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Best Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth Hosting Packages

Best Unlimited Hosting Packages with Unlimited Disk Space & BandwidthWith many years of hosting experience, we have found that WebHostingHub, A2Hosting and HostMonster are the 3 companies that provide the best unlimited hosting.

Below, we have displayed a clear table. Please check the general information about the companies from it, and then move on to the nest details.


 Best Unlimited Hosting Package Provider - A2HostingA2Hosting has released 2 unlimited hosting packages named as Prime and Prime+SSD priced from $5.99/mo to $8.99/mo.

Each of the plans features unlimited RAID10 storage, transfer, email addresses, hosted domains, sub-domains, parked domains, addon domains, MySQL5.5 databases and PostgreSQL9.1. With the large volume of unlimited resources, the company ensures individual sites more feature-rich and small business sites run with the least trouble to attract more visitors suffering the lowest traffic.

Moreover, technical support has no time limit. Customers are allowed to seek help by contacting the US-based support team 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via live chat, email and toll-free phone call. This wholesome support system facilitates people from all over the world to get assistance in a convenient and efficient way no matter they are native English speakers or have a little English background.


 Best Unlimited Hosting Package Provider - WebHostingHubSince the first inception, WebHostingHub has been concentrating on serving personal and small businesses by offering 3 Linux web hosting plans priced starting at $8.99/mo. This is quite budget-friendly.

In addition, the company claims a money-back guarantee to ensure a safe purchase. In any case of dissatisfying with the service, customers can ask for a full refund within the first 90 days. In this way, both risk and worry are effectively decreased.

With a tiny amount of money charged, the package is designed with plenty of features including:

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth & MySQL databases: with limitless web space and a huge volume of data transfer, customers are able to store information as much as they want and run their sites smoothly and uninterruptedly.
  • Unlimited hosted websites, sub-domains, parked domains: for most business websites, just 1 IP address is far beyond enough. With this general offer, they are able to create some other websites for expanded business.
  • Unlimited FTP accounts: having unlimited accounts enables customers to make accounts for up to thousands of people who may download and upload files from the locations.


 Best Unlimited Hosting Package Provider - HostMonsterHostMonster now serves thousands of websites. It uses US-based data centers, equipped with the latest cutting-edge and powerful web servers with constant monitoring by experienced technicians 24×7 so as to accelerate running speed and prolong uptime as much as possible. That allows customers to experience the best hosting service with few limitations in page loading speed and uptime.

Meanwhile, this host is famous for the low charge of its shared hosting packages, regularly pricing at $5.99/mo.  Additionally, in the event of dissatisfying with the service, customers are allowed to ask for their money back at any time.

Among all shared hosting plans offered by HostMonster, there are two unlimited ones that are designed with useful features including unlimited disk space, bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases and POP3/IMAP email accounts.

By utilizing these features, customers are capable of running their sites fluently and securely. What’s more, in the event of any troubles with hosting, customers are able to acquire help without time limitation through the ticket system and knowledge base where hundreds of in-depth articles are presented.

Things You Need to Know About Unlimited Hosting Packages

As competitiveness of the hosting industry becomes more and more serious, many web hosts claim to offer the so-called unlimited hosting plans to attract more customers, ensuring you the unlimited usage of monthly bandwidth, disk storage, email accounts, FTP accounts, email storage, add-on domains, parked domains and more. However, the truth is that the unlimited offering is just a promotional trick used by web hosts.

After all, there is nothing unlimited in the world. Even the expensive VPS and dedicated hosting plans will restrict your usage on the server resources. You can never get the truly unlimited hosting solution with the cheap shared web hosting.

How Can Unlimited Hosting Exits?

In fact, only web hosting providers will claim to provide unlimited hosting. After all, this hosting type mainly supports for some personal blog sites and the small-scale websites, which can hardly consume all the server resources allocated to them. This simply gives you the wrong concept that your resources volume is unlimited.

However, once your resource consumption reaches the top line, your web host may ask you to upgrade the hosting plan or suspend your hosting account after giving you a warning.

In addition, as you may have a lot of unused resources, your web host is likely to re-sell them to another customer for more benefits. This practice is named as overselling.

Try Unlimited Hosting or Not?

If you are not going to set up a large, commercial or business-alike website, you surely can consider this hosting type. It is true that these companies have cheated on you, but it does not mean that they do not offer you the quality service. Personally speaking, our recommended three web hosts are the quality of unlimited hosting providers that ensure the top-notch hosting solution.

Here, we have listed three tips that help you better leverage this special hosting type.

  • Check the Terms of Services from the official site of your web host, from which you can find the information about their unlimited policy. Just learn it and do not break the rule.
  • Get the information of your exact allocation of server resources and never overuse your allocation.
  • Only choose trustworthy unlimited hosting providers.

Overcome the Drawbacks of Unlimited Hosting

You cannot deny that there are some drawbacks to unlimited hosting. In this case, if you opt for this hosting option, you can take the following steps that can prevent you from jumping into the real limitations.

  • Choose the truly quality hosting provider – The server resource is not the only thing when choosing a hosting solution. You also need to think about page loading speed, security, uptime, technical support, package features and more.
  • Consider the CDN service – The CDN service can move your static contents to the optimized servers that are located closer to your readers. In this case, you can use the reduced bandwidth to ensure faster page loads.
  • Website optimization – To reduce the overall usage of server resources, you can optimize your website for the minified JS and CSS files, cleaner website code, compressed images and better SQL queries.

Frankly speaking, unlimited web hosting plans are suitable for some personal blogs or websites that do not get much traffic and content-heavy pages. As for the professional e-commerce websites, media-sized to large-sized websites and company portals, this hosting type should be avoided.

Tips for Picking Up the Unlimited Hosting Provider

It is true that these web hosts have cheated on you by claiming to offer unlimited hosting. However, it does not mean that their hosting solution is not worth signing up. Instead, if you abide by the below tips, you can get the truly quality unlimited hosting solution.

Sufficient Server Resources

Surely, the server resources allocated to your hosting account can never be unlimited. In this case, you need to contact their support staff or sales representatives to figure out the maximum volume of disk space and monthly bandwidth you can use. Or, you can check their TOS pages to have a look at the unlimited policy or the server usage policy.

After that, you can estimate the bandwidth and space you may use for the proper running of your website. If the resource allocation of a web host can cover your usage, you can take them on your candidate list.

Uptime & Performance

These are the typical aspects for you to consider when picking up a hosting provider. After all, if the web host you choose fails to ensure you the stable site running with at least 99.9% uptime along with the fast page loading speed, your website traffic, reading experience, online ranking and even the income generation will be affected negatively.

For this, you can review the information of their server machines and data centers or search for the hosting reviews from their real customers.

Technical Support

You cannot ensure that you will never meet any problem you cannot deal with. In this case, the 24/7 available support service is pretty essential. In addition, it is great if their support team can be contacted via multiple methods and can give you a professional and prompt reply. Even, the knowledge base is necessary for you can learn the hosting related knowledge easily.

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