How to Add the WordPress Playlist for Video and Audio

How to Add the WordPress Playlist for Video and Audio

If you have some video or audio files to showcase on your WordPress site, you’d better add a special playlist for the display improvement of these web contents. With it, people can check multiple videos, songs and music from the single page in a well-organized manner. Here, we have introduced the easy methods of how to add the WordPress playlist for video and audio.

Note that WordPress has made the improvement for this aspect recently. In this case, you can create a playlist using the default WordPress features or leverage the related WordPress plugins.

Add the WordPress Playlist without the Use of Plugins

In fact, WordPress makes it easy to play the single video or audio. For doing so, you simply need to click the Add Media button from the editing screen. After that, you can find the upload popup for the media files. After clicking the Upload Files > Select Files button and finishing the upload process, you can find a new tab from the left column, which is named as Create Audio Playlist.

Note that this special tab will appear only when there are some video or audio files uploaded to your site.

Create Audio Playlist

After clicking this tab, now, you can choose all the files you are looking to add into the playlist. And then, you need to hit the Create a New Playlist button.

Create a New Playlist

Note that this default WordPress feature allows you to drag and to drop all the uploaded files for the proper arrangement. In addition, you can edit the title, artist, album, caption and description of each audio and video.

Also, from the part of Playlist Settings, you have the freedom to show tracklist, show the artist name in the tracklist and show the cover image for each uploaded file.

Playlist Settings

Now, you can directly click the Insert Audio Playlist button to embed all your wanted files into the page or the blog post. After saving or publishing the web content, you can check your playlist from the front-end just like the following.

Playlist Sample

Display the Playlist on Your Sidebar

Since the WordPress version of 3.9, you can use the playlist shortcode to implement the functionality of showcasing a collection of audio or video. In this case, if you are looking to display your playlist on the sidebar section of your site, you can use this shortcode in a text widget.

Here, you need to click the Widgets button from the WordPress admin, and then, drag the Text widget to the proper location of the sidebar. After that, you should paste one of the below lines of shortcode into this widget based on your needs.

Playlist Shortcode

The first one is the default sample. Here, you can enter the ID of your audio or video files to have them inserted into this playlist. The second and the third one allow you to control the display style and file type of your playlist. If you want to decide these three aspects in one time, you can consider the last shortcode.

To find the ID of the file, you need to find your target file and click the edit button. From the permalink of the file, you can find the ID number you need.

Media File ID

Add the WordPress Playlist using the CP Media Player Plugin

If you are looking for more freedom or want to sell your displayed video and audio to make the money, you can use the CP Media Player plugin. With this tool, you can generate the playlist for all your preferred media and display it at anywhere of your site. Note that this plugin supports all the common file types and is supported by all the main web browsers and mobile devices.

Set Up for the CP Media Player Plugin

The setup of this plugin is pretty easy to be finished. You simply need to click the Audio and Video Player button upon the plugin installation. Here, you can choose to create a new playlist for your audio files or for the video files.

Create New Media Player

If you want to make the selling for these media files, you need to finish the PayPal settings now. Here, you have to enter the PayPal email, choose the currency and currency symbol, determine the PayPal language, select the PayPal button for the instant purchases and enter the valid days for the download link.

PayPal Settings

In addition, you’d better finish the settings for the purchase notifications. This way, people can know whether they have successfully finished the order.

Purchase Notifications

Now, you can save the settings and go to the next page for playlist generation.

Generate the Playlist

Here, you firstly can choose the skin for the media playlist among 11 pre-made options. Then, you should enter the name for this playlist, enter the exact pixels for the playlist width and height, as well as determine whether to enable the autoplay, loop and preload feature.

Configure Media Player

Next, you can click the Create New Item button for uploading the media items displayed on the playlist. Note that by clicking the Add Another One, you can add as many files as you want.

Enter Playlist Items

Even, you can move to the For Sale section to enter your wanted prices for the media files. Now, you can save your playlist and go to the page or the post to embed this playlist.

Choose Playlist

The video playlist looks like the following.

video Playlist

The audio playlist just looks as below.

Audio Playlist