Best Node.js Hosting Solutions That Are Reliable & Fast

Best Node.js Hosting Solutions That Are Reliable & Fast

Recently, in the market has mushroomed a host of companies providing hosting services for Node.js that serves as a tool to assist the creation of network services and is written in a widely understood language: Javascript.

Since there are some fresh hands have no idea of the quality of these services, we have personally experienced plenty of solutions offered by dozens of renowned providers. At last, A2Hosting is the one that impresses us most.

Why A2Hosting?

Established in 1999, after 15 years of experience accumulated, A2Hosting consistently perseveres in one principle that is to make customers happy. Being engaged in the field for more than a decade, this company resoundingly wins recognition and fondness from customers which can be illustrated by the following chart. We conducted this chart on the basis of a stack of reviews and thousands of comments from validated customers.

What Discount and Extra Bonuses Can I Get?

To satisfy the needs of webmasters seeking Node.js hosting services, this company designs and releases 2 solutions in total that include Prime and Prime+SSD. These two packages can be bought with great flexibility in choosing the period of contract including 1/6/12/24/36 months.

Routinely, the price is starting at $5.99/mo and $8.99/mo. Now this company is marketing all packages with a 51% discount. Hence, the price can be marked down to be only $3.92/mo and $5.39/mofor subscribers who sign up the service via claiming the following exclusive promotional link.

A2Hosting Node.js Hosting Activation

The above discount is not the end, because the packages are packed with a money back guarantee of 30 days and lots of extra freebies including $25 Ad credits for Bing/Yahoo and $20 Bidvertiser Ad credits, combined with free website magazine subscription, 60-day constant contact email marketing trial, and ClicktaleHeatmap Analytics.

Are the Features Rich?

best node.js hosting A2Hosting featuresThe basic features consist of unlimited amounts of RAID-10 storage, transfer, email addresses, databases, domains, subdomains, parked domains, addon domains, etc. As for Node.js hosting, some other providers only supports this tool in a VPS environment. However, A2Hosting goes all out optimizing its servers for Node.js which can be installed in a breeze.

In addition, this company maintains innovation and keeps moving in the technologies it employs among which some are displayed in the following list.

  • PHP with its version from 5.2 to 5.5;
  • MySQL 5.5 database &PostgreSQL 9.1;
  • Apache with a version of 2.2;
  • Python 2.4, 2.6, 3.1, and 3.2;
  • Ruby on Rails 2.3.x & 3.0.x;
  • Perl 5.10;

Is It Really 300% Faster in Loading Speed?

A2Hosting completely deserves the reputations it enjoys in high speed which is achieved with the help of cutting-edge technologies it utilizes. To be more exact, the Solid State Drive accelerates up to 300% faster page loading speed among intensified competition. Moreover, its content delivery network benefits webmasters a lot by increasing the speed of websites, enhancing security, and boosting uptime.

Nothing is more convincing than the actual data. As a result, we have done a real-time monitoring with 2 websites hosted on a server. The chart in below clearly records detailed statistics.

This company does not lose sight of the significance of server response time. With its unremitting effort, it has done a great job in this respect.

Is Its Guru Crew Support Responsive?

best node.js hosting a2hosting supportInvariably offering service from the perspective of customers, this company deeply understands the anxiety when some urgent technical issues standing in the way. As a consequence, all the time, it commits itself to offer 24/7/365 US-based Guru Crew support via phone, live chat and email.

When coming across some technical issues that cannot be settled independently, webmasters are free to ask for assistance via dialing the hotline. People living in USA and Canada, please dial 1-888-546-8946 whereas international ones dial +1 734-222-4678. Also, just clicking the live chat button or sending email describing the problem at length is favorable means.

Summary – A2Hosting Is Highly Recommended for Node.js Hosting

For sure, A2Hosting greatly satisfies all the requirements of webmasters in terms of Node.js hosting considering the technologies it adopts, its performance in uptime and server response time, and prompt Guru Crew support. On account of these reasons, we deem it as trustworthy.

best node.js hosting a2hosting