Best Python Web Hosting Providers with Full Support to the Script

Best Python Web Hosting Providers with Full Support to the Script

We have carefully selected 3 best web hosting providers featuring full support to Python, including BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and HostMonster. Being one of dynamic languages, Python covers a great range by serving as a scripting language and being used in a variety of non-scripting contexts.

Although there are innumerable companies offering Python hosting services, not all of them are dependable. The top 3 providers in the following table are famed for their excellent support for this scripting language and numerously highlighted features. Besides, they are worked out based on our personal hosting experience and hundreds of real customer reviews we have collected.

BlueHost > 63% Off

bluehost hostingThis company comes with three packages for Python web hosting with the price starting at $7.99/mo on a regular basis. Now a 63% discount is available for all people purchasing this package via the special promotional link. This way, the price is down to $2.95/mo.

In terms of scripting languages, this package supports PHP 5, Perl 5, and Python, etc. Currently, this company runs Python version 2.4.3 on their servers, which is installed by default. Furthermore, it can be run through the cgi-bin of hosting accounts, so customers are capable of working with Python in a different environment. Offering great support for this scripting language, the service is well favored for the reasons in the following list.

  • Totally $200 free marketing credits and anytime money back guarantee
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email addresses, FTP accounts, MySQL databases, etc.
  • 310+ free tools and applications for building websites
  • Industry leading 24/7 us-based support
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InMotion Hosting > 50% Off

inmotion hostingTo serve customers who require Python hosting service, this company designs 3 upgradeable packages that include Launch, Power and Pro whose price is starting at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $15.99/mo respectively.

Everyone buys Launch and Power via our exclusive promotional link is enabled to enjoy a 50% discount with which the price is cut down to $3.49/mo and $4.49/mo, getting minimum $54/yr saved. As for the Pro, a $2 can be cut down for all billing cycles. All discounted prices can be claimed through this following exclusive promotional link.

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The service has python installed for all servers with /usr/bin as the path on almost. If you run a cron job, you are able to run the Python command and the server is bound to assume the specific locations of the binary as python/path/to/file. In addition to the powerful support to this scripting language, the packages are greatly welcomed for the highlighted features in the following list.

  • CNET certificated for 10-year running
  • Free site transfer and free data backups
  • SSH to ensure customers can run their server with the least effort.
  • Max Speed Zonetechnology and SSD ensure faster websites and download
  • Green data centers equipped with Dell servers to make sure 99.9%+ uptime

HostMonster > 34% Off

HostMonster Python HostingThis company designs three Python hosting packages with the price starting at $5.99/mo regularly. All people are capable of enjoying a wonderful 34% discount with which the packages are purchased with only $3.95/mo.

This appealing discount is only available for people who buy the package via going with the following exclusive promotional link.

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These packages are terrific options not only for developing a Python-based CMS for the Ministry of Silly Walks but also for building a personal blog. Furthermore, your account is hosted on robust servers that ensure much faster speed than many competitors. Also, the packages include unlimited resources allocation and multiple advanced features. In the following, we have listed some of its favorable features.

    • Python 2.4, 2.6, 3.1, and 3.2
    • 1-click installer for multiple applications
    • cPanel control panel with intuitive interface
    • Free domain registration & advertising credits
    • 24/7/365 in-house technical support


    With the above descriptions in detail, we have further explained why the Python hosting services from BlueHost, InMotion Hosting and HostMonster are the best. On account of their services with attractive discounts, full support for Python, rich features and responsive technical support, they are also awarded as the best Python Hosting 2016 by other authoritative websites like BestHostingSearch.

    What is Python?

    In fact, Python is a programming language that has been developed since the 1980s. At present, it has been developed to the version 3, which is widely used by a large number of programmers who would love to integrate the object-oriented item with the structured programming.

    In addition, as compared with many other existing programming languages, Python is developed to be understood and utilized easily even for newbies. This is thanks to its simple grammar and form. Even, the source code is written in a concise manner intentionally, so that some professional developers and programmers can modify and review it without much hassle.

    As researched, Python has been used by a lot of famous websites and groups, such as CERN, Google, NASA and YouTube.

    To help you better understand this special language, we’d like to list some pros and cons of it in the following.


    • There are a lot of online resources, books, tutorials and communities discussing Python, meaning that there is enough support here to help you learn it.
    • Python is 100% adaptable that has almost no limits to what you want to do with it.
    • Due to it can be written quickly, Python is the ideal option for the development of online applications.
    • The main functionality of Python can be extended with some add-ons using C+ or C.


    • Python makes it difficult for you to figure out the mistakes.
    • This is not the must-have feature available for all the web hosts.
    • As compared with some other languages, this one is relatively slow in working.

    Advanced Tips for Choosing the Best Python Hosting

    In addition to the normal requirements of prices, features, uptime, support and speed, you also need to make sure that whether your selected hosting provider has met the following criteria.

    • The Shell Access is ensured by your web host.
    • The CGI is supported by the installation and Apache.
    • Check the company policy for the Python modules, for some web hosts do not allow you to install any module you need.
    • Make sure your web host allows the running of persistent processes.