Best Fantastico Web Hosting Providers with Free Access to Fantastico Auto Installer

Best Fantastico Web Hosting Providers with Free Access to Fantastico Auto Installer

At present, there are numerous web hosting providers committing themselves to providing services with free access to Fantastico auto installer. Hence, it bedazzles a vast majority of our readers on the decision to pick the best one.

With the purpose of helping these people sort things out, we have personally tried hundreds of hosts and worked out the best Fantastico web hosting providers.

The above companies achieve tremendous popularity for their hosting services of budget-friendly prices, rich features, excellent performance and responsive technical support. In the following, we are to further pull away the veil and show the true face of their services.

BlueHost > 63% Off Regular Price

bluehostEstablished in 1996, BlueHost has been applied itself to offering super web hosting services for personal and small business for more than 17 years. Its services cover a great range from shared hosting to VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting. For shared web hosting, BlueHost comes with a single all-in-one unlimited plan shines with exclusive technologies, genuine performance, excellent reliability and advanced functionality.

Regularly, the price is starting at $7.99/mo, which is only valid for a 36 months subscription. Now the company is offering a 63% discount. Thus, everyone is enabled to enjoy the discounted price which can be down to $2.95/mo by clicking the following exclusive promotional link.

BlueHost utilizes an enhanced cPanel as its control panel, one of the platforms on which Fantastico runs. In addition, the shared web hosting services include many other highlights. We show the best parts in the following lists.

  • Unlimited hosting that allows more than one domain on the web hosting account.
  • Unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts etc..
  • Totally $200 extra freebies.
  • 30 days full refund period and anytime prorated money back guarantee.
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed by 3 state-of-the-art dedicated data centers in Utah that cost more than 20 million USD since 2011.
  • Responsive 24/7 technical support via phone, live chat and email.
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InMotion > 50% Off Regular Price

inmotionFounded in 2001, InMotion has been absorbing in offering credible web hosting services for small and medium businesses for more than 12 years. Concentrating on hosting performance, reliability and custom service, InMotion provides 3 shared web hosting packages including Launch, Power and Pro. With billing cycles available including 1/6/12/24 months, the price is starting at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $15.99/mo respectively.

Now the services are promoted with a wonderful 50% discount. All people are capable of enjoying the discounted price which is starting at $3.49/mo by going with the following special promotional link. Just click the link and get money saved.

Featuring cPanel as the control panel, InMotion hosting service highly supports Fantastico which executes the installation of scripts from the administrative area of the control panel. The services are well favored by the majority of customers for the following features.

  • Rails, PostgreSQL & SSD, SSH.
  • Extra bonuses: $100 Google AdWords credits and $75 Bing/Yahoo Search advertising credits.
  • 90 days Full money back guarantee and anytime prorated money back guarantee.
  • Green data centers which are equipped with Max Speed Zone that ensures faster loading speed and 99.9% uptime.
  • Factory-tested Dell servers, super-fast 15k SAS drives and fully owned network hardware.
  • 24x7x365 US-based technical support via toll-free phone, live chat and email.
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WebHostingHub> 78% Off Regular Price

webhostinghubAs a young web hosting brand founded in 2010, WebHostingHub starts with one goal in mind, namely, offering affordable hosting service with high usability. And now, this company has already thrived to be a leading provider noted for its budget-friendly and rich-featured services.

The price of their hosting is starting at $8.99/mo regularly. Now the company is providing a 78% discount with which the price can be cut down to $1.95/mo. All people are able to get this discounted price via this promotional link.

WebHostingHub features a test drive cPanel which is designed with powerful domain manager, single sign-on, robust email management, and streamlined interface. The key point is that this cPanel is a terrific platform to run auto installer. Furthermore, the service is highlighted for the benefits in the following lists.

  • Free domain name registration & transfer.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.
  • Multiple free applications.
  • Free site builder with templates.
  • 24x7x365 prompt technical support via phone, live chat and email.
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From what we have introduced above, we have recommended top 3 web hosting providers with free access to Fantastico auto installer. These companies are recommendable because they highly not only support Fantastico but also provide services of affordable prices, rich features, outstanding performance and responsive technical support.

Something You Need to Know about Fantastico

Fantastico can be regarded as a large script library that carries out the automatic installation of the web applications to your website. All the scripts will be executed through the administration area of the website control panel, such as vDeck and cPanel. As researched, this special installer has been pre-configured on tens of thousands of servers, along with a million users all over the world.

Generally, Fantastico will execute the scripts when a new website is started or a new application is inserted into an existing site. This tool typically will handle all the installation tasks, such as creating the tables in a database, adjusting the permission settings, installing add-ons, setting up the web server configurations and many more.

Primarily, Fantastico simply targets the open-source software and applications. At present, there are no less than 50 scripts that have associated with Fantastico library.

Aspects for Choosing the Best Fantastico Web Hosting

In fact, there are a large number of web hosts now have the Fantastico tool included into their feature lists, but when picking up the best option among them, you need to consider the below aspects.

  • The hosting plans need to be highly affordable that charge you around $5/mo. Also, it is great for the web host to offer some free extras for domain registration and advertising voucher.
  • The packages need to be rich featured, including all the necessary features you may need for the effortless creation and running of your website.
  • The website security is essential. In this case, the web host also needs to ensure the related features and services that include the backup service, SSL, malware scan, SSH, firewall and many others.
  • The hosting provider should ensure the peak performance and the reliable service by adopting the top-notch network, solid server machines and advanced data centers.
  • The technical support is also important, which needs to be time-rounded available via multiple methods.