Best Web Hosting in Hong Kong for Business in China

Best Web Hosting in Hong Kong for Business in China

For people who wish to develop their websites in China, the best option is selecting a local hosting provider. Since Hong Kong web hosting is free for ICP license, it is popular with the webmasters who prefer to build a website that is never blocked by the government.

Here, to help readers find an excellent and reliable hosting company without a lot of efforts, we highly recommend This review is on the aspect of the cheap service, various features, high performance and stunning technical support.

Since its establishment, this web host has won a good reputation among customers. According to our survey on hundreds of customers and an investigation of over 50 hosting providers in Hong Kong, we make an editorial rating as below.


money savingBisend is always devoted itself to providing the top-ranking hosting service with the most affordable price. This company regularly prices its solutions at $7.99/mo. However, to help customers save the budget, offers 64% discount to cut the price down to $2.95/mo.

Readers can get this discount through the promotion link below. People are able to subscribe the service on 36 months, 24 months and 12 months billing cycle, which are now priced at $2.95/mo, $3.95/mo and $4.95/mo respectively. enables customers to cancel their accounts and get a refund within the first 30 days of registration. Thus, people can purchase the service risk-free and worry-free. In addition to the 30 days money back guarantee, readers are allowed to pay via PayPal, which is secure and convenient.

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rich featuresAll the hosting packages include rich and advanced features, such as the maximum of disk space & bandwidth, both Linux and Windows operating systems and the latest version of programming language. The more features are listed below.

  • 4GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth & hosting domain
  • PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4, Perl, Python, phpMyAdmin
  • ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5, ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4/5
  • MySQL5, MS SQL 2012, Access database
  • Zend Optimizer, Override htaccess Support, URL Rewrite2

Note that the cPanel is included in Linux hosting plan while the WebSitePanel is for Windows hosting. Both of the 2 control panels are widely used by thousands of webmasters, and they acquire a good reputation because of their usability. Besides, the 1-click installation for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke and BlogEngine.NET are also available to customers.


In order to achieve an excellent uptime record, utilizes the world-class data center in Hong Kong, which is SAS 70 Type II certified. The data center is equipped with redundant power supply, backup generators, Cisco firewall and multiple high speed connections to Hong Kong. The mechanists keep monitoring all the facilities 24×7. In this circumstance, this company can guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. also integrates with 100% DELL servers which are powered by 32GB RAM, SSD, RAID5 and 24 CPU cores. Based on our close monitoring in the past 30 days, we conclude that its server response time is 348ms averagely.

Technical Support

tech has a professional support team consisting of many experienced and Microsoft certified staffs. People can send emails to access to those staffs and ask for help from them. All the inquiries are able to be responded within a few minutes so that customers can get a valid solution promptly.

Furthermore, the knowledgebase contains a lot of advanced hosting skills that help webmasters, especially the beginners, create a website with ease. Additionally, sets a blog on the homepage, from which people can get various tutorials, such as how to build a website, how to get higher search ranking, how to use a control panel and so on.


Undoubtedly, does a good job in the hosting industry, with which customers can enjoy reliable and affordable service with rich features, high performance, fast speed and considerate technical support. Therefore, it is worth choosing to host a website.

Why Hong Kong Hosting is Great for China Users

If you are located in the China region or if your target market is Chine, the Hong Kong hosting must be the great option for you as compared with some US hosting, Canada hosting or UK hosting. Looking to know why? Check the below three reasons.

Peak Hosting Performance

In fact, almost all the quality and reliable Hong Kong hosting providers can ensure you the super-blazing page loading speed in China. Generally, these web hosts will provide two types of bandwidth to fit the needs of local webmasters and the international webmasters respectively.

As the bandwidth has a large impact on the hosting speed, you can pick up the most suited one according to the geographical location of you and your online visitors. In addition, we have to mention that the local bandwidth can slow down your website running in come cases as it cannot access the international exchange network. However, our recommended Bisend can ease this burden with their top-notch network that can achieve the great Ping track record of around 30 ms only.

No ICP License

If you want to set up a website in China, your Chinese web host needs to get an ICP license for putting the website on the web. The process is somewhat complex, requiring days or even months to operate with the related department. To be frank, this is pretty frustrating for most webmasters who are looking to show their content online quickly.

However, if you sign up with a Hong Kong hosting provider, things can be much more convenient and time-saving. There is no need for you to worry about the ICP license. You do not need it at all, but can have your website started running online right after you finish the checkout process for purchasing the hosting service and the DNS settings are completed.

Multilingual Technical Support

As researched, the majority of web hosts in Hong Kong can achieve the multilingual support service. After all, this is an International city, and most people working here can speak both English and Chinese. To be frank, this kind support can remove the communication barriers effectively.