Best Moodle Hosting That Are Reliable and Fast

Best Moodle Hosting That Are Reliable and Fast

It is difficult for newbies to choose the best Moodle hosting which can definitely save them a lot of time and put their energy on the business and education more. To relieve our readers’ worry, we have reviewed more than 100 web hosts and found the best 3 – BlueHost, JustHost and WebHostingHub, all of which are reliable and fast.

In below, we have worked out a comprehensive review to explain why the 3 companies are the winners in detail. In addition, we have developed the following table, designed to help you know the main features integrated with the shared hosting.


BlueHostBlueHost, the largest shared hosting provider, has been in the industry for more than 10 years. The hosting solution is priced starting at $7.99/mo. Now, this web host is offering a 63% discount for visitors who go through the following link, with which this price is low to $2.95/mo.

Professional Plan includes a pile of outstanding features, including a free domain name, over $200 free advertising credits, 30 days money back guarantee and others. In addition, this package is integrated with cPanel and a 1-click installer, with which the software users are able to manage every aspect. More highlights are listed as below.

  • Apache, PHH, Perl, Python, MySQL & Ruby on Rails.
  • Shared SSL, SSH, custom PHP.ini & Cron Jobs.
  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts & databases.
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What’ more, by utilizing 3 state-of-the-art data centers located in Utah and hundreds of high performance servers, BlueHost offers more than 99.9% uptime they guaranteed, nearly 100%. Besides, the hosting speed this company provides is much faster than that offered by many normal web hosts. According to our monitoring result, the server response time of BlueHost is 320ms. Read the following statistics chart to learn the detailed information about BlueHost server response time of the past 30 days.


JustHostFounded in 2002, JustHost is recognized as one of the most reliable and reputed web hosting companies, offering 1 Moodle hosting named as Just Plan that is featured with a lot of highlights, including unlimited hosting space, monthly data transfer. In addition, the company offers cPanel control panel and 1-click installer for customers to manage accounts and install Moodle easily. In below, we have listed more features of Just Plan.

  • 1 free domain name for 1 year.
  • Solid 99.9% uptime and the fast hosting speed.
  • FTP accounts, SSH, Override .htaccess & custom Cron Jobs.
  • PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, MySQL 5, PostgreSQL & Ruby on Rails.

Just Plan is priced $7.99/mo, but visitors who subscribe this service by going through the promotional link below are able to get a 69% discount and cut the price down to $2.5/mo. In addition to the compelling discount, this plan comes with $100 Google advertising credits, $50 Facebook Adwords vouchers and $25 Yahoo!/Bing advertising credits.

As for technical support, JustHost allows customers to contact their support team via toll-free phone call, email and live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Proficient in Moodle and web hosting and on-site 24×7, support staffs in this company are able to provide instant and effective assistance for customers to deal with any kind of hosting support.

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WebHostingHubHaving tried multiple web hosting plans, WebHostingHub Moodle hosting is one of the most reliable and quality, which is priced at $8.99/mo. However, visitors signing up via the promotional link can get the 78% discount and cut the price down to $1.95/mo. Besides, this plan comes with a free domain name for 1 year, worth around $12.

Furthermore, WebHostingHub guarantees 90 days full money back. In this way, the purchase is completely worry-free and risk-free. Additionally, the company accepts both credit cards and PayPal, which makes the purchase secure and convenient.

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In order to provide good uptime and fast hosting speed for customers to run website smoothly and stably, WebHostingHub has been invested a lot of funds in their data centers and meanwhile uses 100% factory-tested Dell servers, UPS power backup, and diesel generators. Besides, technicians are monitoring the centers 24×7, so they can resolve any sudden issue as soon as it arises, which ensures customers can run websites without any unexpected interruption.

Learn real-time WebHostingHub uptime of the past 30 days in the following chart.

Things You Need to Know about Moodle

Actually, Moodle is a special learning platform that is designed to ensure the secure, robust and comprehensive learning system for administrators, educators and learners. Written based on PHP and MySQL, this great tool provides the personalized e-learning environment. Note that you can install it to your web server simply by using the 1-click script installer or ask the knowledgeable Moodle staffs to assist you.

As for why to use this great tool, we have listed some reasons in the following.

  • Proven to be trusted all over the world – Moodle now is trusted by a lot of large and small institutions or organizations, such as the London School of Economics, the Open University, Microsoft and some others. At present, it supports more than 79 million of users across the enterprise and academic industry.
  • Great for teaching and learning – With more than 10 years of development, this tool ensures a lot of tools and the great learning environments to empower both learning and teaching.
  • Easy to use – This tool has a simple interface, along with the drag & drop features and the well-documented online resources, all of which can achieve the great usability improvements to make Moodle easy to be used.
  • No licensing fees – Note that Moodle is provided without any charge. After all, it is the open source tool that is developed under the GNU license. Therefore, you can be worry free to use it for commercial and personal projects without the need to pay anything.
  • Keep Updated – Here, we need to mention that to ensure the great running and security, Moodle is constantly being reviewed, maintained and improved for the evolving requirements of online users.
  • Your local language – Moodle has the multilingual capability to ensure that there are no language barrier and limitation to learn something online.