Best SSD Shared Web Hosting for Webmasters Requiring Fast I/O Speed

Best SSD Shared Web Hosting for Webmasters Requiring Fast I/O Speed

Recently, we have worked out the best SSD shared hosting provider in the market, and the winner went to A2Hosting. The result is explained in below on the company, concentrating on the very important aspects of price, features, uptime, and speed.

We have been closely monitoring the website hosted on the shared platform for over six months, at the same time, read a lot of comments of real customers on Internet. Based on the records of the website and the collected statistics, we produced the overall rating chart in below which suggests that A2Hosting gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Plan & Price

best-ssd-shared-hosting-priceA2Hosting has released 3 shared web hosting plans, which is highly recommended by numerous users because SSD is integrated.

Regularly, the plan starts at $7.99/mo. Now the company offers a 51% discount with the special price of $3.92/mo by going through this exclusive promotional link below.

For new customers desiring a hassle-free purchase, the company ensures to give back all their money back if customers are not satisfy with the service. Besides, both credit cards and PayPal are acceptable.

A2Hosting Promotion Link Activation

Hosting Speed & Uptime

best-ssd-shared-hosting-performanceSince the hosting is featuring SSD, customers are well ensured with robust hosting environment. First, SSD has no moving mechanical components, meaning that it contains no spinning disks and movable write heads that included by traditional HDD or floppy disks. Second, SSDs are more resistant to physical shock, and perform more input/output operations per second with instant access time.

Aside from the powerful function of the device, the company makes sure that customers are able to experience 300% faster page loading speed than that of other competitors by the self-developed fine-tuned SwiftServers platform designed with no server overcrowding, 10 Gb/s redundant network, instant account activation and two world-class data centers located in Southfield, Michigan and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Meanwhile, the uptime we have tested in the past 30 days is also very satisfying, and the success comes from the heavy investment in optimizing and maintaining network infrastructure, 24×7 constant server and network monitoring by technicians, dozens of redundant power supplies like diesel generators and UPS.


Many unlimited features are provided containing RAID-10 storage, monthly data transfer, hosted domains, email accounts, MySQL databases and PostgreSQL. In addition, many developer-friendly ones are listed in below.

  • SSH access, Psync & shared SSL certificate.
  • Pre-installed phpMyAdmin & phpMyAdmin.
  • Ruby on Rails 2.3.x & 3.0.x via mod_passenger.
  • PHP 5.2 – 5.5, Aphache 2.2, Perl 5.10, Ruby 1.8 & Python 3.2.

As for control panel, the host adopts cPanel as control panel integrated with 1-click script installer for a quick setup of most of the popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CubeCart and so on.


From what we have comprehensively reviewed above, the answer to the best SSD shared hosting is no doubt awarded to A2Hosting since it offers rich features, good uptime, and high performance, all of which contribute an ideal solution to webmasters demanding super fast hosting speed with a small cost.


General Knowledge about SSD

SSD, or the solid state drive, is the data storage device mainly used for the fields of technology, medical, military and many more. As compared with the traditional hard drives, SSD is about 7 times more costly and 300% faster. At present, SSD has been offered by a lot of web hosts for the boosting of hosting speed and the overall security.

Achieves the Faster Speed

Surely, SSD achieves the much faster speed than the normal HDD. As researched, you can get your website run up to 6 times faster than ever before.

After all, with the HDD, each time you open or modify a file, the disk will spin for targeting the information. This process simply takes times, especially if your webpage contains a lot of components.

With the SSD, however, things are totally different. This is a flash device that does not have any mechanical movements that are needed to be accessed every time. In this case, there is little or even no latency for data access at all. Surely, this feature can speed up the input and output, as well as reducing the loading time for opening your webpages.

Ensures the Higher Level of Security and Reliability

The HDD based servers always bring you some risks of data lost, but the SSD simply eliminates this kind of worry. After all, if you slightly mishandle something on your server that may cause the damage on your website data, the SSD can continue keeping your data safe. Even, unlike the HDD that may stop working due to some unexpected issues, the SSD can hardly crash.

In addition, solid state drives are powerful enough to work in some extremely low or high temperatures. As researched, some high quality SSDs can work properly in the temperatures ranging from -25 to 80 degree Celsius.