Best TomatoCart Web Hosting with High Performance & Powerful Features

Best TomatoCart Web Hosting with High Performance & Powerful Features

After reviewing more than 100 web hosts offering TomatoCart hosting service, we found several extremely reliable companies, among which InMotion, WebHostingHub and HostMonster are the best. Each of the 3 hosting providers provides a large number of features to enable TomatoCart users to manage their sites easily and help them to run business well.

To learn the real voice of the 3 companies’ real customers, we have read more than 2,000 verified feedbacks at BestHostingSearch and many other professional review websites. As a result, we found InMotion, WebHostingHub and HostMonster all enjoyed a high customer satisfaction rate. Moreover, we have hosted several websites with the hosts’ TomatoCart hosting smoothly and slowly for more than 6 months.

Learn the main highlights included in the best TomatoCart hosting plans in the following table.

Things about TomatoCart

As compared with many other shopping carts on the Internet, this tool is pretty user-friendly, offering the features that are similar to a PC environment. In addition, it is developed with the framework of ExtJS RIA and the multi-window operation, so that you can manage multiple modules in one time easily.

At present, this special tool has two released versions – the v1 that is for common webmasters and the v2 that is for developers only. In the following, we’d like to list the system requirements of the v1 option.

  • PHP version 5.1.6 at least
  • MySQL version 5.0.7 at least
  • Apache version 2.x at least, plus the mod_xml and mod_mysql extensions
  • Extjs version 2.2.x

Why Are They the Best?

InMotion, Arvxie and HostMonster have beaten all of their competitors in TomatoCart hosting by offering tempting and helpful hosting features and tools, among which the most significant one is the 1-click Softaculous TomatoCart installer helping customers install this shopping cart software with a few clicks, within 1 minute. In addition, this program enables clients update and configure effortlessly.

What’s more, each of the awarded hosts offers a high level of technical support through toll-free phone call, email and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides, all the support consultants in these companies are professional and experienced. Therefore, no matter when customers coming across any hosting issue, they are allowed to contact the support representatives to get efficient assistance to solve their problems. Scroll down to the detailed information of the 3 winners in the following parts to learn why they are the best.

Fast TomatoCart Hosting – InMotion

 Best TomatoCart Hosting - InMotionHaving been in the industry for over a decade, InMotion has been followed by quantities of webmasters and has been awarded as one of the top 10 web hosting companies. In addition, this company is also one of the best Joomla hosting providers. One of the most tempting features InMotion offers is free SSD, which enables customers to run TomatoCart websites rapidly. Moreover, shared SSL and SSH are included in their plans to ensure the security of data and remote management.

Affordable Packages

This web host holds 3 different TomatoCart hosting solutions called as Launch, Power and Pro, the regular price of which starts at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $15.99/mo respectively. However, this company is offering a considerable discount for visitors going through the link below, with which the price is low to $3.49/mo. At low price, each of the packages is integrated with many tempting features. In below, we have listed the highlights of Launch.

  • Enhanced cPanel control panel.
  • PostgreSQL, PHP, MySQL & Ruby on Rails.
  • 90 days full refund & $275 advertising credits.
  • Unlimited disk space and monthly bandwidth.
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Premium Support

InMotion Hosting is famous for their Premium Technical Support. All of their support staffs are well trained for the professional support manner and comprehensive knowledge concerning about the TomatoCart hosting solution. Besides, as their support service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can be assisted no matter when you are in trouble via the following contact channels.

  • Call them with the free number of (757)662-6625.
  • Send them an email to [email protected]
  • Click the live chat button.
  • Submit a support ticket.
  • Leave a question on their Q&A community.

In addition, the knowledge base of this web host is worth mentioning. From it, you can find various useful tutorials about hosting and online store building.

Fast Hosting Speed

For e-commerce sites, the page loading and file downloading speed is pretty important. In this case, InMotion has made a lot of efforts to keep their hosting speed as fast as possible.

  • The utilization of solid state drives that can work much faster than the common hard drives.
  • CloudFlare CDN service that boosts your hosting speed by storing your website data in multiple servers and caching from one machine that is near your readers the most.
  • Advanced routing technology that ensures the high-performing network.
  • The direct data connection achieved by the peering exchanges and the large ISPs.

