Best Movable Type Hosting with Rich Features and High Performance

Best Movable Type Hosting with Rich Features and High Performance

On the market, there are tens of thousands of Movable Type hosting plans, making it difficult for many webmasters to choose a reliable and quality one. Recently, we also have received a great number of emails from our readers asking us to select the best Movable Type hosting package for them. To provide them with the best options, we have reviewed 100+ web hosts from price, feature, management, performance and customer service.

What’s more, we have browsed a pile of reviews from real customers on the web. Combining our in-depth review and the information we collected, we found that InMotion, WebHostingHub and JustHost are the best options, each of which is highly recommended by numerous Movable Type users and offers quality hosting services. Read the following table to have a brief understanding of them.

Why Are They the Best?

Having been awarded as the best WordPress hosting providers, the 3 companies all enjoy a high customer satisfaction rate. Now, they have defeated all their competitors and become the best choices for Movable Type users by offering reliable hosting service, easy management, useful tools and a high level of technical support. Now, read the following parts to learn more about them and figure out why they are the best.

High Performance Movable Type Hosting – InMotion

Movable Type Hosting - InMotionInMotion has been in the industry for years, offering extremely fast hosting speed for customers to run websites rapidly. To ensure customers run websites with high performance, this web host has equipped with its East Coast and West Coast data centers with 100% Dell servers,. Besides, they have developed their own Max Speed Zone technology to speed up customers’ websites.

In addition to the high performance, each of InMotion data center is equipped with 24×7 armed security, ensuring customers are able to run websites securely. Besides, InMotion offers shared SSL to guarantee the security of customers’ data. In addition, SSH is offered to ensure the security of remote management. In this way, Movable Type users’ blogs are highly secured.

With high performance and security, InMotion Movable Type hosting plans are priced at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $19.99/mo regularly. Now, this company is offering a huge discount for people going through the promotional link below, with which the price is low to $3.49/mo. Starting at $3.49/mo, InMotion Movable Type hosting comes with up to $300 advertising credits and many highlights as follows.

  • Free SSD service.
  • cPanel control panel integrated with Softaculous 1-click installer.
  • Anytime money back guarantee & 24×7 US based customer service.
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Developer-Friendly Movable Type Hosting – WebHostingHub

Movable Type Hosting - WebHostingHubAmong the 100+ reviewed web hosting companies, WebHostingHub is the one offering the most developer-friendly Movable Type hosting service. This company has released 3 shared hosting plans for Movable Type users, which are charging from $8.99/mo regularly. However, people making a purchase by clicking the this special link are able to get up to 78% discount and cut the price down to $1.95/mo.

Developer-friendly features of the plans are PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl 5, Custom Cron Jobs, and shared SSL certificate. In addition, multiple free tools, like WordPress, Magento and Drupal, make it much easier to develop shopping carts, blogs, forums, and other purposes. Moreover, pre-installed phpMyAdmin is included. In this case, there is no need to take too much effort to develop a website with WebHostingHub.

Coming with low price and rich features, WebHostingHub Movable Type hosting is also integrated with many high speed & reliability hosting features, such as green data centers, Outside Air Cooling technology and properly loaded servers. More highlights are:

  • cPanel control panel & Softaculous 1-click installer.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee & 90-day refund guarantee.
  • 24×7 network monitoring & 24×7 quality customer service.
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Cheap Movable Type Hosting – JustHost

Movable Type Hosting - JustHostJustHost has been voted as one of the top 10 web hosting providers, followed by a great many webmasters. Unlike the former winner providing multiple choices, this company has just released an all-in-one shared hosting plans for people to create a Movable Type blog. This plan is called as Just Plan and charges for $7.99/mo regularly, but people who subscribe to this plan by visiting the following link are able to get a 68% discount and cut the price down to $2.5/mo.

To ensure Movable Type users install this software easily, JustHost offers a SimpleScript 1-click script installer, with which the software installation can be finished by just clicking the mouse a few times, within 1 minute. Besides, to enable bloggers to manage their accounts and blogs with the least effort being made, this company provides the most user-friendly control panel – cPanel.

Charging for $2.5/mo only and coming with easy installation and management, JustHost Movable Type hosting comes with much more highlights, such as anytime refund making customers put their money in safe, $200 advertising credits allowing customers to promote blogs with less investment, 100+ plugins and themes from Mojo Themes helping customers enhance and beautify their blogs, and much more listed in below.

  • Free domain name registration.
  • MySQL 5, PHP 5, Python, Ruby on rails, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • 24×7 data center & server monitoring & 24×7 US based technical support.
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Things You Need to Know about Movable Type

In fact, Movable Type was developed by a guru team for achieving a single aim – create an advanced and rich-featured online solution for the writing and posting of web content. As one of the originators in the blogging field, Movable Type ensures a high level of flexibility, extensive customization and easy-to-use user interface.

Launched in the year of 2001, Movable Type now powers the blog areas and websites for many Fortune 100 corporations and the hot media businesses. Even, the user base of this tool continues enlarging on a stable pace.

  • Stability – This great tool allows you to manage content in a flexible manner, without the need to sacrifice the strengths of static posting. After all, according to the studies from some authorities, the static sites consistently achieve more traffic with fewer server resources.
  • Flexibility – The process for setting up your website with Movable Type is pretty easy. Its markup is as simple as HTML, and the page code can be controlled by you completely. In addition, all the templates can be structured and customized as you want to eliminate repetition.
  • Scalability – We have found that most content management systems available nowadays consume a large sum of memory and power with the growth of the site. This simply degrades the user experience and your bottom line. Movable Type, however, allows you to create as many websites and personal blogs as possible, along with as much content as you wish, without the need to worry about the page loading times.
  • Extensibility – Without doubt, this special tool can be viewed as an advanced content repository with extensible structure. In this case, it leaves many possibilities for developers to achieve their goals from themes to plugins, from custom fields to Data API and many more.