Best Concrete5 Hosting – Editors’ Choice For Hosting Concrete5 Sites

Best Concrete5 Hosting – Editors’ Choice For Hosting Concrete5 Sites

BlueHost is recommended as the best Concrete5 hosting provider this year after our editors have reviewed a large number of web hosts who give support to Concrete5. In the case you are looking for a reliable and user friendly web hosting provider for Concrete5, BlueHost should be the best choice for its creditable reputation, features, Concrete5 compatibility and advanced technologies.

As a fast growing free and open source content management system, Concrete5 allows unique in-context editing, so small business or enterprise websites editors can manage their websites anywhere via the web browser. What’s more important is that unlike many other CMS which were designed for developers, launching and maintaining a site with Concrete5 is quite simple and needs little technical knowledge. You don’t have to deal with a series of sophisticated codes anymore. Besides, multiple up-to-date themes, add-ons and templates in the Concrete5 marketplace are available for site editors to style their websites.

BlueHost Concrete5 Hosting

Finding a proper Concrete5 hosting provider seems necessary if you are planning to start a website with Concrete5. BlueHost, with more than 16 years’ hosting experience, has been cooperating with Concrete5 for years and has made admirable achievements. At present, BlueHost is hosting thousands of all kinds Concrete5 websites including e-commerce sites, government web sites, non-profit and organization web sites, marketing focused sites for a corporation and so on, such as 3form Design, Data Transmission, Sky Blue Sofa, Glimmerglass Festival, etc. That’s exactly the reason why you should choose BlueHost for Concrete5.

BlueHost ( has fully met all the Concrete5 hosting requirements by providing the Concrete5 hosting package coming with unlimited disk storage, data transfer, email accounts, FTP Access, SSH Secure Shell Access, easy-to-use cPanel, latest version of MySQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails and 1 free domain registration, etc. Besides, these are a few reasons why BlueHost is highly recommended as the best Concrete5 hosting provider.

World-class Data Centers

So far, BlueHost has invested 20+ million of USD in building its 3 dedicated centers and upgrading its high performance quad -processor servers which are serving 2+ million domains and websites. The large investments ensure high performance hosting Concrete5 sites, which could be regarded as a primary advantage compared with other shared hosting companies.

Automated Installation

There were many complains about the bad experience with some other web hosts for the complex application installation steps. However, BlueHost is not one of them. Due to the development of SimpleScripts, BlueHost makes the installation of Concrete5 completed with 1 single click in 30 seconds. This unique service is free of charge for all customers.

100% Compatibility

Running on Linux operating system, BlueHost claims 100% compatibility with Concrete5 by providing the latest PHP 5 and MySQL 5. To meet the Concrete5 demands for memory, BlueHost offers 256MB PHP memory_limit which is sufficient for large requests. What’s more, PHP can run as suPHP to strengthen the security of Concrete5 web sites.


BlueHost has been recognized as one of the most best web hosting providers since 1996 for the fact that it has successfully kept the promise of 99.9% uptime and average less than 1 second web page loading time. By the adoption of cutting-edge technologies like CPU segregation technology, nationwide fiber network and custom Linux kernel, BlueHost always works hard to provide the hosting websites with best protection.

Customer Reviews

BlueHost has a very high customer satisfaction rate based on the customers’ votes. By now, we have received 281 BlueHost verified customer reviews. Based on the statistics, the 99.6% of the BlueHost users are pleased with the BlueHost overall hosting service, the 99.6% are pleased with the shared hosting performance & reliability, the 98.9% are pleased with the management control panel, and the 97.2% are pleased with the customer service. Read the BlueHost review statistics chart as below.

24×7 Technical Support

In terms of technical support, BlueHost offers plenty of choices. For those who seek the quickest and easiest solution, BlueHost online help center can be the best choice for its knowledgebase contains solutions for nearly all the common questions. If you prefer to get help from a person on time, BlueHost provides the support via 24×7 toll-free telephone and online chat with holding time less than 30 seconds.


BlueHost now charges its rich-featured shared web hosting package at a promotional price of only $2.95/mo for all the readers going through this promotional link, 63% off the regular price $6.95/mo. The package includes 1 domain name, $100 Google AdWords credits, and $50 Facebook advertising credits for free.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

Alternative Options

BlueHost is the top recommendation when it comes to the best Concrete5 hosting provider. Besides, there are also some alternative options you can take a look at. They are InMotion Hosting, HostGator and A2Hosting. Among them, InMotion Hosting is the BBB accredited web host, HostGator is a big name in this industry and A2Hosting is recommended by the official site of Concrete5. More details can be found from the below chart.

About Concrete5

To put it simply, Concrete5 is a PHP based CMS that is open source. It is developed to ensure the simple process for building, running and managing a website. There is no need for you to read through the lengthy and confusing manuals to know how to use it. Instead, you just need to point, click, and then, edit. This means you can write down, upload and showcase any web content you want just by you, without the need to seek for the help from some developers.

Here, we have listed some main features of this script.

  • The well-designed and intuitive user interface.
  • The default site statistics to help you keep updated with anything happened on your site.
  • Plenty of themes available to help you customize your website appearance freely.
  • From the Concrete5 dashboard, you can generate the SEO-friendly sitemap directly.
  • The metadata is totally customizable.
  • The WYSIWYG editor to make the content editing an easy thing.
  • A lot of plugins to help you extend the functionality of your site.

However, there are also some drawbacks concerning this script. For instance, Concrete5 is a relatively niche and less popular option when comparing with WordPress. This means you may feel hard to find some effective solutions to your problems due to the lack of online resources and less users. In addition, most of the Concrete5 themes and plugins are the premium options. Surely, they are great to use, but for some small site owners, they also add the financial burden.

About Concrete5 Hosting

Concrete5 is a sleek CMS for creating any kinds of websites. There are a lot of web hosts supporting this script, all of which must fully meet the following hosting requirements for the proper script running.

  • At least PHP version 5.3.3.
  • MySQL with the PDO extensions.
  • DOM, SimpleXML, cURL and Mcrypt.
  • GD library with the Freetype.
  • PHP Safe Mode Off.
  • At least 64 MB of PHP memory limit.