7 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

Google Analytics is a free tool that collects data on the internet users that visit your website. It is able to know the demographics of the visitor and sees what brought them to the website. Knowing this kind of information can help you know where you should be marketing your web page and what seems to attract people to your site the most.

This program can also determine which parts of your website get the most attention, such as the number of visits it has. Again, this information allows you to narrow down on what seems to work in terms of marketing and what doesn’t. Improvements to your website based on this type of data increase visitors and the profit you make.

As mentioned earlier, this tool is free to use, which is amazing. What’s not so amazing is that to use it a marketer would have to go through several pages of data to find whatever specific information they are looking for. Not to mention it is a very technical process and a person would have to learn codes to understand all of it.

This is where WordPress plugins come in. Plugins do everything web analytics do except they make the process way easier. As long as your website is on WordPress, a plugin allows you to access and install Google Analytics. You don’t even have to know much about analytics because the plugin does it for you! They are recommended for all site owners but especially for those who need a simple way to understand their Google Analytics.

There are 7 top Google Analytic WordPress Plugins just waiting for you to install them. They are all a little unique but ultimately do the same thing. In learning about them, you can determine which one will most benefit your website.

Monster Insights

The first WordPress Plugin is Monster Insights. This plugin is the best of the best, which is why it is ranked number one out of the top seven. It accesses what otherwise would be very complicated data from Google Analytics in just a few clicks.

As said earlier, this plugin lets you see what type of people are most active on your website. You are also able to see how they ended up on your website, what they did while there, and more along those same lines.

It has multiple add ons that make it easy to track things like your form conversion rate and submission. It even gives you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Google Analytics for owners who aren’t as experienced with it.

If you can believe it, the facts above are barely a quarter of what this plugin can do. In all, it makes understanding Google Analytics very easy. To top it all off: Monster Insights is free to use, although they do have a premium version if you would like even more benefits.

Exact Metrics

The next best Google Analytics WordPress login is Exact Metrics. This plugin is just as popular as Monster Insights.

Exact Metrics allows you to receive analytic reports right in your WordPress dashboard. All of its data is taken in real-time so you can see exactly how many visitors there are at a moment and what their demographic is.

Additionally, it supplies you with in-depth reports on each page and post from your website. With this information, you are able to optimize your media content. Unlike other plugins, everything offered by Exact Metrics is completely free to use.


The third best WordPress plugin is Analytify. Its installation is very simple, and its functions are comparable to the plugins above.

It shows the analytic reports inside the WordPress admin area, which is also done by Monster Insights. Just like Exact Metric, it provides reports on the statistics of each page and post.

Analytify even emails you updates on statistics containing the overall stats of your website. It isn’t as highly rated as Monster Insights and Exact Metric, but it’s in the top three for a reason. There is a free version of this plugin and a premium version.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics

The number four plugin is Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics. This Plugin is specific and the right one for you if you need your WooCommerce store tracked.

While this plugin is great, it does have limitations as it only supports simple products. Besides that, Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics studies four types of customer behavior. It provided reports on their shopping, checkout, product, and sales. It is also completely free.

Google Analytics by 10Web

Best plugin number five would be Google Analytics by 10Web. This one is much more simple than the others, but great nonetheless.

This plugin allows you to set and manage your goals. Like Monster Insights it shows all of your analytic reports on your dashboard. It can also be integrated with other add ons to receive data from your ad campaigns. There are more advanced features of this plugin that come with an upgrade you have to pay for. This includes highly-rated interactive customer support.

GA Google Analytics

The sixth plugin is GA Google Analytics. This plugin simply connects your WordPress website to Google Analytics. There is not much else to this plugin, but it’s known for its simplicity. To access more features, there is a premium version of this plugin.

WP Google Analytics Events

The seventh, final, and best plugin is the WP Google Analytics Events. The point of this plugin is that there is no code required. It’s very easy to use and tracks what visitors do on your site. It does not provide as much data as the other plugins but, then again, this plugin is specifically for event tracking.

There you have it. These are the 7 best Google Analytic WordPress Plugins. With the knowledge you have now, you can decide which plugin is better for you and your website.

The most popular are Monsters Insight and Exact Metric; they cover a lot of bases and provide a lot of data all for an affordable price or free! Choose whichever one fits you best and get started on optimizing your website!

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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