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Best SSH Hosting for Better Website Security

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It is not easy for customers to find the best web hosting company providing secure shell access among thousands of web hosts in the market. Therefore, our editors have carried out a comprehensive review of the services offered by more than 150 providers, and come up a list of top 3 options.

These companies draw attention from webmasters on account of high-quality web hosting integrating with Secure Shell Access.

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Top Web Hosts With Secure Shell Access

Based on price, reliability, speed, support, and company reputation, we finally award InMotion Hosting, BlueHost and JustHost as the top companies.

Why They Are the Best Options

All of the 3 web hosts surpass their competitors in the following aspects:

  • Cheap price under $10/mo.
  • Rich-featured packages with free Secure Shell Access(SSH).
  • At least 99.9% uptime & fast page loading speed.
  • 24/7/365 responsive technical support.
  • Free advertising credits including Google AdWords, Yahoo! Bing Voucher.
  • Excellent industry reputation.


Best SSH Web Hosting - BlueHostThis company offers 3 affordable web hosting plans with SSH, which fits the needs of most budget-sensitive customers. They originally set the price from $7.99/mo, but now they are launching a compelling 63% discount starting at $2.95/mo for people going through the special promotion link below.

The reliability and speed are more important than any other aspect of a web hosting service. In this respect, they have done a good job. They guarantee customers at least 99.9% uptime and fast page loading speed averages less than 1 second by leveraging the power of world-class data center, 100% factory-tested Dell server, and some other cutting-edge technologies such as CPU and I/O Segregation and Resource Management.



InMotion Hosting

Best SSH Web Hosting - InMotion HostingInmotion hosting has been providing cost-effective services to both individuals and small business owners since its inception into this industry.

They offer SSD hosting packages with free a FREE SSD included and the prices are very reasonable starting from $6.39 per month and currently have discounts of 20%.

Every customer can utilize rich features, including free site builders & instant setup, user-friendly cPanel, Softaculous 1-click installer, up to $300 advertising credits.




JustHostJustHost is one of the reliable hosting companies all over the world. The prices start at $9.49/mo. Besides, to give customers a sense of risk-free and worry-free, this company offers the anytime money-back guarantee, allowing customers to get their money back if they are not satisfied with the hosting service.

In terms of technical support, they provide 3 ways for customers to contact support staff, including toll-free phone calls, email, and live chat. All of these representatives are 100% native English speaking, 24/7 online, patient, and knowledgeable. It is worth mentioning that the waiting time of a support response is less than 30 seconds for hotline & live chat and less than 30 minutes for e-mail averagely.

Besides, this web host leverages the state-of-the-art data center which is equipped with advanced technologies. By now, they guarantee quality traffic with almost NO downtime and fast server response time.

Read more on SSH for Bluehost here:




According to the information discussed above, all of the 3 providers are the best cheap SSH companies, providing budget-friendly prices, outstanding performance, responsive customer service, and powerful hosting packages.

What is Secure Shell Access (SSH)?

It is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged through a secure channel between two networked computers. It is typically used to log into a remote machine, execute commands, and securely transfer files. In fact, this technology is very necessary for some websites which involve eCommerce, online banking, data encryption, and the transfer of sensitive information.

Developed in 1995, SSH was developed for Unix derived and Linux based environments originally. But now, it also can operate on some other platforms with both the manual key and the public key cryptography. These include OS for Apple products, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OpenVMS and many more.

Here, we need to mention that by default, Microsoft based platforms do not provide SSH support. However, you can add it using some third-party tools.

The Common SSH Usage

There some common cases when you’d better use the SSH access. We have listed some in the following.

  • SSH is used for remote login and communication with different machines.
  • SSH is used for the safe and secure transfer for files, using the secure copy or the SSH file transfer protocols.
  • SSH is used for the remote login on servers, executing the server commands or authenticating the virtual private network uses. Also, for the remote servers, you can benefit from SSH by restricting the remote access to your servers, offering the encrypted browsing with the high security for your users via a proxy connection.
  • SSH can be used to replace or to complement RSH, Telnet, Rlogin or many other standards when it comes to the remote host role.
  • In some cases, SSH is highly related to cloud hosting.

SSH Hosting Consideration

As SSH is widely used on the Linux servers, it is better for you to choose the Linux hosting solution than to use the Windows one. In addition, for the truly SSH hosting, the SSH will be included in the hosting package by default, without the extra charges at all.

Some of you may feel confused that it is necessary to get the programming experience to use the SSH hosting. Actually, the specific skills and knowledge are not required, especially when your web host configures it properly.

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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