How to Add Google Fonts to WordPress Sites

How to Add Google Fonts to WordPress Sites

Everyone knows that the web content is the core of a website of any size, kind and niche. In most cases, your site content is dominated by text. Therefore, you have to choose the text font carefully, for it plays a vital part on the overall look of your site. This directly influences whether you can attract your readers and maintain their attention. Among all the available fonts, the Google fonts are really amazing. In the following, we’d like to tell you how to add Google fonts to WordPress sites.

Before everything, we’d like to notice that you need to choose a font that is highly related to the mood and the main target of your website. Also, the font should be easy-to-read and easy-to-check.

Add Google Fonts to WordPress Manually

Surely, you can add the Google fonts to your WordPress site in a manual way. However, before doing so, you’d better create a child theme and make all the changes on it. After all, the manual way requires the coding editing on your current template.

Now, you can go to the Google Fonts page to check out all the available options. After finding the target as you want, you can click the “+” symbol to add the font family to your collection. Note that you can change the bold and size to have a clear preview.

Google Fonts

In addition, you can choose multiple font options as you like. In the bottom section of the whole screen, you can know how many fonts you have chosen. Here, you should click that notification and make some further customization for the fonts. Even, you can know whether the font you choose can be loaded with the fast speed.

Font Selected Box

Next, you can click the Embed button. Here, this popup window will showcase the needed code you should copy and paste into the header.php file of your child theme.

Embed Font

Add Google Fonts to WordPress Using Plugins

If you are not comfortable with editing your theme code, you can leverage the WordPress plugins to achieve the integration of Google Fonts and WordPress.

Option 1 – WP Google Fonts

The WP Google Fonts plugin is the widely used one to add the Google fonts to your WordPress site. After the installation, you only need to click the Google Fonts button in the admin. Here, you can add up to 6 different fonts directly from this settings page.

To do so, you simply need to choose your wanted font from the drop-down list and choose the font style you like. Note that different fonts may have different font styles.

Choose Font

In addition, you should pick up the character sets you prefer and choose which elements to assign the font for.

Font Elements

Option 2 – Easy Google Fonts

The Easy Google Fonts plugin is another great option. With it, you can get more options for font customization and can have a preview of the changes. Note that this plugin adds the Google fonts to your theme directly.

To use this plugin, you can click the Appearance > Customize button. And then, you need to hit on the Typography option. Here, you can edit the font for different content parts, such as the paragraphs and different headings.

Customize Typography

Now, you can modify each part by clicking the Edit Font button for the aspects of language, font family, font weight, text decoration and text transform. In addition, you can click the Appearance tab and the Positioning tab to decide the font color, font size, margin, padding, border and many other detailed aspects.

Font Style

Note that in the right hand, you can get the preview of how the Google fonts will affect your web content.