Best Rails Hosting Companies 2017 – Fully Support Ruby on Rails

Best Rails Hosting Companies 2017 – Fully Support Ruby on Rails

In terms of the best Rails hosting providers, we have much to say after years of dedicate researching in web hosting market and closely observing multiple websites hosted on some shared platforms. As a result, we found out 3 best choices who fully support Ruby on Rails, allowing webmasters to create pages and applications that gather information from the web server, talk to or query the database, and render template out of the box.

Here are the recommended companies: BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and HostMonster. Based on our real experience and verified feedback from customers, the hosts win the competition by offering affordable price, rich features, great reliability, high performance and outstanding customer service.


BlueHostBlueHost hosting plans are some of the best choices for people with limited budgets since the charge is low to $2.95/mo if they go through this exclusive promotional link, and the price is 63% off the original $7.99/mo. Most importantly, the integrated features completely satisfy the demands for websites developed by Ruby on Rails running via the Ruby programming language. Look through the following lists.

  • Unlimited MySQL, PosrgreSQL databases and Apache: Ruby on Rails is typically deployed with a database server such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, and a web server like Apache running the Phusion Passenger module.
  • Secure shell (SSH) access: using this gem, Rails websites users can connect to remote hosts, run commands, examine output, transfer files, forward network connections and frequently interact with remote Linux or UNIX-like systems.
  • The latest version of Rails 3.2.x that supports the latest version of Ruby 1.9.3: ultimately, the company has numerous servers, so almost major older versions of Ruby and Rails are supported. If customer’s website runs on old versions, they can contact the 24×7 technical support team to ask for an appropriate web host.

Besides, for beginners or people having a little technical knowledge and skills, the company offers related tutorials where instructions for installing the application are presented from getting started to the end. In fact, the installing process is very simple and easy as the host provides the easy-to-use cPanel integrated with a 1-click SimpleScript installer which enables people to set up the framework with a few clicks in 1 minute.

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InMotion Hosting

InMotion HostingInMotion Hosting does not merely support Ruby on Rails development which facilitates the deployment, it provides user’s account with mod_passenger, Mongrel and FastCGI ensuring applications perform optimally. Moreover, the host adopts cPanel which enable people to manage every aspect of Rails sites including MySQL, PostgreSQL databases, SSH, Shared SSL, CGI and much more through a user-friendly interface.

The company offers the business-class shared hosting plan named Launch which is priced at $6.99/mo. However, visitors going through this promotional link have chances to obtain special prices as low as $3.49/mo for 24-month subscription.

In order to create a robust hosting environment, InMotion Hosting has been dedicated to optimizing Internet infrastructure and invest heavily on data centers by utilizing 2 leading data centers equipped with high quality Dell servers, multiple petabytes of storage, power redundancy backups and 24×7 network monitoring.

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HostMonsterHostMonster does a great job in offering the most wholesome support to Ruby on Rails. Experts there have developed in-depth articles concerning about the related issues to teach users install the framework and resolve incidents step by step. Certainly, if the existing articles did not help, customers have chances to contact the support center through email and live chat, and the specialized technicians are standing by 24×7 to give a response intermediately.

Besides, activating the special promotional link to subscribe to the shared hosting package, subscribers are able to cut the prices down to $3.95/mo, which is 34% off the initial price.

Being one of the most trust-worthy web hosts, HostMonster now serves thousands of domains and websites worldwide. As the company utilizes multiple reliable data centers with high performance servers, webmasters are well ensured with fast hosting speed so that they are able to run sites developed by Ruby on Rails smoothly and uninterruptedly.

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Why They Are the Best Rails Hosting

In fact, Ruby on Rails, or just Rails, is an advanced feature that has been offered by a large number of web hosting providers. In this case, to find out the best three hosting companies, we have made a lot of efforts, making sure that the recommended options all fully meet the below requirements.

Ensure the Cost-Effective Hosting Plans

Firstly, the truly worth-trying Rails hosting providers must offer the cost-effective hosting plans, charging you at the budget-friendly prices and offering a long list of features.

On average, the hosting price is around $7/mo for the majority of web hosts, but the charges of our selected options are all below this average with their exclusive promotional links. Even, some of them include plenty of free extras into the packages, such as the free domain name, free marketing credits, free backup service and many more.

As for the features, these quality Rail hosting providers need to ensure the sufficient volume of disk storage and monthly bandwidth, the easy-to-use cPanel control panel, SSL, SSH, PHP, MySQL and some others.

Guarantee the Peak Performance and No Serious Downtime

Based on our requirements, all the recommended options need to be reliable enough with at least 99.99% uptime and the fast speed that consumes no more than 5 seconds for page loading.

To ensure these two aspects, the hosting providers should utilize the top-quality web servers and data centers. Even, to achieve the peak performance, they need to adopt some speeding up technologies such as SSD and CDN.

Offer the Responsive Support Service

The after-sales service is essential for any kind of business, and the Rails hosting is no exception. In this case, all of our listed web hosts must offer the 24/7 technical support via multiple contact channels including live chat, email, ticket system, phone and many more.