Best Dolphin Web Hosting Companies

Best Dolphin Web Hosting Companies

Recently, more and more people use Dolphin to build their social networks, dating sites and online communities, so we decide to list the best web hosts that are reliable enough to support it. After all, to make this advanced community software run well, the hosting environment needs to be rich, with PHP 5.2 or higher, MySQL 4.1.2 or higher, and Apache 1.3 or higher.

Note that all of the recommended companies are handpicked by our experienced editors who have carefully reviewed more than 100 hosts in the market based on price, features, speed, uptime, and support. Thus, the results are 100% objective and trustworthy.

Best Dolphin Web Hosts

According to our in-depth review and comprehensive comparison, we highly recommend BlueHost, WebHostingHub and GreenGeeks as the best Dolphin hosting providers. In the following, we’d like to present the reasons in detail.


BlueHostFounded in 1996, this web host has been in this industry for more than 15 years. The long history gives BlueHost enough experience to offer the best hosting service at an affordable price. As investigated for more than 500 real customers all over the world, 99.6% of these people are highly satisfied with this company.

Regularly, customers can purchase the service starting at the price of $7.99/mo. But now, the price is down to $2.95/mo effectively with the 63% promotion link, so customers can build their sites without costing too much. Besides, with the anytime money back guarantee, the online dealing is totally risk-free and worry-free.

To test its hosting performance, we have started an uptime and speed monitoring for more than 6 months. As a result, it achieves a 100% uptime and a fast page loading speed that is less than 1 second on average.


WebHostingHubWebHostingHub offers a superior hosting service to support Dolphin since its inception into this field. The hosting package is very rich-featured, coming with an unlimited allocation of disk storage and monthly data transfer, free domain name, cPanel control panel, the latest version of PHP and MySQL, Softaculous script Installer, and $200 valued marketing credits, etc. Customers can get all of these benefits by spending $1.95/mo only with this promotional link instead of the regular price of $8.99/mo.

Remember that WebHostingHub allows customers to enjoy the world-class data centers to ensure no downtime and peak performance for their websites. The server spaces are SAS 70 Type II certified, featuring uninterrupted power supply, screaming-fast network, Tier 1 bandwidth providers, and 24/7 facility monitoring.

Besides, this company offers a response technical support that is available all the times via phone, e-mail, and live chat. According to hundreds of customer reviews, 84.7% of these people vote positively about this aspect.


GreenGeeksThis company has released one single Dolphin hosting solution named as EcoSite Starter. The service is starting at $6.95/mo initially, but now, customers can sign up with it at the price of $3.95/mo only by going through this 34% promotional link. This package offers unlimited data transfer, disk storage, 1-click Dolphin installation, cPanel, PHP 5, MySQL 5, and many more.

In fact, GreenGeeks is a famous company that devotes in offering super-fast hosting service. By leveraging the power of high-performance web server and cutting-edge data centers, it succeeds in guaranteeing a fast server response time of 375ms averagely. Besides, this company also uses outside cooling system to make sure that all facilities keep running well around-the-clock.

What is Dolphin?

To put it simply, Dolphin is the widely used social networking software that is written based on PHP and stores data using the MySQL database. Developed under the CC-BY license, this tool allows you to set up an online community for some specific topics, organizations and interests. As tried personally and collected the information online, we have summarized 9 main features of this tool.

  • Social Networking – This can be regarded as the core feature of Dolphin. Your website users can finish their profiles, make updates, send message, connect with friends, follow other users, form groups and do many other things they like.
  • Connection with Many Other Social Platforms – With this tool, your users are allowed to cross-post their activity and updates on other platforms such as Instagram, Google Plus Facebook and Twitter.
  • Modules – Without doubt, this application is surely extensible that achieves a high level of flexibility. At present, it evolves with a mature Module system, with which you can get a large number of imaginable features.
  • Internationalization – To be frank, the UI strings of Dolphin are fully internationalized, coming with plenty of language packs for you and your users to choose. Even, you can also create your own translations if needed.
  • Design and Templates – Surely, Dolphin has a fully customizable template system, giving you enough options to select your preferred theme to fit your brand image and personality perfectly.
  • Mobile Compatibility – This tool has already integrated with the mobile systems of iOS and Android for the add-on mobile application.
  • Privacy – This tool gives you the full freedom of setting up the permission configurations, so you can determine who are allowed to see what content easily.
  • Media Support – To ensure the full support for video and audio streaming, this tool allows the server-side media software.
  • Automatic Auditing – This tool is smart enough to analyze the hosting environment automatically and gives some suggestions for the optimization of performance.