The Best Spam Filters – Great Tools to Figure Out and Block the Spams On Site

The Best Spam Filters – Great Tools to Figure Out and Block the Spams On Site

Given below are some of the best spam filters recommended by our editors for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and phpBB – which are the most popular web software in the market today.

With the ever-increasing establishment of websites on the Internet world, the need for protection of the personal information on them has accelerated in our modern world. Every website is exposed to various threats and risks of being harmed by potential spam. Spam filter software mitigates the intensity and frequency of a spam attack. There are various tools to block spam on your site, and every website must have a policy of using the most efficient spam filter.

Best WordPress Spam Filter – Spam Free WordPress

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Spam FreeWordPress is one of the most common kinds of script used to develop websites. It faces the highest intensity of threat because of its high usage on the internet world. Spam Free WordPress is an effective spam filter for WordPress websites. It possesses several features that make it a must-have WordPress security plugins for your website.

  • Firstly, it protects your website from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hacking and renders a safe operating condition to the script.
  • Secondly, it offers various other kinds of protection like the DDOS protection, XSS protection, Bruce Force Attack Protection, XML-RPC service attack protection and CSRF protection.
  • Thirdly, it acts as a shield against redirection hacking of WordPress websites.

Overall, the Spam Free filter module provides hack-bot and powerful spambot protection.

The language of the website hardly plays a role in ensuring a level of protection because Spam Free WordPress is compatible with multiple languages, other than English, including German, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Swedish and Norwegian.

Another WordPress Spam Filter Choice – Anti-Spam

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If you feel the user interface of Spam Free WordPress is too complicated to handle, the Anti-Spam module is the next best solution for your site. Designed primarily to meet the needs of newbies, Anti-Spam plugin for WordPress automatically blocks spam in comments section of your website.

It prevents the involvement of captcha, options and moderation queues from the website. Being an automatic plugin, it does not demand a commenter to rewrite captcha to ensure the genuineness. Similarly, moderation queues and options are guaranteed because Anti-Spam believes that spam should not be a webmaster’s concern. Spam is taken care of in the most suitable way possible by this tool.

Best Joomla Spam Filter – SpambotCheck

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SpambotCheckBeing a powerful spam filter, SpambotCheck possesses a series of features or operational tasks that ensure complete protection from various spams. Whether you are during registration or login, this tool performs everything efficiently and avoids spam by checking the details in various recognized databases.

The area covered by this spam filter plugin is so vast that it almost avoids spam from entering the website from any possible way. It searches database, checks the details on registration and login of members and verifies security information such as the IP, username and email. Adding to it, SpambotCheck makes the administrator aware of any threats by notifying through emails. With this spam filter for Joomla, you can preserve valuable information using this plugin for your site.

Best Drupal Spam Filter – Mollom Module

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There are many spam filters to increase Drupal security in the market. However, when it comes to adequate protection, Mollom module is the best solution available in recent times.

The Mollom Module is a spam filter plugin that performs its task by checking all the sections of a Drupal website. It possesses an advanced protection procedure which allows the plugin to check comments, contact forms, registration details and password forms. It executes a text-analysis just to make sure that the details entered by any member are not a spam. The commenter needs to enter a captcha that is available in two forms, image and audio, to prove the authenticity.
Two versions of Mollom are available in the market.

  • The free version – It is suitable for a website that doesn’t involve the need for extreme protection.
  • The subscription-only version – This version is recommendable for websites that receive tons of comments. Being a one-stop solution for the protection against spam, Mollom module is the best plugin for Drupal.


Best phpBB Spam Filter – CleanTalk

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CleanTalkCleanTalk is an efficient filter plugin for phpBB. It is a simple and versatile plugin that ensures complete safety of the website at different levels by performing necessary functions to detect spam. It checks the details and comments in registration and topic sections respectively and prevents spam from affecting your webpage. In a sense, it works in the background safeguarding your work from potential attacks.


Each and every website requires an efficient spam filter to avoid the risk of damage to its content or genuineness. Developers should consider the above-mentioned tools to block spam and install the most suitable one for their sites. After all, the protection of the website from spam is a step towards its improved performance!