How to Add WordPress to Apple News Publisher

How to Add WordPress to Apple News Publisher

No matter what kind of website you are running, starting the effective website promotion using the social media or the third party tools is really important. Previously, we have already told you some great tips on how to promote your website on Facebook. This time, we’d like to introduce another useful method – make use of the Apple News Publisher tool. In fact, this special tool allows your readers to check news and blog posts via their Apple devices, including the computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones. Due to its wide popularity, this time, we’d like to introduce how to add WordPress to Apple News Publisher for the better and easier website promotion and exposure.

Through this Apple News program, you can submit your website as an Apple News channel. This way, your readers can stay updated with your new contents by their Apple devices easily. Even, you can monetize your web contents from it by displaying the advertisements. Now, you can check the below contents to learn the detailed steps.

Finish the Registration Process

Firstly, you should access the Apple News Publisher page and log in using your valid Apple ID and password. If you do not have one yet, you should hit the Create Yours Now link to create a new one.

Apple ID

Once you log in successfully, you can see the terms of services by the Apple News Publisher. Here, do not forget to agree with the terms. And then, you should fill in the form about the publisher information. The information includes your name, contact email address, physical location and the website title.

Publisher Information

Set Up the Channel for Your WordPress Site

After entering your publisher information, now, you can set up your channel. This requires you to provide the information about your website.

  • Channel Name – This is the title of your website.
  • Contact Person, Email and Phone – Here, you should enter your name, email and contact phone number.
  • Website – This requires you to enter the correct domain name.
  • Primary Audiences – You can choose the General option.
  • Language – You just need to choose the language based on your real situation.

Set Up Channel

The next step requires you to upload a type-based logo. The logo will appear throughout the Apple News to identify your web contents. If you do not have one, the system will use a place-holder automatically. Personally, we recommend you to generate one. It needs to come with a transparent background, showcasing your website name in a readable text format.

Submit the RSS Feeds

Actually, you should make a choice in this step, choosing between the Apple News Format and RSS. If you choose the former one, you can create, preview and optimize your articles in Apple News Publisher. However, you need to take the extra steps on your WordPress site. We’ll cover them in the later content.

Here, if you choose RSS feeds, you can reach millions of readers and add sections. However, this choice does not allow you to monetize your contents and use many other Apple News features.

RSS Feeds vs Apple News Format

To add your RSS feeds, you just need to enter the section name and provide the corresponding feed URL. The section is just your content category and the URL can be found from the category page of your WordPress site. Here, you can add multiple sections that cover all the contents of your website.

Add RSS Feeds

Now, you should wait for the verification email from Apple News Publisher. After they review your submission and give you the permission, you can add WordPress to Apple News Publisher successfully via the RSS feeds. And this program will showcase your contents from the RSS feeds automatically.

Submit Articles to Apple News Publisher

If you choose the Apple News Format in the previous step, you should install the Publish to Apple News plugin to your WordPress site. It can convert all your blog contents into the Apple News Format and showcase them properly.

API Settings

After clicking the Apple News > Settings button, you should finish the Apple News API firstly. Here, you need to enter the channel ID, API key ID and the key secret. Note that the information can be found on your account of the Apple News Publisher.

Apple News API

In addition, you can enable the automatic publishing, updating and deleting in Apple News when you do in WordPress.

Post Types

Next, you should pick up the post types that can publish to Apple News Publisher. Also, you can choose to show or hide a publish metabox that have the Apple News enabled.

Choose Post Types

Advanced Settings

From the Advanced settings, you can enable the component alerts and the JSON alerts, use the remote images and the full-bleed images, along with enabling the HTML support.

After saving all the settings, now, this plugin will publish your blog posts to Apple News Publisher with the Apple News Format automatically.