Best Google+ (Google Plus) Tips for Marketing Businesses and Websites

Best Google+ (Google Plus) Tips for Marketing Businesses and Websites

Google+ (Google Plus) has been operating in the world of social media for years. The social networking site has impressed more than 25 million users within a few months while the big names such as Facebook and Twitter took almost two years to achieve the milestone. There are thousands of users who consider Google Plus to be the alternative of Facebook in the long run. But, in the words of webmasters and designers, “It is just another effective marketing tool”.

In fact, tons of webmasters and bloggers use Google Plus to drive targeted audience to their blogs. If you want to utilize Google+ to increase traffic on your site, and are looking for the best G+ tips for marketing websites, you are at the right place.

In this article, we have provided you with the best G+ tips for marketing websites that can be followed to accelerate the frequency of the targeted audience on your blogs. So, listed here are some of the most effective marketing tips for G+ that are followed by many big companies.

Create an Impressive Profile

As first impression is very crucial, it is imperative for you to create an impressive personal profile as well as the Google+ pages of the business. You should assume your G+ to be the first point of contact with a new client rather than just another social profile. Having said that, you should make sure that all the fields of basic information about your business in your profile is filled up accurately.

Create an Impressive ProfileAn ideal profile contains a remarkable description of the business in the introduction. All the mediums of contact along with relevant details and references to all the online establishments should be presented. They include the product pages, services pages, blogs and social media profiles. Therefore, you should ensure that your business page on G+ includes all these things so that the visitors can be impressed in the first instance.

Publish A Wide Variety of Posts to Attract Followers

It is true that you need to share your blog posts on your Google Plus account so that your followers can move to your webpages for more information. However, it is a wrong practice to publish this kind of posts only.

After all, people are more likely to be attracted by some funny and dynamic pictures, interesting topics and creative videos. Therefore, to get more followers, you have to publish a wide variety of posts with different topics. Among these posts, you can mix your blog posts with them.

Leverage Photos and Videos

Visitors are fascinated by the availability of relevant pictures and images on a business site. It provides them with a clear sketch of your business’ thoughts when you accompany it with accurate content. Therefore, if you are looking to raise awareness or demand for your product, you should attach photos or videos on your G+ profile. These photos should be effective enough to provide informative facts and figures about your business, products and services.

You can present photos to your visitors through your G+ profile conveniently. All you need to do is to create graphics and upload them to the scrapbook feature available in Google+. This creates a good impression on the visitors and provides them with relevant information as well.

Create Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus business pageIt is true that the tip two can attract more followers and page views. However, it has a major drawback that your blog posts might be blurred among various topics. In this case, you’d better create a Google Plus business page that focuses on the sharing of your blog posts only. Then, you can reshare the posts from your business page to your main page.

In this way, you can maintain the diversification of your main Google Plus page, and in the meanwhile, keep the focus and professionalism of your business page.

Manage Circles Efficiently

Manage Circles EfficientlyCreating Circles is a unique feature offered by Google+ wherein you can categorize the people with whom you frequently connect. For managing your circles effectively, you primarily need to create several circles with which you can add different groups of people.

For instance, you should create different circles for co-partners, competitors, clients and compelling organizations. Once you make different categories, you can group people in relevant circles conveniently. Now, as you can add anyone to your circle, it is a remarkable technique for creating awareness about your brand across the network.

Promote your Google+ Presence

After updating the details and information on your Google+ profile, it is time to promote this profile to bring in more traffic. You can start writing content on your blog and share it on your G+ page. Now, you need to promote your G+ presence as much as possible in order to gain attention.

You can practice various methods of promotion; for example, you can highlight your G+ profile link on your website. Apart from it, you should allow the people already in your circles to share the link in their circles. You can also add a Google+ presence in the advertisement of your business. This makes the people, who are using this network, aware about your presence. And interested individuals can surely visit your profile.

Comment on the Posts of Other Google Plus Users

comment on Google PlusActually, the word of social indicates human exchanges. On the platform of Google Plus, the best way for exchanging opinions is to comment on others’ posts, especially some popular ones. Here, it does not mean that you can leave some meaningless words to indicate your existence. Instead, some truly meaningful thoughts are required. Once people feel that you are an interesting person looking to share the useful information, they are likely to check your account, follow your page and find your shared blog posts.

Include Hashtags and +1 Button

Include +1 ButtonHashtags are an imperative tool that helps you in reaching wider audience. You can add the hashtag so that your suggestion can come in the list of result when a person uses the hashtag in the search bar of G+. Therefore, hashtags makes your posts discoverable by a wider audience.

On the other hand, +1 button allows the users to share your post on their profiles. Thus, it is another tool that can help you in promoting your business.

Interact with Your Audience

The best way to create a good impression on your current circles and attract more individuals to your site is by interacting with them. You should be interactive through the tools offered by G+, such as hangouts and communities. You can reach out to a wide audience through communities and interact effectively to attract them to your blog through G+.

Also, you should reply to the comments on your G+ profile so that the visitors can feel a sense of belonging. Effective communication with prospective visitors can not only assist in the promotion of your business but can also create good brand image in the market.