How to Allow Readers to Notify You of Content Mistakes in WordPress

How to Allow Readers to Notify You of Content Mistakes in WordPress

In order to ensure the high-quality blog content, you need to pay attention to several aspects, such as whether this topic is a hot spot that many people are interested in, whether you have decided an eye-catching headline so can attract readers in the first sight, whether you have used a moderate volume of keywords to benefit SEO and whether you have properly divided your post into multiple paragraphs for easy reading.

In addition to these points, you have to make sure that what you publish is totally error-free, without any spelling mistake, grammar error, broken link, typo misuse and many more. In this case, you may proofread on your own before clicking the publish button or use some auto-checking tools such Grammarly to finish the cross-check task.

However, there is a chance that some minor mistakes may still end up on your posts, staying for a long time without you noticing them. In this case, you need your readers to find the mistakes for you and send you a notification.

If you do not know how to add this special system on your site, you can check the below tutorial that introduces how to allow readers to notify you of content mistakes in WordPress sites.

Install and Set Up the Mistape Plugin

The easiest method to achieve this goal is by utilizing the Mistape plugin. This is a lightweight option that allows your readers to easily notify you of any content mistake they have encountered when checking your blog posts. To be frank, this great system can show your determination of crafting your articles and fixing the reported errors.

Now, you need to install this effective plugin on your site via the WordPress admin panel, and then, activate it for utilization. After that, you can click the Mistape button from the Settings tab to finish some required configurations of this plugin.

Decide the Email Recipient

Once you have some content errors found by your readers, this plugin will send you a notification email that contains the reported text, paragraph and the post URL it belongs. In this case, you firstly need to decide who can receive these messages, such as the users who are assigned with the roles of Administrator and Editor.

Also, you can enter a special email address manually that acts as the error recipient. In addition, if you have multiple writers contributing to your articles and each of your post ID is determined, you can also choose to notify the post authors.

Email Recipient

Choose Post Types for Error Notification

There are three content types you can choose to enable this feature, including Posts, Pages and Media. Personally, we recommend you to check the boxes of all the three options.

Post Types for Error Notification

Enable or Disable the Shortcode

By default, there will be a special caption displayed below the content automatically to tell your readers that they can notify you of any mistake.

However, it is possible that the caption may negatively affect the reading experiences of your visitors and may break their reading momentum, so you can choose the manual caption insertion by enabling the [mistape] shortcode. You can find the shortcode examples in the Help section.

Mistape Shortcode

Determine the Caption Format

This plugin gives you the freedom to customize the format of the displayed caption. By default, it will be showed as a text message in a similar way as the below screenshot. Note that the text will be translated automatically based on the language used on your WordPress site, along with the specific logo designed for the Mistape plugin.

Text Caption

In addition, you can also transform the text format to the image format with your preferred picture and use the custom text mode edited by you.

Caption Format

Decide the Dialog Mode

The last setting is for the dialog mode. In fact, if readers are looking to inform you of your content errors, they need to select the wrong text, and then, press Ctrl plus Enter on the keyboard. After that, they will be showcased with a dialog to tell them whether they have sent you the report successfully. Here, this plugin gives you three options for the display of the special dialog.

Firstly, the dialog can only indicate the success of the error submission.

Success Mode

Or, you can show a preview section into the dialog for your reported text, so people can figure out whether they have fully and correctly selected the wrong content for notification.

Error Preview

The last option allows you to add the report preview and the comment field, so readers can share their own opinions on your mistakes easily.

Error Comment

Special Tips for the Utilization of This Plugin

Surely, we have to admit that the Mistape plugin is an effective tool that allows readers to send you notification messages showing some mistakes you have made on your blog posts. However, this plugin cannot work properly on mobile devices, Edge and Internet Explorer browser.

In addition, the Mistape plugin is full of hooks that allow you to customize its behaviors in a way you prefer. Simply check the Actions and Filters you can modify from the Help section.