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Best Orchard Hosting Providers with the Latest ASP.NET Technologies

Best Orchard Hosting Providers with the Latest ASP.NET TechnologiesWith the use of the latest ASP.NET technologies, Orchard is a free and advanced community-based and open source CMS.

By using Orchard hosting, webmasters can start websites quickly and design them as wished. Besides, Orchard hosting largely cuts budget and helps little-experienced webmasters manage websites easily and efficiently, so as to draw more and more attention to nontechnical aspects.

On the market, many hosting providers declaim that they provide the best Orchard hosting plans and use the most advanced technologies.

Therefore, it is hard for webmasters to select a suitable and satisfactory web host among these companies. In this article, we list the top 3 Orchard hosting companies according to our years of hosting review experience. We select them according to their strength in aspects like reliability, price, performance, customer review and other more.

The three companies are outstanding in every aspect through our in-depth and comprehensive analysis. And in the following article, we will give you more detailed information about them and the reasons why they are listed in the best category.

HostGator – High Reputation from Authorities And Customers

HostGatorHostGator is a globally award-winning hosting company. Its high reputation can be attributed to its competitive prices, reliable hosting plans and powerful technical support team. Our monitoring team hosts its hosting plan for years and finds that it does perform as it claims.

HostGator rents data centers form Ace and CyrusOne, which significantly save much in initial investment, and so customers get a more affordable hosting plan. At present, the prices of its shared hosting plans start at $5.95/mo.

HostGator promises to guarantee 99.9% uptime, and it never fails to keep its words. Our monitoring team never encounter over-five-minute downtime during over three years of experience with HostGator, and every time downtime incurs, the technical support team would fix it as soon as possible, which is a difficult task for most companies.

The company also offers rich features for each hosting plan, and even in the extremely cheap plan, many unlimited features are included such as unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains and other more. We list some features that all plans include as below.

  • Basic Features: Unlimited disk space, monthly data transfer, aliases, sub-domains, FTP accounts.
  • E-mail Features: Unlimited mail boxes, auto-responders, forwarders, email groups, email lists.
  • Database Features: Unlimited MySQL 5 databases, ODBC DSN setup, MS SQL 2012 databases.
  • Guarantee: 99.9% uptime guarantee and 45 days money-back guarantee.

WinHost – Professional Windows Web Host With the Latest Technologies

winhostWinHost is particularly professional in supplying excellent windows hosting, and of course, Orchard hosting is included. It masters the most advanced ASP.NET technologies and equips every hosting solution with its advanced technologies. There is no doubt that WinHost is an excellent choice for Orchard hosting demanders.

And as usual, we test WinHost performance in stability and speed, and the fact is that it exceeds what we expect. We collect the statistic data in the recent 30 days and make a dynamic chart as below.

As you can see, WinHost is very stable, which is guaranteed by its hosting specialists, the use of technologies and robust facilities. WinHost has its own-built data centers and powerful servers. Plus, its data centers are close to its offices, which enables its staff to deal with any unpredictable and emergent issues timely.

Affordable price is another reason we list WinHost as the top 3 Orchard hosting provider. WinHost provides three hosting plans, which are priced at $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $15.95/mo respectively. Considering its features and performance, we think these prices are quite competitive.

DiscountASP.NET – The Best Orchard Host

DiscountASP.NETDiscountASP.NET is one of the most stable, reliable and fast hosting providers devoted to hosting including a variety of hosting products and services. With a rich hosting experience, it develops so fast that now its services and products are popular in over 200 countries.

DiscountASP.NET offers an affordable hosting plan. For example, it has three windows hosting solutions which is priced at $5/mo, 50% off its original price of $10/mo. If you are familiar with the pricing level of professional windows shared hosting plan, you may know how great these prices are!

When we go into DiscountASP.NET, we realize that renting data centers does not mean unreliability and insecurity. DiscountASP.NET rents data centers in Chicago, which may be a reason that it offers excellent but cheap hosting plans.

Apart from what mentioned above, its technical support is also extraordinary. The company offers contact channels as much as they can so that customers can seek help via toll-free phone call, live chat, email, as well as a knowledge base. And all these channels enable clients to get solutions within the shortest possible time.

We collect hundreds of real user comments and find that the majority of customers are satisfied with DiscountASP.NET hosting service, and we promise that we make that survey honestly and objectively.

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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