Arvixe Review, Rating and Secret Revealed

Arvixe Review, Rating and Secret Revealed

The Arvixe review for the personal-class hosting plan is based on the web hosting features, price, loading speed, reliability and technical support.

Arvixe has become a provider of developer-friendly web hosting over the Internet since 2003, offering affordable services for developers, bloggers, designers and families. Now, due to the cutting-edge technologies and cheap pricing, Arvixe has hundreds of thousands of customers, and it’s still fast growing with over 4,000 new customers increased for every month.

However, due to the numerous bad reviews appeared for their hosting solution in recently years, many of you might be confused of whether Arvixe is a good hosting option to try. This time, you can erase this confusion by checking the following review.

Arvixe Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Features
    rating 4 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 2 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Support
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Price

The Pros of Arvixe Web Hosting

As the experienced hosting company, Arvixe surely has some strong points you can benefit from. In the following, we have listed some key and obvious aspects.

Compatibility with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Many Other Scripts

To set up a website, many webmasters choose to use their preferred script such as the blog builders of WordPress, Movable Type and Expression Engine, e-commerce solutions of Magento and notCommerce, forum options of vBulletin, MyBB and phpBB, content management systems of Joomla, Drupal and Concrete5 and many more. To ensure the proper running of these hot scripts, Arvixe meets all the technical requirements for them, such as the latest version of PHP, MySQL and Apache. Even, the hosting environment is well optimized for these applications exclusively.

In addition, Arvixe includes the 1-click script installer into their hosting plans, with which you can install your preferred application with much ease.

Easy Hosting with the cPanel Control Panel

Instead of offering the custom control panel or some complicated options like vDeck or Plesk, Arvixe provides the cPanel. In fact, this can be the most widely used control panel due to its user-friendliness. There is no harsh learning curve you need to go through. The truth is that even the newcomers who use this control panel for the first time can get used to its interface in seconds.

In addition, the cPanel control panel covers all the tools needed for the better management of your website files, data, domain, emails and many more.

Enough Room to Grow

Arvixe offers 5 classes of hosting types for you to choose. The Personal Class and the Business Class are the shared web hosting, which is the most popular option for webmasters to set up some small or even medium sized websites. However, if your site continues to grow with more content and daily traffic, the shared hosting can no longer support your site. In this case, you can upgrade your hosting package to the VPS Class or the Dedicated Class, with which you can enjoy the virtually or even the truly private server. Note that all of these 4 classes include multiple plans for you to choose, coming with different levels of prices and allocations of features. Even, the upgrade process is fast and free of charge.

The last class is the Reseller Class, with which you can start your hosting business with sufficient server resources, rich features and the satisfactory hosting performance.

The Cons of Arvixe Web Hosting

Based on our real hosting experience and online review researches, we have found a lot of drawbacks of Arvixe.

Hosting Charges

In fact, Arvixe is not the costly hosting provider. With them, you will be charged at the prices of $4 and $7 for each month. To be frank, this level of rate will not cause you the huge financial burden. However, as compared with many other top-notch hosting providers like BlueHost, their plans are not budget-friendly at all.

In addition, we have to mention that the starting price of $4/mo is only valid for the biennial billing cycle. If you are looking for the monthly billing, you have to pay at least $7 per month.

Money Back Guarantee

As many top web hosts in the market now provide customers with the full refund and the pro-rated refund, Arvixe only offers the 60 days full money back guarantee.

Note that the 60-day refund is available for new customers who purchase either Linux or ASP.NET plan of the Personal, Business, and Reseller Class. Once customers are dissatisfied with the hosting services and want to cancel the account, they can get all of their money back.

However, if you send the cancellation requests to sales after the first 60 days, you can get nothing back.

Hosting Features

As reviewed, Arvixe offers a set of basic features you may need for the starting and running of your website. We have listed some of the typical features in the following, all of which can bring great benefits.

Basic Features

  • Disk Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
    1 For Life
  • Parked Domains
  • Hosting Sites
  • Daily Backup
  • Shared SSL
  • FTP
  • Full Refund
    60 Days

  • Mail Boxes
  • Email storage
  • Forwarders
  • Secure IMAP & POP3
  • Web-based Email

Scripts & Development

  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Perl
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Cron Job
  • SSH
  • URL Rewrite
  • SSI & CGI

  • Control Panel
  • Softaculous
  • Fantastico
  • RVSiteBuilder
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • 1-Click Site Builder

However, there are a few tips we’d like to mention here.

  • Unlimited server resources – Arvixe claims to offer the unlimited disk space and bandwidth. However, the truth is that there is no so-called unlimited hosting available at all. You still need to pay extra money or even be banned if your server consumption is too much.
  • Domains allowed – If you choose the basic plan of Personal Class, you can only host up to 6 sites under the same hosting account.
  • Advertising credits – The $200 advertising credits are available for US and CA only.

Hosting Performance

As for the hosting performance, Arvixe collocations with the world-class data centers. The long standing cooperation allows customers to utilize one of the world’s best facilities to power their websites and to ensure the maximum uptime. These world-class data centers come with state-of-the-art security, cooling systems, power and safety.

In terms of testing the server response time, we have hosted a WordPress site with Arvixe, and find the site consumes 697 ms on the average to make a response. Frankly speaking, this level of hosting speed is really ordinary, which falls behind some top web hosts greatly.

In addition, we find that the company uses the quality DELL servers with multiple Intel XEON multi-core CPUs, 32GB RAM, RAID 5 and 1000MBits connection to routers. What’s more, if the hosted websites do not live up to 99.9% uptime during any month, customers are qualified to receive a refund on that month’s hosting fees.

Now, with the purpose of investigating the real uptime of this company, our editors have carried out an uptime testing in the last 30 days with a newly-built website hosted with the company. The result shows that they already meet their words. However, as compared with some other web hosts we have reviewed, the 99.75% uptime is not great.

Technical Support

Arvixe Technical SupportThe company provides 24×7 US-based technical support via toll-free telephone, live chat, email ticket system, with which customers can get help whenever they encounter some issues. In addition, with the purpose of ensuring the responsive technical support, the company also has set up the knowledge base and the professional forum for the better communication with the webmasters.

It seems great. However, after testing this part personally, we do not think Arvixe offers the great technical support due to the following reasons.

  • The chat support is not convenient. We have to fill out the complicated form before getting into the real chat box.
  • We always need to wait for a long time before getting the email reply.
  • The staffs on the phone will only answer some general, easy and basic questions for us.

In addition, after collecting the customer feedbacks, we have found that most Arvixe complaints lay on this aspect.

Bad Arvixe Support Review

Conclusion – Arvixe Is Not Recommended

Personally speaking, we do not think Arvixe is a trustworthy hosting provider. After all, for the truly quality hosting solution, the price, features, support, uptime and speed are really important. However, Arvixe fails to do the good job for all of these aspects.

In this case, when choosing a web host, we do not recommend you to try Arvixe, but suggest you to consider the following top-level hosting providers.