Best CloudFlare CDN Web Hosting Companies

Best CloudFlare CDN Web Hosting Companies

In order to improve the hosting performance greatly, many companies include the CloudFlare CDN in their web hosting packages. In fact, CDN, or content delivery network, is a powerful tool used to deliver your website content like HTML, images, and multimedia files to visitors with the swiftest speed and the highest level of security.

Furthermore, among hundreds of CDN providers, CloudFlare CDN is the most widely used one. In this article, we’d like to introduce the top 3 web hosting companies which utilize this technology to boost their hosting speed significantly.

Best CloudFlare CDN Web Hosts

After reviewing more than 50 CloudFlare CDN web hosts in the market based on price, features, hosting performance, and technical support, we finally award BlueHost, JustHost, and A2Hosting as the winners of best CloudFlare CDN web hosting providers.

How to Choose Best CloudFlare CDN Web Hosts?

There is a fact that some web hosts show their kindness to provide free CloudFlare CDN service. But not all these web hosts can be a good option for your website. To start with, you have the need to increase the knowledge of how to choose the best CloudFlare CDN web hosts. Some common points exist among the recommended web hosts.

  • Their hosting solutions, priced from $2.95/mo and $3.95/mo, are friendly to your budget.
  • Users will have an easy using experience, because all of them work with free website builder, cPanel control panel, 1-click installer, and so forth.
  • Sufficient server resources ensure the room for your website to grow. At least, 50 GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth are accessible with the purchase of each plan from these web hosts.
  • According to our monitoring, these web hosts cannot disappoint those who have high requirements on uptime and speed. The words of delivering at least 99.9% uptime can be trusted. And their server response time can be shortened to no more than 400ms.
  • Good technical support has a great influence on your online presence. So we also check whether you are backed by a solid support team. The investigation speaks that these web hosts have tried their best to minimize the response time and maximize the support quality.

Therefore, these web hosts stand out in the competition from the many options on the market. Taking a close look at their customers’ feedbacks, we have also noticed their great reputation among webmasters. To make a choice, you are required to learn more details about these web hosts.


Founded in 1996, as one of the most professional and reliable web hosting companies, BlueHost has been devoting in offering quality hosting service for more than 15 years. It only provides 3 web hosting packages featuring unlimited disk space & monthly data transfer, unlimited email accounts & domain hosting, free domain name, control panel cPanel, free website scripts & 1-click installer, and advanced technologies like Custom Cronjobs or more.

BlueHost is one of the few web hosts that build its own data centers to guarantee good uptime record and fast page loading speed. The data centers are located at Midwest of US, far away from the hurricane zone of the Pacific Coast, and are equipped with UPS power backup, cutting-edge cooling system, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure stable and uninterrupted server connection. As tested, BlueHost achieves a 99.99% uptime and fast server response time of 320ms averagely in the real world.

The price of BlueHost is really affordable. Customers only need to spend $2.95/mo by clicking the exclusive promotional link presented in below, which is 63% off the regular price of $7.99/mo. In addition, with the 30-day guarantee for money back , the hosting purchase is risk-free and worry-free before the due date.


JustHost has been hosting more than 100,000 websites worldwide, it includes all the features needed to set up a popular site successfully, such as the maximum allocation of server resources, free domain name, easy-to-use website builder and advanced control panel, free app and 1-click installer, etc. To obtain all of these competitive features, along with a 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 responsive technical support, customers can just pay $3.49 every month via this special promotional link.

Additionally, JustHost is an ultra-reliable web hosting provider, which guarantees at least 99.9% uptime. Unlike some other web hosts which purchase servers with low requirements, JustHost utilizes robust servers to ensure the highest level of reliability and performance. As monitoring the availability of the tested website hosted with JustHost for the past 30 days, this company has achieved almost 100% uptime in the real world. Check the monitoring chart in the following.


A2Hosting is a pretty budget-friendly hosting provider, which sells its web hosting solution starting at $3.92/mo effectively for customers going through this special promotion link and signing up with the 1/6/12 months billing. There is no need to worry about the waste of money with A2Hosting hassle-free money back guarantee. Besides, A2Hosting allows for multiple payment methods like credit card, PayPal, 2Checkout, and Bank Transfer to give customers the highest level of convenience and purchasing security.

In order to provide customers with unmatched hosting service, A2Hosting offers a US-based Guru Crew technical support, which is available day and night even during the Christmas Eve. All of the support staffs are professional and experience, having the deep knowledge about the web hosting service offered by A2Hosting. Thus, once customers in need of help, they are able to get the best assistance by contacting these representatives via phone, e-mail, and live chat.

A2Hosting offers the super-blazing web hosting solution by leveraging the power from SSD (solid state drives) to load the webpages no less than 300% faster, as well as free Railgun network optimizer to achieve 143% faster HTML load times. As tested, website hosting from A2Hosting only consumes response time of 397ms on average.


What highlights GreenGeeks most is the greatest contribution to the environmental protection in the industry. This web host 3x offsets the carbon emissions with the purchase of renewal energy credits. Unlike the above web hosts, GreenGeeks includes all the needed features into the all-in-one plan which is starting at $3.95/mo through the exclusive promotion link.

Many measures have been taken by GreenGeeks to optimize the data centers, servers, network infrastructure, and more. The fast page load speed is the reasonable result of using the latest generation processors, CloudFlare CDN, Cisco and Juniper switches, etc. Since the average server response time is 375ms, their hosed websites will load each page within 4 seconds.

In the meantime, GreenGeeks offers many online resources for users to find solutions. Alternatives, GreenGeeks are well-prepared to give technical assistance through live chat, phone, and email.

What is CloudFlare CDN Service

To put it simply, the CloudFlare CDN service is a widely utilized speeding up technology by leveraging the power of the advanced network routing, cutting-edge server technology and the recent updates to hardware. With the development of more than 15 years, the CloudFlare CDN service is pretty easy to set up, performs in a better way and charges you at the cheaper prices than any other CDN services we have tried before.

According to our real-world testing, we have found that the site supported by CloudFlare CDN can get at least 40% decrease in the average time used for loading a content heavy webpage. This is because CloudFlare CDN has more than 76 data centers located all over the world, each of which contains robust web servers to cache your static pages automatically at their edge notes. In this case, when people send the server request to check your content, the data can be delivered from the nearest server.

In addition to the great improvement of hosting speed, there are also many other benefits the service can bring to you. Check the details in the following.

  • Instead of checking the dynamic content from your web server directly, your readers generally check the static files that are stored closer to them. This practice can save your bandwidth usage up to 95%.
  • CloudFlare CDN can ensure that your website is always accessible online. After all, if your web server crashes, this service will showcase the copy of your cached site to keep your content visible to your readers.
  • With the activation of this service, your site can be protected against the sudden traffic surges effectively.
  • There are no complicated configurations required on determining which files to cache. The CloudFlare technology will start the caching practice automatically based on your website traffic and content readability.