AmeriCommerce Review – Is It A Good Option for Creating an Online Store

AmeriCommerce Review – Is It A Good Option for Creating an Online Store

Recently, it is a rush that merchants utilize easy-to-use ecommerce software like AmeriCommerce, PrestaShop, and TomatoCart to create online stores. Since AmeriCommerce has been making name of itself successfully and gaining people’s recognitions, this time we deeply and thoroughly study it and make every effort to figure out whether it is a good option for setting up online business.

When it comes to choosing an ecommerce solution, you may take many aspects like price and practicability into consideration. After using AmeriCommerce for several months and acquiring other users’ experience, we make an all-round review of this software covering pricing, site design, store management, merchandising and comments.


AmeriCommerce offering 14-day free test carries with 5 packages. All the packages charge no setup fee and no transaction fee. Besides, all of them include free shared SSL. Importantly, the packages do not need contract and can be terminated whenever you want. Main features of each package are as bellows:

  • Steel charging $24.95/mo includes 100 products, 2GB traffic and 250MB storage.
  • Bronze charging $39/mo includes 500 products, 3GB traffic and 1GB storage.
  • Silver charging $99/mo includes 5,000 products, 15GB traffic and 1GB storage.
  • Gold charging $149/mo includes 10,000 products, 25GB traffic and 2GB storage.
  • Platinum charging $299/mo includes unlimited products, 50GB traffic and 5GB storage.

Store Design

americommerce review site designWith AmeriCommerce, you are able to create your own rich-featured design. The theme of your site is customizable because the built-in Live Design of this solution allows you to edit and resize theme with ease. Specifically, you have access to add, edit, move and delete content in the layout with just a few clicks. Besides, it is very easy for you to drag or drop widgets into design template.

As for page settings, AmeriCommerce content page and responsive theme system are available for designing personalized site. Moreover, when you design product pages, category pages and other pages, you can either follow the suggestion of AmeriCommerce or customize them by yourself. Also, this software offers CSS editor for you to change settings like color, size, font and others.

Store Management

Whether you own one store or more stores, it is essential for you to manage and monitor every aspect of your online business. This solution offers various tools to ensure an efficient management. In detailed, the built-in product editor assists you to preferably display commodities with images, variants, descriptions and more. Moreover, you have access to clearly group products with catalog management listed by inventory, variants, manufacturers, etc.

As for order management, the platform enables you to track orders’ information and send automatic emails of order status to your consumers. What’s more, AmeriCommerce is integrated with multiple payment gateways including Google checkout, Amazon check, PayPal and others. Also, various shipping modules with real-time rate calculations like UPS and FedEx are included.


americommerce-review-merchandisingWith ecommerce tools AmeriCommerce offers, you have approach to place your products on multiple selling channels like Facebook and Blogs. Besides, you can sell not only common goods but also digital products on your store. For product display, you have the ability to show commodity with rich and personalized description including size, color, variant and more.

Launching a discount and coupon systems are sensible choices for you to stimulate customer’s consumption. To be specific, you can reward consumers with some bonus points which can be accumulated for exchanging gifts. In the meantime, you are able to set criteria of the discount or coupon. For instance, to get some preferential treat, consumers need to purchase a certain number of products at one time.

Negative Comments

Although AmeriCommerce includes a lot of useful features, there are still some aspects complained by users. In detailed, this platform covers limited templates and only a few international payments which hinder international selling. Besides, this solution is not cost-effective because that the storage and bandwidth an expensive package includes cannot meet big site’ needs.

What’s more, many users are not satisfied with the customer service of AmeriCommerce. To be specific, customer support is only available at 8am-6pm CST on Monday to Friday, which means some urgency cannot be solved in time. Moreover, users have to be patient to get response because of the slow ticket response time.


americommerce review summaryAccording our aspect-to-aspect analysis, we conclude that AmeriCommerce is a comprehensive ecommerce software which can greatly help you to design, set up and manage your online store. This platform offers many user-friendly features including design tools, merchandising tools, social media and more. Generally speaking, it is a good choice for creating an online store.

However, since AmeriCommerce has some shortcomings we mentioned before, you may need to try other ecommerce software like OpenCart if you want a cheaper one with more flexibility and customizability. Once you choose a self-hosted ecommerce solution, you need a reliable server to power it. The following web hosts are highly recommended.