Best vBulletin Hosting Service for Building a Rich-Featured Forum

Best vBulletin Hosting Service for Building a Rich-Featured Forum

After reviewing dozens of vBulletin hosting plans on price, features, vBulletin compatibility & installation, reliability, performance and technical support, we found that the 3 offered by BlueHost, HostGator and WebHostingHub are the best. In below, we have worked out a comprehensive review to explain why they are the winners in detail.

All of the selected solutions are affordable and reliable for building a rich-featured forum. We have made the following table to list the main features and the prices of the packages.

Why Are They the Best vBulletin Hosting?

The shared hosting plans offered by BlueHost, HostGator and WebHostingHub are integrated with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL and Apache, so that they are 100% compatible with vBulletin. In addition, PHP memory_limit is set to be 256MB that is enough to run a very complex forum. Moreover, PHP runs as suPHP to enhance the security.

What’s more, each of the selected plans comes with cPanel, the most easy-to-use control panel, with which customers are able to manage every aspects of their accounts in an easy way. Furthermore, all of the 3 companies offer a 1-click script installer that makes customers even newbies who are not familiar with the technique-side skill or knowledge can install a vBulletin forum with a few clicks in minutes.


BlueHostAs the largest shared hosting provider, BlueHost has been famous for offering reliable and fast hosting service for more than 10 years, and followed by millions of webmaster around the world. This company offers 3 vBulletin hosting plans priced from at $7.99/mo. Now, BlueHost is offering a 63% discount for visitors going through this promotional link below, with which the price is low to $2.95/mo.

BlueHost guarantees at least 99.9% uptime for all the vBulletin users. This company has invested more than 20 million dollars in their 3 state-of-the-art data centers, all of which are equipped with quality servers developed by themselves, UPS power supply diesel generators, and 24×7 security. All the first-rate facilities have achieved a satisfying uptime.

To learn the real-time BlueHost uptime of the past 30 days in the following statistics chart.

In addition to the compelling discount and good uptime, Professional Plan includes a lot of outstanding features, such as a free domain name for 1 year, 30 days full money back guarantee, anytime prorated money back guarantee, and 24×7 US based technical support through toll-free phone call, email and live chat. More server resources and highlights are listed as below.

  • Shared SSL, SSH, custom PHP.ini & Cron Jobs.
  • Automated backups & up to $200 advertising credits.
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts & databases.
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WebHostingHubWebHostingHub offers 3 vBulletin hosting plans priced starting at $8.99/mo regularly. However, the company is offering a 78% discount for visitors signing up via the promotional link, with which the price is low to $1.95/mo for the first three months.

In addition, WebHostingHub provides 90 days full money back guarantee, which means customers are able to ask for a full refund if they want to cancel their accounts in the first 90 days.

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We have browsed hundreds of verified feedbacks written by WebHostingHub customers, and found that all the customers are satisfied with the hosting speed the company offers. This company utilizes the industry-leading data centers which are equipped with 100% brand new Dell servers.

Additionally, technicians and engineers are monitoring the servers and network 24×7, so that they are able to find and resolve any sudden issue immediately to ensure the hosted forums can run rapidly. Learn the detailed server response time of WebHostingHub in the following chart.


HostGatorHostGator has been in the industry for more than 10 years, providing several kinds of hosting services. All of their hosting plans are worth going, among which the shared hosting plans are very good to host vBulletin. The regular price of the plans starts from $6.95/mo, but visitors who subscribe this service with the coupon code HG45PERCENT via this promotional link are able to get a 45% discount and cut the price down to $3.82/mo.

HostGator provides shared SSL to encrypt the data when it is transferred over the Internet. In addition, SSH is offered to guarantee the remote management. In this way, the forums hosted with this company are very secure. In below, we have listed some highlights integrated with HostGator vBulletin hosting.

  • Up to 99.99% uptime & fast hosting speed.
  • $100 Adwords vouchers, cPanel and 1-click installer.
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts & FTP accounts.
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HostGator is one of the web hosts that offer the highest level of technical support. This company allows customers to contact the support team 24×7 through phone call, email and live chat. All the support staffs are professional, knowledgeable, experienced and proficient in vBulletin, so that they are capable of helping customers with any kind of hosting issue instantly and immediately.

Moreover, technicians and engineers have worked out a large amount of useful articles and detailed video tutorials, designed to teach customers how to deal with common problems independently. We have read many HostGator customer reviews on BestHostingSearch, and found that 100% customers are satisfied with the support. Learn the details about the customer reviews in the following chart.

More about vBulletin

This is an unmatched script that ensures the full capabilities for setting up the community website. As compared with many other forum tools, vBulletin ensures the simple overall management, increased content creation and more effective content publishing.

  • There is a Site Builder available that allows you to easily start and manage the website.
  • To simplify the page layout, this tool ensures the customizable page template, in-line content editing and the drag-and-drop configuration.
  • There is a variety of themes you can choose.
  • The content modules achieve the enhanced content discovery, so you can engage your readers into your web content in a deep manner.
  • The UI interface is sleek and intuitive. All the main social functionalities are included, such as new user profile, messaging hub, comments area, real-time updates and many others.
  • Users can post all the kinds of contents quickly, along with the built-in expanded video and photo capabilities.
  • It is already mobile optimized. This ensures that the phone users can stay longer on the forum and return later.

About vBulletin Hosting

Actually, vBulletin is a web-based forum script. In this case, the hosting solution must meet some minimum requirements as listed in the following.

  • PHP version 5.6.0 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.5.0 or greater.
  • At least 200 MB of hard drive storage.

These are the basic requirements. In addition, if your hosting provider can ensure the following settings as well, you are more likely to get the better vBulletin hosting experience.

  • MySQLi support which is the better software library to connect to vBulletin database.
  • OpenSSL or cURL support that can ensure the safe connection to Facebook Connect and many other third-party services.
  • Rewrite Engine that includes URL Rewrite for IIS 8 and mod_rewrite on Apache.
  • OpCode Cache to enhance the better running of vBulletin based forum.
  • Iconv support that ensures more language options and character sets.