Why and How to Add a Full-Screen Welcome Gate for WordPress

Why and How to Add a Full-Screen Welcome Gate for WordPress

Do you want to grab the attention of your new readers quickly and increase the conversion rate effectively? Here, we highly recommend you to have a try on adding a welcome gate for your websites. With it, you can build up your email list immensely with the call to actions, and redirect your visitors to a webpage that you want to them to check the most.

In the following, we’d like to introduce a tutorial concerning about why and how to add a full-screen welcome gate for WordPress using the OptinMonster plugin, without the possibility to affect your search engine optimization negatively.

Things You Need to Know About the Welcome Gate and OptinMonster

In fact, the welcome gate is a special full-screen webpage that appears before your readers can check any contents on your site. From it, you can add some call to actions such as requiring people to subscribe to your site, to log in their accounts, to sign up for a new account and many more. Also, you can showcase some advertisements or the newly-launched website activities on this gate.

In addition to displaying your preferred offerings in the most obvious manner, the welcome gate is also used to redirect your readers to a new webpage, which is great to benefit your conversion rate.

However, the webpage redirection is bad for your website SEO. At present, Google will penalize websites that redirect their readers instead of showcasing the contents directly. In this case, when adding the welcome gate to your site, you need to be careful to minimize its impact on SEO. The OptinMonster plugin, therefore, can achieve your goal.


This plugin does not redirect people from the welcome gate. Instead, it makes this gate overlay on your webpage, and uses the time trigger and mouse behavior to display your target message.

How to Add a Full-Screen Welcome Gate for WordPress

First of all, you need to download install the OptinMonster plugin from this page. Upon the success, you can click the OptinMonster button in your dashboard column. Here, you are required to enter your API username and API key. These can be got after you purchasing an account for this paid plugin. After that, you can click the Connect to OptinMonster button.

API Credentials

Now, you need to click the Create New Optin button that is located at the right top location of the screen.

Create New Optin

One the next page, you are required to finish the following steps for the creation of new optin.

  • Give this optin campaign a title. Here, you can name it as Full-Screen Welcome Gate.
  • Choose your website from the drop-down menu. If you have not added your site yet, you need to click the Add a New Website button to add it.
  • Select the optin type. Here, you need to pick the Fullscreen one.

Entrance Template

Now, the tool will showcase a default optin template called as Entrance Theme. Simply activate it by clicking the Use This Template button. You need to note that this is the only template offered by OptinMonster for welcome gate from now on, but you can make the customization on it, such as the font, colors, textual content and many more. The right part of the whole screen will give a real-time preview of your welcome gate.

Customize Welcome Gate

Next, you need to move into some detailed configurations of your welcome gate. We have listed some critical aspects in the following. You can decide them based on your requirements.

  • Title – The internal title showcased in your welcome gate.
  • Loading Delay – The length of time readers need to wait before loading this gate. The default value of 5000 ms and we recommend you to set it to zero.
  • Scroll Trigger Percentage – The number of webpages readers need to scroll to load this gate.
  • Cookie Duration – The length of time for showcasing the welcome gate again once users go back to your site later.
  • Redirect on Success – The exact webpage that can be showed after this welcome gate. Personally, we recommend the website homepage.
  • Success Message – The textual contents after readers finish the call to actions on your welcome gate, such as “thanks for subscribing to our site”.

Once you have finished the configurations, you can now click the Save button and go back to your WordPress dashboard. From the OptinMonster section, you can find your newly-created welcome gate. Click its Edit Output Settings button.

Edit Output Settings

Here, you firstly need to click the box that enables the welcome gate on your site. Then, you should decide whether to showcase this gate on all of your webpages or simply on a few pages or some categories.

Also, you can determine whether all the readers can check this welcome gate and whether there are some specific webpages or blog posts that need to be excluded from showcasing your gate.

Once everything is configured, you simply need to click the Save Settings button and go to the front-end of your site to check the final result.

Output Settings