Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins Boosting Sales for Your Online Store

Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins Boosting Sales for Your Online Store

Undoubtedly, on account of customizability, user-friendliness, and functionality, eCommerce plugins play a significant role in promoting sales for WordPress fans that own and run stores online. Here we carefully select altogether 5 plugins of this type that empower you to sell almost anything in a breeze online by adding catalog, sales functionality and shopping carts, etc.

In addition to plugins, there are hundreds of premium eCommerce themes that contribute to bring potential customers. Also, in the market, a vast majority of companies apply themselves to specialize in and develop eCommerce software that enables you to build money-earning websites.


Being designed as an extendable and powerful plugin, WooCommerce turns it to be possible to sell products via a professional way online. For one thing, it features a smart dashboard coming with sections of reports and widgets via which you are capable of keeping an overall view of general store performance, stock levels and incoming sales and so forth.

For another thing, its customizable widgets and shortcode entitles you the customizability to run online store in the way you favor. Also, this plugin coexists harmoniously with any WordPress themes, including the default ones. Moreover, in terms of payment gateways, WooCommerce comes with several options for your online stores that include PayPal, Cash on Delivery and BACS, etc.

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WP eCommerce

This one makes it simple for entrepreneurs to sell many kinds of products such as physical inventory, membership & subscription, or digital download and so on. Choosing WP eCommerce, you are only steps and minutes away from the next sale by enjoying built-in tools for marketing, secure check-out with SSL, together with a large number of hooks with which developers are able to do almost everything they can imagine.

Furthermore, WP eCommerce is integrated with diverse payment gateways, lots of WordPress plugins, and popular carriers. Its powerful built-in tools enable you to administrate your catalogues and orders, as well as extend your stores through additional modules.

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Ready! Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Since this plugin is packed with WordPress eCommerce themes and shopping cart, taking good advantage of it, you are bound to enjoy powerful customizability in creating easy-to-setup online stores. When it comes to payment gateways, Ready! Ecommerce Shopping Cart features a variety of choices consisting of PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, Google Wallet, 2Checkout, eProcessing Network, and SagePay, just to name few of them.

Meanwhile, this plugin features 4 kinds of channels for shipping that include UPS shipping extension, USPS shipping extension, FedEx shipping extension as well as Flatrate/Tablerate shipping options.

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Being 100% compatible with BuddyPress and Multisite, MarketPress is crafted with unimaginable possibilities with which you are capable of setting up exclusive Etsy-style network style of stores or eBay while taking a percent of every sale. To remove all limitations in customizability, it features powerful widgets, preset CSS styles, product thumbnails and gorgeous themes that are easy to be customized without any touch of codes.

What is more, it is fully integrated with Google Universal Analytics making great contributions to measure sales and visitors. This feature enables you to get a real-time understanding of dynamic changes resting in your businesses. Also, MarketPress supports all major currencies, diverse shipping options, popular payment gateways, and unlimited product variations.

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As an open source eCommerce solution, wpStoreCart enables you to easily and quickly sell both digital downloads and physical products through online stores. After rigorous tests, it is proven to be highly compatible with major browsers including Safari 5, Firefox 3.6/4/5/6/7, Chrome 7 & 11, Opera 11, and IE 7/8/9.

In addition, it is covered with rich features by including an unlimited number of categories and products, UPS & USPS shipping integration, customizable registration process, several widgets, and powerful support for currency and languages. In the meantime, it allows you to have flexible choices in selling your products with which you can run your stores as “Physical Products Only”, “Digital Products Only” or with both.

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