How to Add the Support System in WordPress Site

How to Add the Support System in WordPress Site

At present, to achieve the great communication with the website visitors, many webmasters choose to add a powerful support system on their websites. With this system, people can easily contact you to ask for help. If your website sells something, the support system is indeed necessary. Here, we’d like to tell you how to add the support system in WordPress site.

Frankly speaking, a helpful and responsive support system can improve the browsing experiences for your visitors and give people enough confidence of your products and services. In most cases, the phone support, live chat support and the ticket support are the widely used channels. In the following, we’ll introduce the ways for adding these support methods.

Add the Phone Support for Your Support System

Firstly, you can achieve the phone support. This way, people can talk to you personally by dialing your phone number. Surely, you can display the number on your Contact Me page, Support page or the header section of the each webpage.

However, for people who access your site using the smartphone, you’d better make your phone number clickable. In fact, WordPress has the default feature that allows most smartphones to recognize the displayed phone number automatically. All you need to do is to embed the right coding stuff into the right location of your site.

Clickable Phone Number Code

In addition, you can consider the use of the Mobile Contact Bar plugin. This is a customizable plugin that allows people to contact you directly by calling your phone number. With it, you can display a special contact bar at the top or the bottom of your webpages, which showcase the clickable phone number. From its settings page, you can decide how it will be displayed with the proper color scheme, screen width and icons.

Bar Settings

From the part of Contact List, you simply need to enter your phone number and save the settings.

Contact List

The final result just looks like the following.

Clickable Phone Number

Add the Email Support for Your Support System

The email support is also a popular option for the support system. You can display your email address at anywhere you want on your website. This way, people can send you the email message with ease. Also, you can adopt the above-mentioned plugin to showcase your email address on the special contact bar, next to the clickable phone number.

Add the Live Chat Support for Your Support System

The live chat support is the easy and time-saving support method. With it, you can chat with people with much ease via a simple chat box. To achieve this, you can use the WP Live Chat Support plugin, which achieves the online or the offline conversation effectively.

Set Up the Main Plugin Settings

To use this plugin, you firstly need to decide some main plugin settings by clicking the Live Chat > Settings button. From this page, you can activate the chat function, require people to enter the name and email or not before chatting, enter the text of the box input field, enable the function on the mobile devices, play the sound when the new conversation starts and some others.

Live Chat Main Settings

Decide the Chat Box Settings

From this part, you can choose the alignment of the chat box among 4 pre-determined locations. If you want to prompt people to use this chat box, you can enable the automatic pop-up feature. In addition, you can showcase the name and avatar of you and your visitors in the live chat window.

Chat Box Settings

Once save the settings, the live chat box can be displayed as the following sample.

Chat Box Sample

And you can chat with people in the back-end of your site like this.

Chat Box in Back-end

Set Up the Offline Messages

If you or your co-works are 24/7 online, you do not need to set up for this part for people can chat with you at anytime they want. If not, you need to enable this feature that allows people to leave the offline messages. This way, when you go back online, you can check these questions firstly and give them the response timely.

Offline Messages

Here, you should enter the correct email address where the offline messages will be delivered to. It is possible that your site has multiple support representatives. If so, you can use the comma to separate multiple email addresses.

In addition, you need to choose the sending method between the options of WP Mail and PHP Mailer. Also, if you want, you can change the title and the text fields of the offline chat box.

Offline Messages Settings

Determine Some Other Necessary Settings

Now, you need to choose the styling of your chat box. Here, you can select the theme between the Classic option and the Modern option, along with your preferred color scheme. In addition, you can choose the animation for the opening of the live chat box.

Live Chat Style

Also, if you are not the only support representative, you have to add the chat agents from your current users.

Add Agents

Add the Ticket Support for Your Support System

The last support option is the ticket support. The highlight of this option is that you can start a systematic management for the support of your site. With it, when people need your assistance, they have to open a ticket to enter the details of their issues, and you can give them the answers from the back-end.

This time, we’d like to introduce the Awesome Support plugin.

Decide the General Settings

From the general settings part of this plugin, you need to make the decision for the following aspects.

  • Choose the default assignee for the tickets.
  • Require people to register the support page before opening a ticket.
  • Decide the reply order from the old to new or the vice versa.
  • Determine the number of replies that can be displayed on each page.
  • Choose to hide the closed tickets or not.
  • Showcase the number of opening tickets in the admin.
  • Enable the department management.

Ticket General Settings

In addition, you need to choose the pages for the ticket submission and the tickets list. Note that this plugin already creates these two pages for you, so you simply need to assign the correct webpages. Also, you’d better locate these two pages at the main navigation of your site.

From the ticket submission page, people can enter and submit their questions after the successful registration or login.

Ticket Submission

From the detailed page of each ticket, people can know the status, check your response and make the further reply.

Ticket Details

In addition, from the tickets list page, people can view all their submitted tickets along with the current status.

Tickets List

Choose the Style

For the better showcase of your ticket system, you can move to the Style section for choosing the system theme and color schemes based on your preference. In addition, you can choose to load the theme stylesheet and showcase the editor for entering the ticket description in the front-end or not.

Ticket Style

Decide the Email and the File Upload Settings

From the email settings page, you need to decide a lot of email templates that aim at different purposes. These include the ticket submission confirmation, new account assignment, new ticket reply from the agents, new ticket reply from the clients, the close of a ticket and many more.

Ticket Email Settings

When submitting the tickets, you can enable people to upload any attachment to the tickets or the replies. Here, you should decide the maximum file number, size and types.

Reply the Ticket

Now, your ticket system is set up successfully, so you can start the handling. Once people submit the tickets, you can check them by clicking the Tickets > All Tickets button. Here, you can check the status, title, tag, support representative and activity for each ticket.

All Tickets

Once entering the ticket, you can make the reply and change the current status.

Edit Ticket

That’s it. If you adopt all of these support methods, you can add a comprehensive support system in your WordPress site. Here, for the effective contact, you’d better tell people when you will online and when will not.