Best Blogging Software for Starting a Self-Built Blog

Presently, blog is playing a remarkably important role among millions of webmasters. Thus, it is quite normal that incomputable webmasters are entangled in selecting user-friendly software for starting a self-built blog. To help our readers pick a practical one, we have personally build a blog using lots of software. As a consequence, we have come out 5 best blogging software, including Open Blog, LifeType, b2evolution, textpattern and eggBlog.

The above software deserves strong recommendation because of their attractive interface, ease of use and rich features, just to name a few. After we take a close look of many editorial ratings and comments from verified users, they are proven to be recommendable. In the following, we are to further show their true faces.

Open Blog

open blogOpen Blog is an of open source and free platform which is built with the Codelgniter PHP framework. As we have investigated, there are approximately 232 of 250 guests voting 5 out of 5 stars for this software after using it for more than half a year. Open Blog gains tremendous popularity for it is designed with an extremely powerful and easy-to-use interface with which the setting-up and building of blog is simplified.

Coming with a friendly user interface, this software is not just easy to install but also features multiple language support, templates support, search engine friendly URLs, administrator panel, WYSIWYG editor and so forth. In below we have listed more detailed features.

  • Support for multiple languages, templates, feed and so on
  • Search engine URLs
  • Administrator panel and WYSIWYG editor
  • Check for updates


lifetypeLifeType is an awesome blogging software supporting media management, clean URLs, generation of standard content and so forth. Using this software, the composition turns to be simple because of the state-of-the-art WYSIWYG editor. Furthermore, it only demands a few browses and clicks for adding pictures and sound files.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, flexible styles, clean content, Smarty templates, LifeType also comes with integrated media management, built-in anti-spam filter, nice and clean code, powerful plugin framework, just to name a few. We display more detailed features information in the following for your reference.

  • Support Trackbacks, Smarty templates and XMLRPC
  • Easily localizable and customizable
  • Clean and nice code


b2evolutionb2evolution is a terrific option for people who are in need of running blogs, newsfeeds and photo stream etc.. Focusing on the blog concept, this software is also a medium scale content management system that is well featured with full internalization, workflow management, full user management, and content and presentation separation etc..

Traditionally, b2evolution comes with features that are required for blogging. These features include plugin framework, advanced categorization, file and photo management, advanced skinning and so on. It is also highly favored by a great majority of users for the following highlighted features. Please check the lists in below for further information.

  • Web standards compliance
  • AntiSpam Deluxe and blog skins
  • Integrated stats and plugin framework
  • Localized in several languages
  • True workflow and threaded comments


textpatternThis software is a free and open source content management system that is designed with excellent flexibility, ease of use and charming interface. Using Textpattern, users are enabled to successfully escape the obstruction to publish online, getting the well-structured and standard-compliant web pages done simply and efficiently.

Textpattern features unlimited sites sections, articles, links, files, site authors and image categories etc.. Using it, users are free to enjoy lots of wonderful features including built-in search engine, browser-based file and image upload & organization, browser-based template and CSS editing as well as password-protect site section and so forth. There are more highlighted features that must be mentioned. We have listed in below for your reference.

  • Adjustable data/time stamps on articles
  • Browse categories and sections via popup or link list
  • Fast intuitive editing of articles, links, comments and page elements
  • Browser-based plugin installation and maintenance
  • Browser-based file and image upload & organization


eggblogAs a free PHP & MySQL software for blogging, eggBlog is designed for people to create their own websites and blogs using their own web space. eggBlog is well received for many reasons including easy-to-use web-based administration, configuration, WYSIWYG editor, optional tags/categories and automatic archiving of all new articles and so on.

With easy-to-use web-based administration, bloggers are capable of adding, editing, and deleting articles with the least endeavor and time. Using user-friendly web-based configuration, bloggers are enabled to simplify the administration of the setting of websites. More than that, the feature of registered users allows bloggers to comment new articles and post messages in the forum. Also, eggBlog is highlighted for the following features.

  • Valid HTML 1.1, CSS 1.0 and WAI friendly
  • Optional sticky articles that remain fixed on all articles
  • Optional forum to allow discussion
  • Optional comments on articles to allow feedbacks on announcements

From above comprehensive introduction, we have recommended five popular and user-friendly blogging software which requires dependable web hosting services. Based on our real hosting experience and hundreds of reviews from verified customers, we have come out a table of trustworthy companies.

These companies deserve recommendations for they feature Softaculous with which all these applications can be installed within minutes. These companies are highlighted for cost-effective prices, rich features, great uptime, fast server response time and responsive technical support.