Arvixe VS Site5 on Hosting Pricing, Performance & Support

Arvixe VS Site5 on Hosting Pricing, Performance & Support

Arvixe, as a seasoned web hosting company, has been expanding and spreading its service by leaps and bounds. This company devotes itself to offering all-inclusive solutions for personal and enterprise sites. Site5, established as a conventional hosting provider, is now available on VPS, shared and reseller hosting. It sets developers and designers as main target audiences.

Both of Arvixe and Site5 are notable names in the market, but the former is much more cost-effective and feature-rich than the latter. In addition to price and features, Arvixe surpasses its competitor from other aspects which will be elaborately discussed in the following parts. Now, let’s move forwards and know the two companies’ edges and shortcomings.

Rating Arvixe Site5
Reputation 4 stars 3 stars
Features 5 stars 3.5 stars
Loading Speed 4 stars 3.5 stars
Reliability 5 stars 4 stars
Technical Support 4 stars 4 stars
Customer Rating 3.5 stars 3 stars
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Pricing & Extras

Arvixe VS Site5 - Pricing & ExtrasWhen it comes to pricing, Site5 cannot compare to its competitor – Arvixe, and it is indeed a heavy burden especially for webmasters who are in a pinch for cash.

In details, Arvixe originally rates the two web hosting packages named Personal Class and Personal Class Pro at $10/mo and $13/mo. To make its service outstanding, this web host offers a promotion coupon of BWH360 and slashes the starting price to be as low as $7/mo. More than that, it includes a free domain name for life and up to $200 marketing credits in each plan.

Arvixe Coupon Code Activation

Comparatively, Site5 is included with three hostBasic, hostPro and hostPro + Turbo plans which are available for 1/12/24-month billing cycles. By all accounts, the longer your billing cycle is, the less your plan costs. On annual payment basis, you are required to pay $6.95/mo, $10.95/mo and $13.95/mo for the plans. Note that there is no any freebies and free domain registration provided.

Ease of Use & Features

It is a piece of good news for those who run a website with heave content and traffic. All their plans put no limits on the usage of bandwidth and disk space. This means that the resources can meet your basic needs. However, Arvixe stands out in the competition with the utilization of cPanel and provision of more free extras.

Motivated by customers’ needs, Arvixe makes use of cPanel as admin panel which is packed with a graphical user interface and a rich set of functions. Comparatively, Site5 uses the self-developed SiteAdmin panel which is proved to be less adaptable and user-friendly than the industry-standard cPanel.

Apart from that, Arvixe beats down Site5 in hosting features. To take a plain and clear view on the two companies’ differences, we make out the following feature-comparison table. Pay attention that we select the Personal Class Pro plan and hostBasic plans from Arvixe and Site5 severally. Scroll down and know some significant disparities.

Features Arvixe Site5
Plan in Review Personal Class Pro hostBasic
HDD Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Websites 6 1
Free Domain Registration Yes No
One-Click App Installer Softaculous Softaculous
Shared SSL Certificate Yes Yes
PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby Yes Yes
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Yes Yes
Ad Credits Yes No
Free Domain Yes No
Regular Price $6.95/mo $10/mo
Current Price $7/mo $6.95/mo
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended

Money back guarantee

It is not easy to take the first step for the fear of a wrong choice. That’s the reason why many web hosts encourage you to have a try with a money back guarantee. Under normal circumstance, 30 days are enough for you to confirm your hosting provider. However, both web hosts try to enhance your money security with the release of a 45-day full refund policy. There are more than 15 days you have to try their shared hosting.

Data Centers & Network Infrastructures

Arvixe has world-leading data centers which are placed with fully redundant power and an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). In addition, this company strives to select the best location for DC operations by partnering with famous hosting providers. As a matter of fact, this hosting provider indeed realizes its 99.75% uptime in the last month. So it is not a reliable hosting provider.

In terms of network infrastructures, Arvixe spares no efforts on establishing the best switching and routing facilities. And it takes vows to perish roadblocks and bandwidth traffic jam so as to achieve instantaneous response for hosted sites and applications. Comparatively,

Site5 doesn’t have detailed information regarding servers or infrastructures, which is fairly doubtful. From our performance testing in the last several months, we are delighted to find that Arvixe keeps a mediocre record of 697ms loading time which is far less than its rival.

Customer Service

Arvixe VS Site5 - Customer ServiceCustomer service is deemed as one of the most important aspects in the life of a webmaster. In this regard, Arvixe has a full technical support department where there are highly-educated and trained service specialists. Plus, this company is proud to answer any live chat and phone call in a matter of few minutes and also reply users’ email tickets with courtesy and efficiency. Note that all support portals are available all-day-long and all-year-around.

Perhaps the most fatal drawback of Site5 is that this company doesn’t offer 24×7-based phone call support which is only accessible from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on business hours. To top it off, this web host denies to offering billing-related help through live chat, which is out of consideration for personal interest.

Conclusion – Arvixe Is Recommendable

Based on our Arvixe vs Site5 comparison above, we can conclude that Arvixe is more recommendable for people longing for a feature-rich web hosting company at an affordable price. However, this company does not have a reliable and fast hosting environment as well as a solid foundation of customer satisfaction. In the long run, it is also not good enough to host your website. We would like to make some recommendations for you.