Arvixe vs GreenGeeks on Hosting a Blog

Arvixe vs GreenGeeks on Hosting a Blog

With the great popularity of blogging at present, almost all the web hosts claim to ensure the high-quality blog hosting for the peak performance, easy blogging process and affordable hosting charges with no serious and frequent downtime. Among these hosting providers, Arvixe and GreenGeeks are two of the outstanding options. Both of them are experienced enough to support for a large number of webmasters globally.

To give you a better impression of the blog hosting offered by them, we have made a detailed Arvixe vs GreenGeeks comparison in the following. This comparison demonstrates their exclusive strong points to edge over the competitors along with some drawbacks.

Editorial Ratings on Arvixe and GreenGeeks

With the provision of multiple hosting services, both web hosts can meet your need for web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and more. Since their web hosting has a largest user base, we mainly have a detailed discussion on their web hosting service. With rich review experience, our editors have dug into the details on what you concern a lot. At the same time, our readers have been encouraged to express their opinion about Arvixe and GreenGeeks.

As a whole, Arvixe is rated for 3.8 out of 5 stars while GreenGeeks gets higher marks for the high quality web hosting service. Then a conclusion can be made that GreenGeeks is the better web hosting provider on the basis of the price, feature, uptime, speed, and support. Having read the whole comparison, you will find the reasons behind the GreenGeeks high scores.

Rating Arvixe GreenGeeks
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Similarity of Arvixe and GreenGeeks – Rich Features

In fact, both of them are the leading hosting providers in the market. They know how to serve you with the best service, so there are a lot of similarities between them. Among these common points, rich-featured hosting is the most obvious one.

In order to ensure the smooth and effortless running of your blog, both of them offer a long list of features for the aspects of security, ease of use, free extras, emails, domains and many more.

  • Security – To ensure you an ultimately secure hosting environment, both of them offer a lot of security features and services. These include the SSL, SSH Access, daily backup, Password Protection, Spam Assassin, Hotlink Protection and many more. Even, their servers are configured with the firewall to prevent some suspicious ports.
  • Ease of Use – To help you start your blog site quickly and manage everything without much hassle, they all support for hundreds of free scripts for website building, the 1-click script installer and the cPanel control panel.
  • Free Extras – In addition to the common hosting features, you can also enjoy a lot of free extras that include a life-time free domain, free marketing tools, advertising credits, free drag-and-drop blog builder, search engine optimization services and many more.
  • Others – With either of these two web hosts, you can get an unlimited allocation of email storage and server resources, multiple domain hosting and updated programming languages of PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails.

In the following, we have showcased a feature comparison table for these two hosting providers to give you a clear understanding.

Features Arvixe GreenGeeks
SSH & SSL Yes Yes
Server Resources Unlimited Unlimited
cPanel Yes Yes
Free Domain Yes Yes
PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby Yes Yes
Advertising Credits Yes Yes
Google APP Integration Yes Yes
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How Can Arvixe Win Over GreenGeeks

In fact, we fail to find any obvious and strong evidence to prove that Arvixe is better than GreenGeeks. If we have to mention one aspect, their great CMS hosting can be a great strong point.

To set up the personal blog site, most of you may choose to use the blog builder or a user-friendly script such as WordPress, Movable Type, Joomla, b2evolution and many more. To ensure the proper running of these scripts, Arvixe ensures the 100% compatibility with the updated versions of PHP, Apache and MySQL. In addition, the hosting environment is optimized for different scripts respectively.

How Can GreenGeeks Win Over Arvixe

GreenGeeks strives to ensure a great balance between the quality hosting solution and the reduced emission of carbon dioxide. With years of efforts, now, they succeed in supporting millions of websites of different sizes with a high level of user satisfaction. As for how can they edge over Arvixe, we have summarized the below aspects.

Budget-Friendly Hosting Plans

GreenGeeks focuses on offering the truly budget-friendly hosting plans. Initially, their web hosting solution charges you starting at$9.95/mo, which is within the average hosting rate. At present, the hosting price is even more affordable. They release a special promotional link for a 60% discount, cutting the initial rate down to $3.96/mo effectively.

As for Arvixe, this hosting provider regularly charges you starting at $4/mo. This hosting rate is not expensive surely. But as compared with the discounted price of GreenGeeks, they are not that affordable.

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No Frequent Downtime That Is Long-Lasting

Hosting reliability is a core aspect to figure out whether the hosting solution is worth trying or not. In this case, both Arvixe and GreenGeeks focus on offering the reliable hosting by leveraging the power of quality web servers and advanced data centers.

  • Arvixe – Their branded web servers are running with the SSD drives in RAID 10, along with the cutting-edge and solid hardware. As for the data centers, all of which integrate with the redundant power generators, safety and security facilities, super-fast network, top-tiered network architecture and uninterrupted surveillance monitoring.
  • GreenGeeks – This hosting provider also utilizes the high-quality server machines with Intel processors, at least 64 GB of memory, solid state drives, DELL branded server parts and RAID 10 storage arrays. In addition, GreenGeeks has multiple data centers in Canada and the USA, each of which comes with 24/7 climate control, raised floors, UPS generators, fire/water detection system and all-time-rounded security.

Being supported by these great machines and technologies, both of them claim to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime. To figure out the exact statistics of their uptime track record, we have started the online testing since 6 months ago. According to the result, Arvixe achieves a 99.75% uptime.

As for GreenGeeks, the hosting reliability is even better that comes with a 99.98% uptime record.

Faster Hosting Performance

When monitoring their uptime, we also have tested the server response speed of these two web hosts. According to the result, both of them achieve the fast hosting that requires no more than 450 ms for the response of server request. However, when comparing them, GreenGeeks is the faster option.

Better Support Service

To ensure the great customer satisfaction, both Arvixe and GreenGeeks offer the 24/7 technical support with a group of experienced support representatives. No matter when you need help, you can contact their support teams via the ticket system, email, live chat and the toll-free hotline. However, to use the live chat support, GreenGeeks ensures the much more convenient process than Arvixe.

In addition, as researched online, we have found a lot of bad feedbacks for Arvixe support service.

Arvixe Bad Feebacks

In addition, GreenGeeks also releases a large number of resources and a special knowledge base to help you start the self-learning easily. All of these articles are worth reading with rich information. It is true that Arvixe also has the knowledge base, but is not as useful and informative as that of GreenGeeks.

More strong environmental awareness

Some of you may do not know the carbon footprints your website leaves on the environment. In fact, you cannot run your website without the power feeds. Most web hosts use fossil fuels to power the data centers and servers. However, GreenGeeks is one of few green hosting providers who purchase wind energy to offset the emission. In this sense, you should be even more willing to host your website on GreenGeeks.


According to this comparison, it is clear that GreenGeeks wins more games than Arvixe. Especially, when considering some key aspects of prices, speed, support and uptime, GreenGeeks does the much better job than Arvixe. In this case, when choosing between them, we highly recommend you to select the green hosting offered by GreenGeeks.