Best Ruby on Rails Hosting 2017 – BlueHost –

Best Ruby on Rails Hosting 2017 – BlueHost

Best Ruby on Rails Hosting 2017 – BlueHost

BlueHost is the best Ruby on Rails hosting provider, ranked by their ROR compatible/friendly web hosting, web hosting reliability, speed, technical support and price, based on our editorial review and the over 2,000 real customer reviews, after we had reviewed 100+ shared web hosts since 2009.

There may be approximately 100,000 shared web hosts over the Internet, but actually only a few of them support to host websites developed by Ruby on Rails technology. Not only because Ruby on Rails is not as widely used as PHP, but also the most of shared web hosts have no experience and knowledge in this area. In this case, it’s risky for the server performance, reliability and security.

BlueHost is a rock-solid web hosting company with over 16 years’ web hosting experience, designed for personal and small businesses. BlueHost provides a single unlimited developer-friendly shared web hosting plan that supports almost all the latest cutting-edge technology based on the Linux platform. Their shared web hosting is the most friendly, reliable and cost effective option for Ruby on Rails websites with the traffic less than 3,000 page views or 600 unique visitors daily.

BlueHost Introduction

BlueHost (, is the leading shared web hosting provider, founded in 1996. BlueHost is the only shared web hosting company that has customized the Linux kernel to better support shared web hosting service and has had 3 dedicated data centers that invested over 10 million USD in 2010 in Utah, US. So far, approximately, BlueHost has 500 staffs and 5,000 servers serving for 2 million customers over the Internet, and it’s still fast growing with 20,000 new customers added for each month.

BlueHost has a very brilliant reputation in the community of developers, designers, bloggers and small businesses. There had been many big sites started with BlueHost in their young time. If BlueHost is not outstanding and trusted, they wouldn’t have so large base of customers. Watch the following video to learn more about BlueHost.