Best DotNetNuke Hosting Providers 2018 Review & Rating

Working as an open source web application framework, DotNetNuke is intended to back people in simplifying the administration of the content of websites without mastering much technical knowledge and skills. By the reason of its superiority, there are plenty of masters hunting for a reliable company coming with DotNetNuke hosting of high quality.

Best DotNetNuke hosting 2018

After the test of customers and time, Host4ASP.NET, WinHost and DiscountASP.NET are proven to be the best providers for this application. We have listed the information of their services at length for your reference.

#1 DotNetNuke Hosting – Host4ASP.NET

Best ASP.NET Hosting - Host4ASP.NETThis company releases offers multiple packages for this CMS which is packed with rich features. To be specific, webmasters are capable of getting unlimited space, data transfer, domains, and user-friendly Plesk control panel featuring an unlimited amount of emails, subdomains and databases.

Regularly, the price of the service is fixed at $4.95/mo that can be decreased with a 40% discount to be only $2.95/mo in the latest promo. Besides, the 30 days money back guarantee and extra bonuses are included.

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Host4ASP.NET is absorbed in offering secure, reliable and fast DNN hosting service, hence, it possesses several top-notch data centers that are armed with plenty of quad Dell servers with RAID-10 storage to fight with downtime. With concentrated attention, in practice, it successfully delivers 99.99% uptime and consumes a short time in server response time. Please check the following chart for detailed statistics.

DotNetNuke Hosting Review – WinHost

winhostThe DNN hosting from this company is based upon the latest Windows operating system featuring IIS8 that is designed to offer webmasters more choices in web applications including DotNetNuke. The service shines with lots of advantages as we have listed in below.

  • Budget-Friendly Price – The service includes 3 packages with the price starting at $4.95/mo, $9.95/mo and $19.95/mo that can be reduced to $3.95/mo only via clicking this promotional link.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee – This means webmasters are allowed to get a refund if they cancel the services because of dissatisfaction within the first 30 days.
  • 1-Click Application Installer for DNN – Situated in the WinHost control panel, it simplifies the installation of a mass of open source ASP.ENT projects including DotNetNuke.
  • Indispensable Features for DNN – These features consist of FTP over SSL, DELL servers with 32 GB RAM & RAID 10 Disk Array, and SQL management studio access, unlimited domain pointers, etc.
  • Satisfactory Uptime – WinHost employs state-of-the-art data centers and advanced technologies guaranteeing 99.99% uptime shown by the following chart.

DotNetNuke Hosting Review – DiscountASP.NET

DiscountASP.NETThe service from this provider is highlighted for lots of advanced Microsoft technologies it utilizes, which play a momentous part for hosting with DotNetNuke. Specifically, these technologies include ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5.1, Silverlight3/4, ASP.NET MVC 1/2/3, Windows 2008/2012, MS SQL Server 2008/2012 with reporting services available and 1-click installer of DNN, and so forth.

Including multiple attractive features and money back guarantee of 30 days, the service can be purchased starting at $10/mo on a regular basis. Now, a 50% discount is available for all subscribers who sign up the service through the exclusive promotional link, getting the cheap price of $5/mo effectively.

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Since we have been its customers during the past 3 months, we have monitored its performance in these aspects. As a result, we found that its uptime and server response time are all great. Because of sufficient features and great performance, the service from DiscountASP.NET wins 100% overall customer satisfaction, which is demonstrated by the following chart.

How to Choose a Good DotNetNuke Hosting Provider

There are a large number of hosting companies that can support the DotNetNuke-based websites, but not all of them can offer the equal service. In the following, we have presented an overview on how to select the DotNetNuke hosting.

  • Price Value – Stay away from some low-cost or even free hosts and be careful about some companies trying to offer a pricy plan with unnecessary hosting features. The common price range should from $3/mo to $7/mo.
  • Server Resources – Make sure that you can get at least 128MB of memory for a basic DotNetNuke website, along with some rooms to grow.
  • Security – Ensure that your website is hosted in a dedicated application pool, so that any of your neighborhoods can not affect your website running and security. Also, make sure that the web host offers the regular backup for your website data.
  • Reliability – Choose a hosting provider that guarantees at least 99.9% uptime using robust web servers and advanced data centers.
  • Speed – Make sure that your website is hosted on a super-blazing network, avoiding the long delay on webpage opening.
  • Email – Ensure that you can get enough email storage and a user-friendly webmail interface.
  • Support – Choose a web host that knows everything about DotNetNuke and can assist you well. We refer to to find the review of a web host.
  • Ease of Use – Make sure that you can get an easy-to-operate control panel so that you can manage your website and hosting account easily. Besides, the 1-click DotNetNuke installation should be included.
  • Innovative – It’s important you work with a web host who always seek for offering their customers the latest technology, for example, they are the first web host who offer SSL certificate as free in their hosting package, you could check out their DotNetNuke hosting features at

Why They Are Awarded as the Best DotNetNuke Hosting

To pick up the best DotNetNuke hosting providers, we have reviewed and compared dozens of top companies available in the industry, based on the real hosting experiences of our reviewers and the online testing. Then, after 3 months of selection, we finally award the above mentioned web hosts as the final winners, each of which is ensured to fully met the below requirements.

  • Affordable Prices and rich features – These are the generic criteria for the quality DotNetNuke hosting companies. All of these three web hosts are surely affordable that charge you starting at $2.95/mo only with their exclusive promotional links and coupon codes. Besides, each of their hosting plans includes all the necessary features.
  • Great Performance and uptime – For any kind of website, these two aspects are essential. According to our monitoring, these web hosts all succeed in achieving at least 99.99% uptime and the super-blazing server response speed.
  • Auto Installer for DotNetNuke – To be frank, it is difficult for the common webmasters to configure the DotNetNuke in the web hosting environment. In this case, the auto installer of this tool is critical.

General Knowledge about DotNetNuke

In fact, DotNetNuke is a popular content management system with the open source nature. With it, you can feel easy to create and deploy any project such as the online portals, e-commerce sites, business entrances and many more. Note that it is built based on the Visual Studio platform of Microsoft ASP.NET.

At present, three are three editions of this CMS, each of which has the exclusive strong points.

  • Community Edition – This is the open source version so it can be downloaded and utilized for free.
  • Professional Edition – This is the advanced version that has more great features such as the better content approved progress, advanced website research, Windows Azure and many more.
  • Enterprise Edition – This is the commercial one that focuses on online businesses.