customizable and SEO friendly. Website Toolbox allows Facebook integration, shares files and images, and can set the user permission.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins - Website Toolbox Forums