9 Best WordPress Cache Plugins for Speeding up Your Site

Prior to this post, we have thoroughly illustrated top tips to speed up WordPress website among which the integration of cache plugins is also taken into account.

Since some of you are asking some trustworthy recommendations, we have chosen a collection of typical ones gaining a great deal of preference from webmasters by reason of tremendous benefit in speeding up websites and bringing a blazing-fast experience in visiting websites.

In practice, the cache plugin is not the only approach to speed up websites. In the field, there are a good many companies coming with high-quality SSD shared web hosting for WordPress websites demanding fast speed.

1. W3 Total Cache

Being highly compatible with a variety of web hosting services, this plugin enhances the user experience by means of boosting server performance and decreasing download times, which is supported by the content delivery network integrated with W3 Total Cache.

What is more, it includes a cache for many components such as pages and posts, CSS and JavaScript, feeds, search results pages, and database objects, just to name a few of them.

I use W3 Total Cache on nearly all my sites including this one and as you can see by this test on the Page Speed Insights (official Google page speed tool) it performs very well:

Get W3 Total Cache

Set Up Guide:

2. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache, a young cache plugin, was created in the year of 2016. And it does not give you as many customization options as other solutions do. This plugin has not been optimized for WordPress Multisite. According to the monitoring, this plugin ranks itself as the fastest one.

However, some reasons exist for why you can take this plugin into consideration. Indeed, this cache plugin can greatly speed up your website. There is no need to modify the .htacces file on your own, which poses convenience for beginners. Besides, the high ratings given by thousands of real users can increase the attractiveness of the plugin. And the developers get this plugin regularly updates.

Get WP Fastest Cache

3. Hyper Cache

If you are looking for a PHP cache plugin, then Hyper Cache is an exact solution without making complex configurations. Especially, Hyper Cache can help those who value readers’ participation due to the functionality of comments aware. And there are double caches available for mobile users and desktop, resulting in the better user experience. Autoclean is also available for you to better control disk space usage.

On the basis of the monitoring results, this plugin is a good solution for the reduction of the page load time and improvement of hosting speed. In the WordPress Plugin Directory, this plugin also has as high as 4.5 out of 5 stars. So far, it has been installed and trusted by more than 40,000 website owners. Thus Hyper Cache is also on the list of our recommendations.

Get Hyper Cache

4. WP Cache Bucket

This plugin enables webmasters to tie all cache items to just one single validation key, which is realized by its utilization of built-in WordPress wp_cache with which you are capable of associating several items with a single cache object without having to get all of them stuck together in a cache key.

Get WP Cache Bucket

5. WP Super Cache – Clear All Cache

With this plugin integrated, you are able to acquire a menu entry to the admin menu with an aim to clear the cache entirely. This can be easily done without navigation to the Contents tab in the settings section of this plugin. In terms of languages, its initial release is available in both English and Spanish. Now if you demand support for other languages, it includes in the language folder with necessary files to help you address the translation issues of this plugin.

Get WP Super Cache – Clear All Cache

6. Batcache

This plugin makes itself special via the adoption of Memcached that enables you to store and serve visited webpages. Especially, it is born to stop floods of traffic that are very likely to break your websites, which is done by serving old pages to new visitors. This means it decreases the request of the webserver CPU and the database by enabling visitors to view pages that are several minutes old.

Get Batcache

7. Quick Cache

Quick Cache speeds up your websites by means of taking a real-time snapshot of every piece of posts and pages, as well as links and categories.

Afterward, this plugin stores all these snapshots with purposes as a result of which your visitors can refer to them with blazing-fast speed. On account of this crucial feature, you can break away from the time-consuming process which burdens your websites posing negative influences on your businesses.

Get Quick Cache

8. Bodi0’s Easy Cache

Supporting multiple languages including English, French, Bulgarian and Spanish, this plugin applies configuration options that can be chosen from the administration panel.

Its caching mechanism works through conducting a timely snapshot of every Post, Page and URL that is stored for the reference asked by the visitors later.

Due to this mechanism, it is effortless to reduce the database processing time which slows down your websites. Furthermore, Bodi0’s Easy Cache has been examined with a variety of pagination plugins and permalink settings.

Get Bodi0’s Easy Cache

9. AIO Cache & Performance

As a simple but stable cache, this plugin offers you the possibility to get fast response time without requirements to configure by including simple page and file caching, simple static resources, simple GZip and deflate compression and JavaScript to footer.

It comes with an image/media library optimizer, auto database optimizer, auto advanced performance optimization through .htaccess, and so on. Please note that its requirements for installation are PHP 5.3 or greater and WordPress 3.0 or above.

Get AIO Cache & Performance

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