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Best Ruby on Rails Hosting Providers 2021

Best Ruby on Rails Hosting 2017 – BlueHostBlueHost is the best Ruby on Rails hosting provider, ranked by their ROR compatible/friendly web hosting, web hosting reliability, speed, technical support and price, based on our editorial review and the over 2,000 real customer reviews, after we had reviewed 100+ shared web hosts since 2009.

There may be approximately 100,000 shared web hosts over the Internet, but actually only a few of them support to host websites developed by Ruby on Rails technology.

Not only because Ruby on Rails is not as widely used as PHP, but also most of the shared web hosts have no experience and knowledge in this area. In this case, it’s risky for the server performance, reliability and security.

BlueHost is a rock-solid web hosting company with over 16 years’ web hosting experience, designed for personal and small businesses.

BlueHost provides a single unlimited developer-friendly shared web hosting plan that supports almost all the latest cutting-edge technology based on the Linux platform.

Their shared web hosting is the most friendly, reliable and cost-effective option for Ruby on Rails websites with the traffic less than 3,000 page views or 600 unique visitors daily.

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BlueHost Introduction

BlueHost is the leading shared web hosting provider, founded in 1996. BlueHost is the only shared web hosting company that has customized the Linux kernel to better support shared web hosting service and has had 3 dedicated data centers that invested over 10 million USD in 2010 in Utah, US.

So far, approximately, BlueHost has 500 staff and 5,000 servers serving for 2 million customers over the Internet, and it’s still fast-growing with 20,000 new customers added for each month.

BlueHost has a very brilliant reputation in the community of developers, designers, bloggers and small businesses. There have been many big sites that started with BlueHost in their young time.

If BlueHost is not outstanding and trusted, they wouldn’t have so large base of customers. Watch the following video to learn more about BlueHost.

Best Ruby on Rails Hosting > BlueHost Features

As introduced by BlueHost on May 27, 2012, they are rolled out Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3.2.2 to all their servers. As a customer, you can request for either Rails 2.3.11 or Rails 3.2.2 in the signup by putting a comment with the order. You can read this article to learn how to set up Ruby on Rails sites on BlueHost.

Besides the well support to Ruby on Rails, BlueHost shared web hosting is most rich-featured in the industry with the following compelling features.

Basic Hosting Features

  • Disk Space – Unlimited
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Free Domains – 1
  • Hosting Domain – Unlimited
  • Google AdWords – $100 FREE
  • FTP – Unlimited
  • Full Refund – 30 Days
  • Money Back – Anytime
  • Support – 24×7 US


  • Accounts – Unlimited
  • Forwarders – Unlimited
  • Auto Responders – Unlimited
  • Disk storage – Unlimited
  • Web-based Email – Yes

Scripts & Development

  • Ruby – 1.8.7 & 1.9
  • Ruby on Rails – 2.3.11 & 3.2
  • RubyGems – Yes
  • MySQL – Yes
  • PostgreSQL – Yes
  • SQLite – Yes
  • Cron Job – Yes
  • Shell Access (SSH) – Yes
  • Mod_rails – Yes

Web Hosting

  • Control Panel – cPanel
  • Fantastico – Yes
  • WordPress – Yes
  • Drupal – Yes
  • Joomla – Yes

Best Ruby on Rails Hosting > BlueHost Customer Reviews

By the rich-featured, reliable and fast shared web hosting, BlueHost is not only recommended by our editors but also has welcome in the customers and the open-source communities. BlueHost has been accredited as the most reliable web host for WordPress and Drupal by and

By now, there have been 113 real customers submitted reviews for BlueHost at our sister site BestHostingSearch. Based on the review statistics, 99.1% of customers are highly satisfied with the hosting service received from BlueHost, and there is no complaint! See the BlueHost Ruby on Rails hosting review statistics chart as below.

Best Ruby on Rails Hosting > BlueHost Hosting Price

BlueHost Ruby on Rails hosting is starting at $7.99/mo.

Pricing Details

  • 12 months plan – $4.95/mo
  • 24 months plan – $3.95/mo
  • 36 months plan – $2.95/mo

Payment Method

  • Credit Card – Yes
  • PayPal – Yes

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Alternatives of the Best Ruby on Rails Hosting

In addition to BlueHost, there are two great options we’d like to introduce to you – InMotion Hosting and JustHost.

InMotion Hosting for Ruby on Rails Hosting Solution

InMotion Hosting is the leading web host that offers this open-source and dynamic programming language with a focus on productivity and simplicity. This company focuses on the hosting performance, reliability and premier support service.

As tested in the real world by our professional reviewers using Uptime Robot, InMotion Hosting succeeds in ensuring the 100% uptime and around 237 ms of server response speed. To achieve these great statistics, this hosting provider pays much attention to the quality of their server machines, the infrastructures of data centers, the providers of bandwidth and the utilization of some related technologies such as CloudFlare CDN, SSD drives and Max Speed Zone.

In addition, this web host ensures the 24/7 premier support via multiple channels that include live chat, email, phone and the Q&A community.

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JustHost for Ruby on Rails Hosting Solution

As for JustHost, this is an affordable Ruby on Rails hosting provider that focuses on the cost-effective hosting solution. Initially, they charge you starting at $9.49/mo.

In addition, all of their packages are of rich features, such as the unlimited allocation of monthly bandwidth, disk storage, MySQL databases and emails, the free domain name, the user-friendly cPanel control panel, the powerful 1-click script installer, up to $200 free credits for advertising, SSL, SSH, daily backup and many more.

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BlueHost is the best Ruby on Rails hosting provider, highly recommended for people who are looking for high performance, reliable, scalable, reputed and cost-effective shared web hosting service for their Ruby on Rails websites. As for the alternatives, InMotion Hosting and JustHost are also worth going.

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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