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Best CubeCart Shopping Cart Web Hosting Services

Best CubeCart Shopping Cart Web Hosting Services – Top Choices for Online StoresIn this article, we have created a list of best CubeCart web hosting companies. In fact, there are a tremendous number of web hosts that support CubeCart, but only a few of them are able to offer a rich environment for running this software effectively.

After all, to host CubeCart powered online stores, the web hosting companies should be able to guarantee fast page loading speed and at least 99.9% uptime, offer all the related features and set an affordable price.

Best CubeCart Web Hosts

After reviewing hundreds of web hosting providers on the web, we finally decide to recommend BlueHost, InMotion Hosting, and WebHostingHub as the winners of the best CubeCart web hosts.

All of the 3 companies have fully met the requirements listed in the following:

  • 1-click CubeCart installer for easy installation and upgrade
  • World-class data centers and quality servers for excellent hosting performance
  • Solid measures and technologies for the increased level of security
  • Free advertising credits for effective online store promotion
  • 24/7 technical support for responsive troubleshooting process

1. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting companies on the web, offering reliable and affordable hosting service for almost 15 years. While being in this industry for such a long time, BlueHost knows clearly how to meet or even exceed customers’ expectation with its all-in-one Professional Web Hosting.

  • Cost-effective Package – BlueHost devotes to offering the most rich-featured web hosting package at a budget-friendly price. Features include unlimited server resources & e-mail accounts, free domain name, the latest versions of PHP & MySQL, free $100 Google AdWords & $50 Facebook Advertising, Python, Cron Job, Ruby on Rails, and many more. Besides, with anytime money-back guarantee, the purchase is totally risk-free.
  • Unmatched Hosting Performance – As tested, BlueHost is able to guarantee fast server response of 320ms averagely and almost 100% uptime in the real world. This is because it utilizes Dual Quad processor performance servers to host websites, and locates all of these quality servers at the cutting-edge data centers, which feature redundant power supply, advances cooling system, and all-time monitoring.
  • Ease of Use – In order to provide fast and easy website building and managing process, BlueHost offers the powerful cPanel control panel and 1-click software installer called SimpleScripts. The cPanel comes with an intuitive and graphical-based user interface which is very easy-to-understand even for newbies. The SimpleScripts helps customers to install and run CubeCart within minutes by simply clicking a few buttons.

2. InMotion Hosting

The Inmotion Hosting home page

Unlike BlueHost offers the all-in-one web hosting, InMotion Hosting has 3 packages named as Launch, Power, and Pro. Therefore, customers can choose one according to the budget and the volume of server resources needed.

  • Affordable Pricing – As price matters most for budget-conscious businessmen, we mainly review the cheapest Launch plan. This plan has been priced starting at $6.99/mo. Besides, this company offers 90 days full refund guarantee, which is the longest period in the market.
  • Useful Features – The CubeCart web hosting service from this company features free SSD that can be enjoyed for all new customers, secure remote access to the server, databases including MySQL and PostgreSQL, and scripting languages such as PHP 5, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails.
  • Unprecedented Speed – In order to guarantee fast page loading speed, InMotion Hosting leverages the power of state-of-art data centers, 100% Dell servers, and advanced smart routing technologies. As tested, for customers who are geographically located within the Exclusive Max Speed Zones, their email and website can run up to 6x faster.
  • Premium Support – One of the shining aspects of InMotion Hosting is its premium support. Customers can get help 24/7 easily via multiple communication channels such as phone, live chat, email, online tutorials, and community-based Q&A. All the support staffs are professional and experienced, being to offer the best resolutions to any issues.

3. WebHostingHub

Being trusted by countless customers all over the world, WebHostingHub is undoubtedly a reliable web hosting company in the market, offering rich-featured hosting packages at affordable pricing.

  • Cheap Rate – There are 3 CubeCart hosting plans offered by this web host. The regular price of the plans is starting at $8.99/mo.
  • Rich Features – The web hosting offered by WebHostingHub is backed by a long list of competitive features, including unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, instant setup and backup, cPanel control panel, 1-click Softaculous installer, and dozens of advanced technologies and programming languages.
  • Cutting-edge Data Centers – WebHostingHub places all robust servers at their green data centers, which feature the highest level of security, advanced cooling system, redundant power supply, and 24/7 monitoring – all designed to guarantee fast webpage loading and no downtime.

General Knowledge about CubeCart

If you are an online retailer looking for an e-commerce solution, CubeCart is a powerful option that you can take into consideration. At present, this tool has been utilized by plenty of merchants for selling their physical and digital products on a global level. Also, with uninterrupted development, now, it has been updated to version 6.

As for why to choose CubeCart, we have summarized the below reasons.

  • It is a free script with rich features and functions for the great online selling experiences.
  • This script is distributed under the GPL software license, giving you enough freedom and flexibility for the modification of source code to your hearts.
  • You can get free technical support for the utilization of CubeCart from the community or forums. Also, if needed, you can also ask for the enterprise support that will charge you the ongoing monthly fees.
  • CubeCart sets no limits on the number of customers shopping at your online store, the number of sales you can make and the number of items you can add to your e-commerce site.
  • The default skin of CubeCart front-end is 100% responsive, so customers can shop well from your site using any device.
  • You can feel easy to check the sales reports using the administrative panel of your online store. Even, the reports can be exported as the spreadsheet according to your personal search requirements.
  • As compared with many other shopping carts available, this one is intuitive for utilization and easy for setting up.
  • With a large number of special modules and add-ons, you can extend the functionality of your online stores without the need to change and redo the coding stuff.
  • There is a great system for coupons and discounts, with which you can create and add the coupon codes and vouchers with a special percentage or a fixed number.

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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