Best PHP Scripts for Web Beginner to Make Website Easy

Best PHP Scripts for Web Beginner to Make Website Easy

Actually, PHP has contributed to plenty of scripts for people to make use of, such as debugging scripts, testing and optimization scripts, documentation scripts, security scripts, PHP code beautifier and so on. As a beginner in this field, you must feel confused about how to figure out the most useful PHP based scripts in the numerous resources for utilization. In this case, we have carefully collected 10 best PHP based scripts in the following for you to better handle your website.


PHP_DynPHP_Dyn is short for PHP Dynamic Script Tracer. It is a PHP based script that mainly used for debugging purpose. With this tool, you can trace the scripts that are on performance with ease. In addition, you can print the HTTP request parameter as well as the argument value, and return the value of the function.


PHP_DebugPHP_Debug is a project that helps to debug PHP code. With this tool, you can get much useful information that plays a role in checking the performance of parts of PHP code and finding the errors. It also assists in outputting the general process time of your PHP and SQL.


DBGDBG is a popular PHP debugger that is open source. DBG offers both local and remote debugging. That is to say, you can not only debug PHP codes running on your own system, but also debug those running on another workstation through a network. The latest DBG 4.6.4 has been released with stronger features and you can get it on its official website.


SimpleTestSimpleTest is a user friendly unit testing platform for PHP projects. Here we would like to introduce you what unit testing is and help you better start testing with SimpleTest. You can simply regard a unit as the smallest testable part of a PHP application. By testing individual units of the application, you can learn whether these units are suitable to put into use. SimpleTest is easy to use for PHP developers, especially beginners, to start their unit testing.


phpDocumentorphpDocumentor is an open source script written in PHP. It can automatically document your PHP source code and the documentation can come out in HTML, PDF, CHM and DocBook formats. Released in 2012, phpDocumentor 2 helps in offering people more knowledge of the functionality that are embedded in your PHP source code.


dBugdBug is the Coldfusion’s cfDump written in PHP. With this tool, you can output the contents of a variable in a preferred type, such as Arrays and XML Resources. What is more important is that the outputs are well-organized in a visual table, which makes it more effective in PHP optimization.


SecurimageSecurimage is an open source script that is free of charge. As its name implies, it is about security and images. Securimage is an easy-to-use extension that can make your forms get rid of spam and abuse by creating intricate CAPTCHA images. There is no need to worry about the installation of this tool as well, for it can run on almost any web server that is using PHP. The version 3.5.2 is newly released with more features and it is now available on its official site.

GeSHi– Generic Syntax Highlighter

GeSHiGeSHi, or Generic Syntax Highlighter, is a program that is applied in syntax highlighting for source codes. It is user friendly that you can add a new markup or programming language for highlighting effortlessly. What’s more, because the source codes are highlighted according to different classes, you can easily figure out the errors and any missing delimiters.

PHP Object Generator

PHP Object GeneratorPHP Object Generator is also an open source PHP script. This easy-to-use and powerful web-based tool can save your time on coding a simple application repeatedly, because it can generate PHP objects that are clear and already tested automatically.


PHPEclipsePHPEclipse is a PHP plugin for the Eclipse framework that can be applied on almost all the operating systems, including Windows and Linux. It is an open source PHP editor that offers developers integrated development environment (IDE). PHPEclipse is a full-featured script. For example, with this tool, developers can parse PHP codes, format the codes, and customize code templates, etc. The latest version PHPEclipse 1.2.0 have released with development that it makes remote projects working possible.