The 5 Best WordPress Books for Beginners

The 5 Best WordPress Books for Beginners

As blog has been gaining large popularity, an increasing number of people, especially beginners, are applying WordPess, a powerful, reliable, and simple content management system with impressive features and plugins. However, they are always bewildered and dazzled when numerous WordPess tutorials unfold their eyes for selection.

After many days for careful and thoughtful search and selection of this program guides, we found out five conductive books for your consideration to build your own website easily.

WordPess To Go

WordPess To Go is a deliberately short reference coming with easily understandable content for people, particularly new bloggers, to establish their own websites effectively and efficiently. This book aims to walk you through all the basics of building website in the quickest way.

In particular, 1 to 8 lessons of this guide enable you to comprehend every necessary step, including the introduction of this program and various sophisticated and functional options it offers, for building and running your own site with mostly using the default setting. Besides, these lessons show you how to avoid as many technicalities as possible. Meanwhile, 9 to 20 lessons tell you how to develop your site with feature-rich resource and tailor it for your own purposes.

Price: $8.97


WordPress Websites Step-by-Step

This guide is completely written for beginners to create a website or blog with WordPress. As you get hands of it, you are going to learn to use the standard WordPress features to add and edit content, image, video and more to establish a fully functional website.

Specifically, reading WordPress Websites Step-by-Step, you will be absorbing in detailed conduction of this program: how to install it, publish posts and pages, customize web design, add complex features, keep site secure, and solve common WordPress problems. As a result, you are able to create a professional and characteristic website or blog.

Price: $8.99


WordPress for Beginners

This reference is focused on teaching completely new webmasters to create their own WordPress websites starting from zero. If you are one of them, it is exactly what you need. Because the book which is also called a visual step-by-step guide has gained considerable positive comments from a large number of readers of new website holders.
It is the plus of this hand-on tutorial to be composed by detailed chapters ending with a “task to complete” section. By completing these exercises, you will have the ability to be a confident and proficient WordPress user.

Price: $12.63


WordPress: The Missing Manual

WordPress: The Missing Manual with high reputation among readers is one of the most useful books for WordPress beginners for its efficient practicability and availability. Furthermore, this book can be divided into five parts.

The part one is Starting Out with WordPress, which guides you to choose the most suitable web domain and web hosting. The part two is Building a WordPress Blog explaining how to add posts, pages, menus and install a featured theme. The part three is Supercharging Your Blog which, leads you to set up a simple, feature-rich blog with installing plugins, embedding video, music, and photos. Besides, it teaches you how to attract boatloads of web visitors. The part four is From Blog to Website offering you the instruction of adding, inserting, modifying the CSS style PHD. The part five is Appendixes explaining how to take a website you create on the free hosting service.

Price: $20.59


How to Create A Website Using WordPress

This tutorial, regarded as beginner’s blueprint, caters to all your needs for setting up a WordPress website. Seizing it enables you to be quite familiar with the fundamental knowledge of using this system with high functionality. Moreover, the author, Brian Patrick, covers everything one needs to acquire to run a site without difficulties.

Particularly, you do not need to be worried if you don’t hold any coding and technical knowledge for that this useful book shows the way of how to utilize the best domain for sites, get reputed WordPress hosting, install and optimize WordPress in just few clicks. Thus, browsing this learning material carefully, you can set up a site smoothly.

Price: $8.07