Best bbPress Hosting Companies – The Great Choice for Forum Building

Best bbPress Hosting Companies – The Great Choice for Forum Building

Tools like bbPress are useful to build a forum, and the best bbPress web hosting companies are critical to host your forum site. In this article, we have listed the top 3 web hosts which are selected from over 20 top web hosts we have reviewed.

Due to the fact that bbPress is developed by the creators of WordPress, it runs better with a WordPress compatible web host. Therefore, WordPress compatibility is one of the most important choosing criteria. Some other criteria include price, hosting performance, features, and support service.


BlueHostBlueHost is an award-winning web hosting provider which has been established for a long time. This web host now utilizes 100% factory tested Dell servers, and has 3 world-class data centers with a lot of US based employees, which are powerful enough to support a massive number of registered customers with extraordinary web hosting solution.

Affordable Price

This web host offers three web hosting packages which are priced from $7.99/mo. At present, however, customers can enjoy an attractive 63% discount with this special promotional link, thus purchase starting at $2.95/mo only.


To make sure the managing and building process easier, the host adopts the most widely used cPanel, in which integrated with one-click installer so that most of the popular software can be installed quickly.

Fast Hosting Hosting

BlueHost places all the quality servers in the world-class data centers, which have been equipped with multiple layers of redundancy, 20 gigabits of connectivity over 10 gig Ethernet connection, green cooling system, and 24/7 monitoring. As tested, it succeeds in achieving 100% uptime and fast server response time.


HostMonsterHostMonster is one of the best web hosting providers with almost 17 years’ hosting experience. Just like its sister company – BlueHost, it never outsources, but keeps everything in control to guarantee the most reliable web hosting solution.

Cheap Rate

The price of HostMonster rich-featured web hosting is starting from $3.95/mo only through this beneficial promotion link. Also, it applies the pricing to billing circles, and offers anytime money back guarantee, so customers can purchase a long billing period to save money with a sense of risk-free and worry-free.

Rich Features

According to the feature list in its official site, HostMonster offers almost all the features needed to set up a bbPress based forum with ease, including free domain name, cPanel, SimpleScripts, unlimited disk space & data transfer, unlimited domain hosting, free advertising credits, and all the advanced programming languages.

Extraordinary Customer Service

HostMonster devotes itself in offering the highest level of customer satisfaction, so it pays more attention to the technical support than many other web hosts. All of the support staffs are required to have at least 4 years’ hosting support experience, and be able to resolve every problem raised by customers with the most professional manner. So once people need help, they can get the best support by contacting these representatives via phone, e-mail and live chat.

Cutting-Edge Data Center Infrastructure

HostMonster has spent millions of dollars in building the state-of-art data centers with its sister brand, which are used to place its quality Quad Processor performance servers. All of these data centers are equipped with multiple redundancies for uninterrupted power supply, located in the Midwest state of the USA to avoid natural disasters caused by the hurricane zone, and are monitored day and night to prevent and resolve server problems. As tested, it guarantees no downtime and fast page loading speed which is less than 1 second averagely in the real world.

InMotion Hosting

InMotionInMotionHosting is a veteran in the web hosting industry, which has been awarded 3 out of 3 stars from CNET, and has an A+ service rating from the Better Business Bureau. Unlike other 2 recommended companies, InMotion Hosting offeres 3 web hosting packages called Launch, Power, and Pro, so customers can choose the preferred one according to their explicit requirements.


Each web hosting plan offered by InMotion Hosting is very cost-effective, with the affordable price and a long list of useful features. Let’s take the most widely used Launch Plan as an example. To purchase it, customers only need to spend $3.49/mo by going through this promotion link.


Using InMotion bbPress hosting service, webmasters enjoy a large number of competitive features include free domain name, free SSD, unlimited server resource and domain hosting, SSH, user friendly 1-click installer, powerful cPanel, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases and the latest advanced PHP & Ruby on Rails, and many more.

Super-Fast Page Loading Speed

In addition to quality Dell servers and well-equipped data centers located at the West Coast and East Coast of US, InMotion Hosting also offers the Max Speed Zone – a smart routing technology to speed up the websites up to the largest extent.

24/7/365 Premier Support

: InMotionHosting offers a premier technical support which allows customers to get their problems resolved through multiple ways. For instance, customers can contact support staffs for help via hotline, e-mail, and online chat, or ask questions at the community-based Q&A.

About bbPress

To put it simply, bbPress is an open source WordPress add-on, which is free of charges for setting up the forum platform. It works as the WordPress plugin that can be installed and activated easily. As compared with many other forum tools, this one is a lightweight one so as to take a small volume of resources only. With this feature, you can set up a WordPress forum easily, keeping the simplicity and flexibility in the same time.

Actually, this script started on the basis of miniBB, which is too bloated for the WordPress powered forum. In the year of 2004, WordPress development team decides to work out the new system from the scratch. Thus, bbPress was published and been a special WordPress plugin.

The Pros

  • Easy installation and setup process with the 1-click installer and simple interface.
  • Unified admin panel with that of WordPress. This allows you to start your first forum platform and publish a new topic in minutes.
  • Full compatibility with WordPress plugins, themes and widgets.
  • The support for plenty of user roles that can make the main blog and forum section separated.
  • Full customization and flexibility with plenty of bbPress themes, specific plugins and the default theme support.
  • The built-in protection system to prevent spam.

The Cons

  • Only work for WordPress based websites.
  • Only supports MySQL for the data storage.
  • The basic features might not be enough so need some extra tools.

About bbPress Hosting

Actually, there is no big differences between bbPress hosting and WordPress hosting, or even the web hosting. However, as the forums are the places for users to exchange the ideas and information, to socialize and to communicate with each other, the bbPress hosting solution has to be the fast and reliable one. After all, the frequent downtime can do no good to a community and forum based website. In addition, the sufficient server resources are also required.

In addition, as bbPress is a WordPress plugin, the hosting provider should ensure the 100% WordPress compatibility and the 1-click WordPress installation service.