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Best phpBB Hosting For Starting Forums & Communities 2017If you’re starting an online community or forum by leveraging phpBB, BlueHost is highly recommended as the best phpBB hosting provider based on the rich features, budget pricing, fast loading speed, strong reliability and rock-solid technical support of its all-in-one phpBB optimized shared hosting plan.

That’s exactly the reason why we recommend BlueHost as the Best phpBB Hosting.

Since 1996 operated in Utah US, BlueHost ( has provided excellent shared hosting solutions for individuals and small businesses for over 16 years. Fully trusted by its customers, BlueHost is hosting more than 2 million domains at present, and there are over 20,000 new customers added for each month.

BlueHost is always working hard for better customer satisfaction, and now has owned 3 dedicated data centers in Utah, US by invested with 20+ millions of USD.

Best phpBB Hosting > Features

phpBB is the best and most widely used open-source forum solution. phpBB can run with any major operating system (Linux, Windows or Unix), and it basically requires the server including a MySQL database and PHP 5.2+ with a few PHP extensions.

These basic requirements can be achieved by most hosting solutions in the market, and it’s easy to find a qualified phpBB hosting provider to go, but it’s hard to find a high-quality phpBB host with a good mix of all features, performance, reliability, customer support and price. After reviewed 50+ web hosts for phpBB, our editors recommend BlueHost as the best cost-effective choice for phpBB hosting.

Based on the Linux operating system, the BlueHost phpBB hosting package includes a free domain name and unlimited disk storage, monthly data transfer and parked domains.

BlueHost allows users to start their forums or communities by the application auto-installer SimpleScripts in just one click in 30 seconds in the web hosting control panel. BlueHost phpBB hosting solution also comes with full developer-level support to the latest MySQL 5, PHP 5.2.x/5.3.x/5.4.x, Perl 5, Python, Secure Shell (SSH) Access, and all the other advanced programming features that the best phpBB web hosts should provide.

Best phpBB Hosting > Reliability & Speed

BlueHost has its own 3 data centers and has invested millions of USD to build the servers and nationwide fiber network. Therefore, BlueHost is completely confident in promising 99.9% uptime and less than 1 second loading time which can be up to 6 times faster than other phpBB web hosts.

Moreover, because of the adoption of CPU Segregation Technology, BlueHost gives phpBB customers great consistency by protecting them from heavy users’ abusive consumption of CPU or memory. To some degree, BlueHost provides some services only available on VPS or dedicated servers at the price of a shared hosting solution.

Best phpBB Hosting > Price

The BlueHost phpBB hosting package is priced at $7.99/mo.tion

Every new account has access to compelling extras – $100 Google ads credits and a free domain name ($2/mo value). The payment can be finished by both credit cards and PayPal to ensure customers having a convenient and secure purchase.

BlueHost is also one of the few web hosts who offer the guarantee of No Hidden Fees and ANYTIME Money Back to assure that you can run the forums or communities worry-freely and risk-freely.

Best phpBB Hosting > Technical Support

BlueHost has always been proud of its award-winning technical support. BlueHost offers its phpBB hosting customers with 24×7 100% US based in-house service via toll-free telephone, email, live chat and ticket system.

The advanced support team consists of highly trained, professional and friendly staff who are quite familiar with you phpBB forums or communities. With holding time that average less than 30 seconds and ticket response time that average less than 15 minutes, you are assured that any technical problem will be solved in the shortest time possible by an on site staff who is well skilled in phpBB hosting issues.

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What is phpBB?

The discussion board, forum or community can be regarded as an integral part of many large popular websites, which are used to benefit the communication among readers and authors. To set up this kind of special area, many webmasters choose to install the phpBB script, which is the easy-to-use and fully-featured forum tool. In addition, phpBB is open source and free to use. Besides, due to its lightweight nature, this tool has been supported by almost all the web hosts on the web.

In fact, phpBB can be viewed as a veteran forum solution that has been powering for millions of users for over a decade. At present, there are three versions in total and two of them are in the widespread utilization.

Why Use phpBB?

In fact, there are a large number of scripts available for the encouragement of website discussion. However, as evolving and developing since the year of 2000, phpBB is powerful and experienced enough to make it a popular choice. In the following, we have listed some reasons as to why you’d better use it for the building of your forum.

  • This tool takes advantage of the template system to help you control the forum design so that you can decide the layouts, colors, backgrounds and many more easily.
  • There is no need to worry about the script language. You can choose from the language packs freely to localize phpBB.
  • The functionality of your forum can be highly extended using some powerful plugins or modules. At present, there are hundreds of add-on tools available that you can find from their official directory.
  • phpBB has the default system for searching robot control. With it, you can restrict the indexing practice for some special pages that you do not want the robots to check.

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