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Arvixe vs A Small Orange

Both of them are the budget and quality web hosting providers that have been trusted by a large number of webmasters on the web. To figure out which of them offers the better service with the cheaper hosting charges, more feature offerings, higher level of hosting reliability and security, faster page loading speed and better technical support, we have done the Arvixe vs A Small Orange comparison in the following.

Before starting the review in detail, we firstly showcase a star rating table that demonstrates how our experienced editors and real customers view their hosting services.

What They Are In Common

As the trust-worthy web hosts, both of them have done great in terms of the hosting feature offerings. No matter what kind of website you are going to set up, your hosting needs can be fully met with the rich-featured packages offered by Arvixe and A Small Oranges.

  • Basic hosting features – You can get plenty of disk storages and monthly bandwidth, multiple domain hosting, cPanel control panel, 1-click application installer, sufficient email storages and unlimited email accounts.
  • Advanced hosting features – Each plan includes the features of PHP 5, MySQL 5, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, CGI, CURL, SSH, SSI and many more.
  • Security technologies – For the sake of website security, the features of Password Protection, daily backup, IP Blocking and Hotlink Protection are included.

How Can Arvixe Win Over A Small Orange

According to our comprehensive comparison and real-world testing, Arvixe had done a better job in terms of the hosting performance and technical support. Check the details in the following.

Better Uptime

We have carried out an online test to check their uptime record. Based on the results, Arvixe achieves the 99.75% uptime and A Small Orange achieves the 99.7% uptime. To be honest, both of them haven’t done a great job for this part, but Arvixe is relatively better.

Faster Page Loading Speed

When monitoring their uptime, we also have started the performance testing at the same time. According to the result, our sample site hosted with Arvixe is faster than the one hosted with A Small Orange with the 697 ms of server response speed. To be frank, this level of hosting performance is not amazing. But Arvixe still performs better than A Small Orange.

Better Technical Support

Arvixe pays more attention to the quality of technical support. It offers a 24/7 support service via multiple methods of email, hotline calling and live chat. Therefore, whenever you are in trouble, you can be assisted at any time by a group of well-trained and knowledgeable support representatives. Based on our personal trying, the response time of its email support is within 20 minutes. As for the rest two support channels, you can be responded within seconds.

A Small Orange, however, only allows you to get help from the ticket system as well as the live chat. The lack of phone support may result in some inconveniences if you are requiring instant help. In addition, the live chat support is not their official support channel, with which you can only ask some general questions which can hardly resolve your issues.

How Can A Small Orange Edge Over Arvixe

A Small Orange does a better job than Arvixe for two aspects – the charges, the money back and the easy process of website building.

Cheaper Hosting Prices

Regularly, Arvixe sets the prices starting at $4/mo and $7/mo for its two web hosting packages. This hosting rate is not costly. However, as compared with A Small Orange and even some other high-quality web hosts like BlueHost, they charge a little bit more.

As for A Small Orange, this web host offers four hosting plans and charges you ranging from $2.92/mo to $20/mo. Each plan is coming with different allocations of server resources and other features, so you can choose one according to your budgets and requirements.

Longer Refund Period

In order to guarantee you a worry-free purchase, this web host offers 90- day money back for full refunding and anytime pro-rate refund policy. Arvixe, however, can refund you only when you cancel your account before the first 60 days of registration.

Great Website Builder

A Small Orange is the first web host that utilizes the Weebly Cloud tool, which is a great website builder achieving ultimate ease of use. With its drag and drop function, you can have your site started within minutes.


According to this comparison, both of them are not reliable and fast enough. In addition, they all have some fatal drawbacks such as the support quality and the hosting charges. In this case, we recommend neither of them. Instead, we highly suggest you to try the following three options who can ensure you the great hosting at the cheap charges.

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