According to our testing result, our sample site hosted with them only requires 237 ms on average to respond each server request.

Affordable TomatoCart Hosting – WebHostingHub

 Best TomatoCart Hosting - WebHostingHubAmong all the companies we have reviewed and stayed with, WebHostingHub is the one offering pretty affordable TomatoCart hosting service. This company has released 3 shared hosting plans for TomatoCart users, whose price starts from $8.99/mo regularly. Now, visitors are able to get the annually plan at $1.95/mo via this promotional link.

Rich Features

With WebHostingHub, customers are able to enjoy a risk-free and worry-free purchase, because this company guarantees 90 days full refund to enable customers put their money in safe. Besides, because of the support for both credit cards and PayPal, the purchase is easy and safe. Additionally, customers are given up to $200 advertising credits to promote their websites and business.

See the following highlights of WebHostingHub TomatoCart hosting in below.

  • cPanel control panel.
  • Free domain name & free backup wizard.
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth, disk space & email accounts.
  • 24×7 US based customer service through phone, live chat & email.
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Responsive Support

WebHostingHub offers 24/7 technical support via the contact channels of hotline, email and live chat. With their all-time-available support team, you can always have your issues resolved. According to hundreds of real customer reviews, almost all of them are highly satisfied with the their support service.

Feature-Rich TomatoCart Hosting – HostMonster

 Best TomatoCart Hosting - HostMonsterHostMonster has been awarded as one of the best shared hosting providers. Up to now, this company has been in the industry for 7 years, and has been followed by a large group of webmaster all over the world. This web host offers three TomatoCart hosting plans priced from $5.99/mo. Now, visitors going through this particular link are able to cut get a 34% discount and cut the price down to $3.95/mo.

Cost-Effective Hosting Plans

HostMonster is one of the most feature-rich web hosting companies. To enable their customers run their websites with the least effort, they offer the latest cPanel, which also guarantees the security of the hosted TomatoCart websites. More features of HostMonster TomatoCart hosting are:

  • PHP 5, MySQL 5.5, Ruby on Rails 3.0.x, etc.
  • Expert tuned servers & Quadruple redundant network.
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth, free domain and free site transfer.
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Reliable Hosting

HostMonster knows the importance of website accessibility on the web, and claims to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for all the served websites. To achieve this goal, they adopt a large number of physical servers that are DELL branded with the rock solid components and the best server specifications.

As for the data centers, this web host has multiple server locations at different places, all of which are cutting-edge with advanced infrastructure and facilities.

In addition, this web host never oversells their services, keeping the number of websites within a single server in a moderate level. To figure out how reliable their hosting is, we have made an online testing for it. According to the result, they achieve almost 100% uptime for our sample site.

What is TomatoCart?

TomatoCart can be regarded as the new-generation open source shopping cart that is developed with the aim to ensure the best user experiences for the available digital devices. In the following, we’d like to list some of its key features so that you can learn more about this tool easily.

Lightweight Framework

The developers of this tool do not choose to build the TomatoCart system using the PHP framework, such as the Zend Framework. Instead, they adopt the simplified MVC that is based on the system of osCommerce. This way, TomatoCart can be a lightweight one that is easy to download, to install and to update. Even, it can run faster than many other similar tools.

CMS System

In addition to the shopping cart function, TomatoCart also achieves the CMS function for the better management of image presentation and document. In addition, this tool enables you to easily publish the articles, open the comment and FAQs section to better improve the communications. Note that no knowledge of HTML is required.

Web Analytics

TomatoCart integrates with the Piwik – the open source analytics tool – to offer various statistics and reports about your online store, such as the total number of visitors for each day, keywords they enter, languages they use, webpages they check and many more. You can find all the data in the dashboard of the website back-end.

RIAs Control Panel

The administration panel of TomatoCart is written based on ExtJS, which is the JavaScript library for the building of Rich Internet Applications, or RIAs. With it, you can get plenty of high-quality widgets for setting up the online application. In addition, the control panel supports the multi-window operations. This means you can work with your articles, products, images, categories and many more at the same time. Even, you can leverage the sidebar feature to start the real-time monitoring for your online business