How to Allow Users to Add Their Favorite Posts in WordPress

How to Allow Users to Add Their Favorite Posts in WordPress

With a goal to increase the engagement with users, you probably want to allow them to mark some of your WordPress posts as their favorite ones to handle the situation where some users are not willing to make efforts to leave words on your comment section. However, you may not have a clear idea about how to allow users to add their favorite posts in WordPress.

Under the guidance of this article, you will get the job done via the WP Favorite Posts plugin which allows users to add favorite posts only by clicking on the favorite button. To start with, we would like you to learn the reasons to add favorite posts.

Why Add Favorite Posts in WordPress?

For the better engagement with your users and the lower bounce rate, you open your comment section to the public to get more comments. For those who do not want to leave any comments, you can also allow them to show their attitude for your content with a click on the like or dislike button which encourages them to interact with your content.

Also, you are able to provide more quality content for your users. Having had a deep understanding of their preference, you will tell whether it is necessary for you to adjust your writing strategy. As a result, you will meet the need of your users in a better way.

What’s more, your registered users have the ability to create a new page which consists entirely of their favorite posts and they are free to revisit the valuable content at any time. It is also possible for you to make some recommendations for your new users with a list of the most favorite posts.

Allow Users to Add Favorite Posts in WordPress

Since things will be much more complicated if you have to edit code, we advise you to give high priority to the WP Favorite Posts plugin with which you can not only store favorites data in database for registered users and in cookies for unregistered users but also list the most favorite posts for your new readers.

Step 1: Install the WP Favorite Posts Plugin

In most cases, you can directly download plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory. However, you need to upload “WP Favorite Posts” into your WordPress site and then activate it under the Plugins menu. If you don’t know how to do that, you can follow the guide to install a plugin.

Step 2: Configure the WP Favorite Posts Plugin

Upon activation, you can make some changes to the default configurations on the Settings > WP Favorite Posts page which is made up by three sections: Options, Label Settings, and Advanced Settings. Here we will focus on the Options section which will have a direct influence on how the plugin will be at your service.

General WP Favorite Posts Options

The first thing is to leave “Only registered users can favorite” unchecked so that all your users can add their favorite posts after a click on the “Add to Favorite” button. Or you are free to only allow registered users to add their favorite posts.

Then you can decide where you want to show the favorite link. We hold an idea that it is better for you to display the link before or after your post because you take a high risk to customize the location when you enter the code into your theme files.

Next, the favorite icon can be chosen from the 5 options. If you want a custom one, you need to enter the image URL into the box. In a word, it is up to you to decide the image icon.

By default, WP Favorite Posts will display 20 posts on the favorite posts page. If you want, you can replace 20 with the desired number.

What’s more, it is necessary for you to get “Most favorite posts statics enabled” enabled because you are able to easily find the most favorite posts.

In the end, you need to update your changes so that the plugin will work as expected. According to our configuration, all our readers are able to see the Favorite button and show their appreciation for the content.

Add Favorite Link

Step 3: Achieve More Functions

With WP Favorite Posts, you can achieve more functions through the plugin widgets which are called “Most Favorited Posts” and “User’s Favorites”. The former one will enable you to list out the most favorited posts for your new users so that they will learn what content others prefer. The latter one enables your users to revisit their favorite posts in the later stage.

For the desired effect, you’d better add the widgets to your sidebar area. Then you are free to enter the number of the posts you would like to show your users.

Configure Widgets


In this article, you should have had a clear idea about how to allow your users to add their favorite posts with a combination of the steps and screenshots.